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Offering Overview November 2009 Pioneer of Intelligent Video Appliances Winner of the Frost and Sullivan Growth Strategy Leadership Award 2006 and Growth.

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2 Offering Overview November 2009

3 Pioneer of Intelligent Video Appliances Winner of the Frost and Sullivan Growth Strategy Leadership Award 2006 and Growth Excellent Award 2008 Winner of the SIA’s Video Analytics Product Achievement Award 2007 Worldwide Leader with 13.1% of the Intelligent Video Devices Market IMS Research, World Market for Video Content Analysis 2008  Established in 2000 with a vision to broaden the reach of intelligent video  Based in Israel with a US headquarters in Texas  Global network of 100 business partners in 35 countries  #1 intelligent video provider with over 13% market share  Video analytics experts, specializing in image analysis algorithms, hardware and embedded platforms  The only intelligent video provider certified by the Israeli Defense Forces and approved by SANDIA National Laboratories for performance and reliability

4 What is Intelligent Video / Video Analytics?  Computer-vision and artificial intelligence for identifying and tracking objects  Understands patterns of behavior  Sees objects in 3D  Better than conventional VMD/sensor performance: better detection, fewer false alarms  VMD relies on pixels, not objects  VMD relies on 2D and not 3D Detect and track people/intruders vehicles unattended bags stolen items more..

5 Award winning Multi Megapixel camera, with real-time Picture-in-Picture for verification Identify objects left unattended Overcome field-of-view limitations with automatic camera hand-off “Change detection” technology. Detect intruders crawling at 1ft/5 mins Adapt to environmental and lighting conditions to eliminate false alarms High Performance Intelligent Video Track objects on land, sea and air

6 Accurate and Reliable in the Real World Detect camouflaged intruders, crawling in the snow using a standard camera Detect reliably under heavy rain Detect accurately from a very long distance Overcome camera tilting as a result of strong wind Identify figures emerging from heavy fog Overcome extreme lighting conditions

7 Intelligent Video Industry Pains Standard video surveillance  Passive human operators need to actively detect interesting/suspicious activity and act upon it  Ineffective after only 20 minutes of watching a single monitor, operators will miss over 90% of incidents  Useless for detection Simplistic VMD generates 100s to 1000s of false alarms per day per camera Current analytics solutions  Complex Originated from PC-based technology, multiple components, hard to install, set up and maintain  Requires heavy tuning Field engineers are required for lengthy on-site tuning and configuration  Inconsistent performance Disappointing accuracy and reliability vs. expectations  Limited reach Perceived as accessible only for high end customers

8 The ioimage Proposition  Video encoders and IP cameras with built-in analytics  Retrofitting existing installations or installing new smart systems  Automated detection and tracking of intruders, vehicles, unattended bags, removed items, and more  Accurate and reliable automated detection  Both outdoors and indoors, military-grade performance unaffected by severe weather and lighting conditions  Designed and packaged for simple installation and out-of-the- box operation  Easy set up and configuration within minutes  Minimal maintenance with automated sensitivity  Fully embedded edge devices, no additional software required

9 Appliance approach designed for simplicity. Self-sustained edge device High performance, reliable Easy to setup and install Minimal maintenance Off-the-shelf packaging Accessible also to the mid range and mass market high-end mid-range low-end Existing approach Complex and limited Hard to install and set up Perceived as accessible only for high-end customers Broader Market Reach Critical infrastructure Airports Military Border Nuclear transportation Petro-chemical Facilities Education Retail Factories Unmanned Sea-ports Utilities Manufacturing Museums Logistics Warehouses Hotels Shopping centers residential/mass

10 Compelling End User Value Enabler: camera becomes a proactive sensor better than existing enhances effectiveness save money

11 Mid-range Is Here Bus manufacturing facility Help prevent scrap metal theft Reduced staffing expense by 30% Saved over $100K in loss and damages Car dealership Help prevent theft and vandalism Tracks and zooms automatically Saved $5-50K in loss per incident Logistics Center Help prevent inventory shrinkage Increased security coverage to 24x7 Saved in personnel and liability costs

12  Easy to transform any existing camera into a proactive detector, enhancing security effectiveness  Automate surveillance, provide immediate notification and instant visual verification, reduce guarding and patrol workload  Reduce loss caused by theft and vandalism  Reduce cost of installation and ownership by over 50%  Enhance detection reliability and reduce false alarms by over 90%  More cost effective than alternative sensor solutions End-User Value

13 The ioimage Offering line of intelligent video encoders line of intelligent video software line of intelligent video cameras intrusion and trip-wires autonomous ptz-tracking unattended baggage stopped vehicle removed items loiterers

14 How It Connects Connect in-line existing analog systems DVR/Matrix Dry contacts analog cable Connect as a component to an IP system analog 3 rd party Management Software/NVR network IP network API/SDK Complete ioimage IP solution analog network IP network Click to watch how a unit is up and running in under 5 minutes

15 Thousand of Units Deployed

16 The ioimage Advantage  True high performance video analytics  Appliance-grade product range, designed and packaged for simple installation and operation  Proven technology and field experience, with commercial deployments since 2003  Leadership market position and customer satisfaction  Price/performance uniquely accessible to the mid- range market

17 the ioimage offering

18 Intelligent Video Edge Devices  Stand-alone DSP-based units for video encoding and analytics  MPEG4 streaming of video and audio (high resolution and low latency)  In camera and Near camera analytics – improves detection and reduces network load by streaming video only upon alarm  Optimizes QoS for one or more units adjusting to to bandwidth and priority  Remote field-deployment and software upgradeable  Range of configurations to optimally fit the solution architecture

19 Encoder Distributed/out-of-the-box Architecture  Single channel unit  CIF resolution  Wide area cost-effective- uniquely accessible to small sites, as well as for supplementing larger installations  Automated detection and tracking of intruders, burglars, vehicles and other threats  Reduce cabling and installation costs  Hybrid support for analog and IP infrastructure

20 Encoder Distributed/in-camera Architecture  Single Channel unit  CIF or 4CIF digital output resolution  In camera enclosable  Existing or new installations  Reduce cabling and installation costs  Hybrid support for analog and IP infrastructure  Multiple analytics applications

21 Encoder Distributed/clustered Architecture  Single channel or 2 channels units  CIF or 4CIF digital output resolution  On site, close to camera  Existing or new installations  Reduce cabling and installation costs  Hybrid support for analog and IP infrastructure  Multiple analytics applications

22 Encoder Centralized/high-capacity Architecture  Enterprise-class, high-capacity units  CIF or 4CIF digital output resolution  Existing or centralized installations  Rack-mountable  Multiple analytics applications

23 IP Camera with Built-in Analytics  Wide-dynamic Range for better performance  Day/night  New installations or for extensions  Self-sustained all-inclusive IP camera  Hybrid support for analog and IP infrastructure

24 Why Wide-Dynamic-Range is Important?


26 High Resolution IP Camera with Analytics  High resolution Multi Mega-pixel camera  Built-in self-sustained powerful analytics  Electronic PTZ - automatic zoom on tracked object  Picture-in-picture for enhanced viewing of both full scene and synchronized close-up view of the tracked object  MPEG4 (4CIF) streaming for optimized bandwidth utilization (vs. standard multi-megapixel cameras)  Day/night and low-light capabilities  Hybrid IP and analog interfaces mmp100dn Designed for simplicity – single edge-device for out of the box high-resolution analytics capabilities Enhanced monitoring with automated tracking and close-up views Better verification – zoom in without losing details Greater coverage, saves cost of PTZ when available

27 Synchronized Analytics Visualization  Best of all-worlds – dual view of both full scene and a close up view of tracked intruders

28 IP PTZ Camera with Autonomous Tracking  Built-in intrusion detection & autonomous Pan/Tilt/Zoom tracking (without requiring any reference camera)  “Step and stare” detection over presets  Automated tracking upon detection, continuous tracking hand-off from ioimage powered cameras, support for manual threat selection  High quality outdoor day/night and low light sensitivity, 18x or 26x optical zoom  Hybrid IP and analog interfaces  Multiple mounting options Designed for simplicity – single edge-device for out of the box PTZ-tracking capabilities xptz100dn

29 Command and Control Software  Provide an integrated real-time security view, aggregating multiple sites and resources  Real time monitoring of up to 32 cameras on a single workstation (dual monitors)  Scalable enterprise architecture for supporting thousands of cameras  Network-based recording (NVR) - continuous, scheduled or event based, with instant query and lookup tools  Alarm management – view, prioritize and acknowledge alarms  Define event schedules and actions  Mapping – event indications on context-sensitive maps  Real-time video and control for fixed or PTZ cameras

30 Intelligent Video Technology  Based on change-detection – identifying patterns of behavior, and learning from cumulative experience  Automatic sensitivity – continuous calibration to scene environment, providing reliable detection under changing weather and lighting conditions, no need for ongoing adjustments  3D depth model – accurate scene and object modeling  Very high probability of detection, maintaining extremely low false alarms  Easily configured within minutes via web browser or control software  Self-sustained in embedded DSP-based appliance (no need for further server processing) 3D Depth Setup -understanding the exact distance to every location in the image Regions of Interest

31 Intelligent Video - Overcoming Field Challenges Detects intruders under harsh weather conditions, low visibility and poor lighting Detects camouflaged intruders at extremely slow progression (as slow as 1 ft/5 min), and burst movements User-defined detection zones and allowed/disallowed directional movements Ignores false alarms generated by small animals, swaying branches, cloud shadows, light changes, rain, snow and trivial movements in the scenery Vegetation Shadows (trees, clouds) Birds and small animals Rain

32 Intelligent Video Modules  Intrusion detection Detects directional movement in controlled areas and at perimeters, ideal for virtual fences, tripwires and prohibited areas  Unattended objects/baggage detection Detects the abandonment or appearance of unaccompanied sized objects in controlled areas  Stopped vehicle detection Detects a stopped vehicle in an area where parking/standing is a violation  Object removal detection Detects sustained removal of objects or products from their given location  Autonomous PTZ tracking Automatic vision-guided tracking of a person or vehicle by PTZ camera to assure a constant visual on the target. Enable automatic handoff from a fixed camera to a PTZ camera  More – ioimage lab is constantly producing new modules, which can be easily software-loaded to upgrade existing units

33 for further information International HQ+972-9-954-6003 North America HQ +1-877-383-3959













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