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Cellular Slime Molds: Dictyostelium. Acellular Slime Molds: Physarum.

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1 Cellular Slime Molds: Dictyostelium

2 Acellular Slime Molds: Physarum

3 Acellular Slime Molds: Stemonitis

4 Oomycetes: Saprolegnia Asexual Sexual

5 Oomycetes: Achlya Asexual Sexual

6 Oomycetes: Pythium Damping Off Disease Root Rot Asexual Sexual

7 Oomycetes: Phytophthora Late Potato Blight Red Core Asexual Sexual

8 Oomycetes: Peronospora Asexual Sexual Blue Mold (Tobacco)

9 Oomycetes: Plasmopara Asexual Downy Mildew (Grape) Sexual

10 Oomycetes: Albugo White Rust (Mustard) Asexual Sexual

11 Chytridiomycetes: Olpidium Cabbage Probable Asexual (Zoospore Cysts) Probable Sexual (Resting Spore) Holocarpic, Monocentric, Endobiotic

12 Chytridiomycetes: Synchytrium Black Wart (Potato) Encysted Zoospores (Asexual)? Resting Spore? (Sexual)? Holocarpic, Monocentric, Endobiotic

13 Chytridiomycetes: Coelomomyces Holocarpic, Monocentric, Endobiotic Copepod Mosquito Larvae, Midge Larvae

14 Chytridiomycetes: Rhizophydium Eucarpic, Moncentric, Epibiotic

15 Chytridiomycetes: Batrachochytrium Eucarpic, Monocentric, Epibiotic

16 Chytridiomycetes: Allomyces Thin-Walled Sporangia (2n) Asexual Sexual Resistant Sporangium (2n) Male (top), Female (bottom) Gametangia (n) Eucarpic, Polycentric

17 Chytridiomycetes: Allomyces Allomyces Life Cycle

18 Chytridiomycetes: Neocallimastix Eucarpic, Monocentric

19 Zygomycetes: Rhizopus Asexual Sexual Zygosporangium Sporangiophore, Sporangium

20 Zygomycetes: Rhizopus Rhizopus Life Cycle

21 Zygomycetes: Mucor (Bread Mold) Mucormycosis

22 Zygomycete: Phycomyces

23 Zygomycetes: Entomophthora Sporangiophores, Sporangia

24 Zygomycetes: Pilobolus (“Dung Cannons”) Sporangiophore, Sporangia

25 Glomeromycota (Glomales): Glomus

26 Ascomycetes: Asexual Life Stage: Anamorph Conidiospores (= Conidia)

27 Ascomycetes: Sexual Life Stage: Teleomorph Ascus with Ascospores Ascoma (= Ascocarp)

28 Ascomycete: Taphrina (Peach Leaf Curl) Teleomorph: Asci (No Ascoma)

29 4 Peziza (Cup Fungus) 37 Sarcoscypha (Scarlet Cup) 6 5 Ascomycetes Teleomorph: Asci in Cup-Shaped Ascoma (Apothecium)

30 Ascomycete: Ascobolus (Dung Fungus) 7 Teleomorph: Asci in Cup-Shaped Ascoma (Apothecium)

31 Ascomycete: Morchella (Morel) Teleomorph: Asci in Cup-Shaped Ascoma (Apothecium)

32 Ascomycete: Tuber (Truffle) Teleomorph: Asci in Cup-Shaped Ascoma (Apothecium)

33 Ascomycete: Sordaria (Dung Fungus) Teleomorph: Asci in Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecium) Anamorph: Unknown

34 Ascomycete: Neurospora (Red Bread Mold) Teleomorph: Asci in Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecium) Anamorph: Copious Conidia Production Conida Production (Circadian Rhythm)

35 Teleomorph: Asci in Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecium) Embedded within Elongate Stromata Ascomycete: Xylaria (Candle Snuff Fungus; Dead Man’s Fingers)

36 Ascomycete: Claviceps Teleomorph: Sclerotium falls on Ground; Tip Contains Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecium) Lysergic Acid Ethyl Amide (LSD)

37 Ascomycete: Cordyceps Teleomorph: Spear-Shaped Stromata containing Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecia) grow out of Parasitized Insect Body. Spores Enter Insect Body through Spiracles, Germinate Fungus often enters Brain of Insect. Insect Body Transformed into Sclerotium Perithecia Multiseptate Ascospores

38 Ascomycete: Nectria (Apple Canker, Coral Spot) Anamorph: Asci in Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Perithecium)

39 Ascomycete: Venturia (Apple Scab) Teleomorph: Asci in Flask-Shaped Ascoma (Pseudoperithecium)

40 Ascomycete: Oidium (Powdery Mildew) Anamorph: Few, Loosely Scattered Conidiophores

41 103 Ascomycete: Ophiostoma (Blue Stain Fungus) Anamorph: Densely packed conidia

42 Eupenicillium Penicillium Ascomycete: Penicillium (Mold) Anamorph: Conidiophore NOT expanded Teleomorph: Enclosed Ascoma (Cleistothecium)

43 Eurotium Aspergillus Ascomycete: Aspergillus (Mold) Anamorph: Conidiophore Expanded Teleomorph: Enclosed Ascoma (Cleistothecium) AspergillosusSake Koji: Rice Grain Inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae. Starch breakdown to monosaccharides) Starch

44 Ascomycetes: Histoplasma Histoplasmosis (“Spelunker’s Disease”) Anamorph: Some conidia knobbed (mycelium forming in soil), other conidia unknobbed (yeast-cell forming in lungs)

45 Ascomycetes: Coccidioides Anamorph: Jointed Spores (Mycelium Formation); Spherules of Endospores (Infect Lung) Valley Fever (Coccidiomycosis)

46 Athlete’s Foot; Ringworm Ascomycete: Trichophyton Jock Itch Anamorph: Multicellular Conidiospores

47 Ascomycetes: Arthrobotrys (Nematode-Trapping Fungus) Anamorph: Adhesive Knobs, Adhesive Nets, Contricting and Non-Constricting Rings

48 Ascomycete: Saccharomyces

49 Asexual Sexual Anamorph and Teleomorph: (See Above)

50 Ascomycete: Candida Anamorph: Dimorphic (Mycelium Stage, Yeast Stage) 1) Clinical Thrush 2) Esophageal Candiasis 3) *Yeast Infection

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