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1 5/2/2015 Medical Mycology Classification of Mycoses Hugh B. Fackrell Filename Fungi_classi.ppt.

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1 1 5/2/2015 Medical Mycology Classification of Mycoses Hugh B. Fackrell Filename Fungi_classi.ppt

2 2 5/2/2015 Mycology l Mycology: Study of fungi l Mycoses: fungal infections l Mytoxicosis- intoxicaton

3 3 5/2/2015 Fungi l Molds- filamentous –Penicillium, mushrooms l Yeasts- unicellular –Fission yeasts –Budding Yeasts l Dimorphic Fungi

4 4 5/2/2015 Molds & Fleshy Fungi l Thallus: filaments of cells –visible mycelium l Hypha; individual filament –Septate hyphae –Coenocytic hyphae l Growth: –at tip of hyphae –vegetative growth from fragments

5 5 5/2/2015 Vegetative Structures

6 6 5/2/2015 Mycelium l Vegetative Hyphae l Reproductive Hyphae –aerial hyphae above media –Reproductive spores

7 7 5/2/2015 Molds: Reproduction l Asexual –Grow from fragments –asexual spores l Sexual –Sexual spores ( less frequent) –two strains of fungi –fusion of nuclei

8 8 5/2/2015 Asexual Spores l Conidospore –Arthrospore –Blastospore l Chlamydospore

9 9 5/2/2015 Conidiospore l Asexual spore –Mitosis –Not enclosed by a SAC –chains l Conidiophore: filament that forms Conidospore

10 10 5/2/2015 ConidioSpores l Arthrospores –thickened fragments of septate hyphae –Coccidioides l Blastospores –thickened wall –Bud from the parent cell –Candida, Cryptococcus

11 11 5/2/2015 Chlamydospores l Asexual spore contained within hypha

12 12 5/2/2015 Sporangium l Sac of spores l Sporangiospore- Spores l Sproangiophore- aerial hypha with sporangium

13 13 5/2/2015 Medically Important Fungi l Deuteromycota- no sexual spores l Zygomycota- coenocytic fungi l Ascomycota- –septate –dust like spore l Basidomycota –septate –fleshy base; mushrooms

14 14 5/2/2015 Opportunistic mycoses l Candidiasis l Aspergillosis, l Mucormycosis l Phycomycosis

15 15 5/2/2015 Superficial Fungal Infections l Skin Infections –limited to Stratum corneum –do not penetrate deeper tissues l No inflammation

16 16 5/2/2015 Superficial mycoses l Black piedra l White piedra l Pityriasis vericolor l tinea nigra

17 17 5/2/2015 Cutaneous Mycoses l Dermatophytoses l Dermatomycoses

18 18 5/2/2015 Subcutaneous Mycoses l Caused by trauma [puncture]and introduction of the fungus and bacteria. l Chromoblasomycosis l Phaeohypomycosis l Mycetoma l Sporotrichosis

19 19 5/2/2015 Systemic or Deep Mycoses l Histoplasmosis l Coccidiomycosis l Blastomycosis l Cryptococcosis

20 20 5/2/2015 Cryptococcosis l Cryptococcus neoformans l Sporadic l Pigeons l Meningitis form –fatal

21 21 5/2/2015 Systemic Mycoses: Disease Patterns 4 Subacute respiratory infection 4 Acute infection 4 Severe disseminated infection

22 22 5/2/2015 Systemic Mycoses: Subacute Respiratory Infection l Low fever l Non-productive cough l Mild & self limiting

23 23 5/2/2015 Systemic Mycoses: Acute Infections l Productive cough l purulent sputum l pain in chest l Weight loss. l night sweats l X-ray positive l one,many lesions l consolidation Differential diagnosis: pneumonia, tumour.

24 24 5/2/2015 Systemic Mycoses: Severe Disseminated Infections l Acute Infections + –spread to other organs –chronic Differential diagnosis t.b.

25 25 5/2/2015 Presentation Outline l Disease Mechanisms l Entry l Adaptation l Propagation l Dissemination l Host Factors l Fungal Factors l Classification of Mycoses l site l route l virulence l Epidemiology l Fungal Diseases

26 26 5/2/2015

27 27 5/2/2015

28 28 5/2/2015

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