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Medical Mycology Classification of Mycoses

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1 Medical Mycology Classification of Mycoses
Hugh B. Fackrell Filename Fungi_classi.ppt

2 Mycology Mycology: Study of fungi Mycoses: fungal infections
Mytoxicosis- intoxicaton

3 Fungi Fission yeasts Budding Yeasts Molds- filamentous
Penicillium, mushrooms Yeasts- unicellular Fission yeasts Budding Yeasts Dimorphic Fungi

4 Molds & Fleshy Fungi at tip of hyphae vegetative growth from fragments
Thallus: filaments of cells visible mycelium Hypha; individual filament Septate hyphae Coenocytic hyphae Growth: at tip of hyphae vegetative growth from fragments

5 Vegetative Structures

6 Mycelium Vegetative Hyphae Reproductive Hyphae
aerial hyphae above media Reproductive spores

7 Molds: Reproduction Asexual Sexual Grow from fragments asexual spores
Sexual spores ( less frequent) two strains of fungi fusion of nuclei

8 Asexual Spores Conidospore Arthrospore Blastospore Chlamydospore

9 Conidiospore Asexual spore Mitosis Not enclosed by a SAC chains
Conidiophore: filament that forms Conidospore

10 ConidioSpores Arthrospores Blastospores
thickened fragments of septate hyphae Coccidioides Blastospores thickened wall Bud from the parent cell Candida, Cryptococcus

11 Chlamydospores Asexual spore contained within hypha

12 Sporangium Sac of spores Sporangiospore- Spores
Sproangiophore- aerial hypha with sporangium

13 Medically Important Fungi
Deuteromycota- no sexual spores Zygomycota- coenocytic fungi Ascomycota- septate dust like spore Basidomycota fleshy base; mushrooms

14 Opportunistic mycoses
Candidiasis Aspergillosis, Mucormycosis Phycomycosis

15 Superficial Fungal Infections
Skin Infections limited to Stratum corneum do not penetrate deeper tissues No inflammation

16 Superficial mycoses Black piedra White piedra Pityriasis vericolor
tinea nigra

17 Cutaneous Mycoses Dermatophytoses Dermatomycoses

18 Subcutaneous Mycoses Caused by trauma [puncture]and introduction of the fungus and bacteria. Chromoblasomycosis Phaeohypomycosis Mycetoma Sporotrichosis

19 Systemic or Deep Mycoses
Histoplasmosis Coccidiomycosis Blastomycosis Cryptococcosis

20 Cryptococcosis Cryptococcus neoformans Sporadic Pigeons
Meningitis form fatal

21 Systemic Mycoses: Disease Patterns
Subacute respiratory infection Acute infection Severe disseminated infection

22 Systemic Mycoses: Subacute Respiratory Infection
Low fever Non-productive cough Mild & self limiting

23 Systemic Mycoses: Acute Infections
Productive cough purulent sputum pain in chest Weight loss. night sweats X-ray positive one,many lesions consolidation Differential diagnosis: pneumonia, tumour.

24 Systemic Mycoses: Severe Disseminated Infections
Acute Infections + spread to other organs chronic Differential diagnosis t.b.

25 Presentation Outline Disease Mechanisms Entry Adaptation Propagation
Dissemination Host Factors Fungal Factors Classification of Mycoses site route virulence Epidemiology Fungal Diseases




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