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Dr. Ravikesh IIML Opportunity available in Agri-business Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava IIM Lucknow.

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1 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Opportunity available in Agri-business Dr. Ravikesh Srivastava IIM Lucknow

2 Dr. Ravikesh IIML If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. - J. F. Kennedy Welcome to All

3 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Agri-Business It is basically commercialization of agriculture It refers to market orientation of the agricultural production process. Ensures optimum utilization of scarce resources (land /Time) Provides raw material/food products at lowest cost Creates farm surpluses for capital formation and consumer goods Provides stable & diversified investment opportunities to banks

4 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Ways for Agri-business Forest Horticulture Agriculture Marine Animal Development Projects

5 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Some list of Firms/ Organization Seed, buds & Plantation product manufacturer & Exporters Tea and Coffee manufacturer & Exporter Tobacco and Tobacco products manufacturer & Exporter Marines Products’ Producers and Exporter Fertilizers manufacturer and Exporter Jute and Jute Products manufacturer & Exporter Pesticides and Insecticides Producer and Exporter

6 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Cont… Ayurvedic & Herbal Products producer and Exporter Edible Oil and Allied Products producers and Exporters Milk and Dairy Products producers and Exporters Agricultural Machinery and Equipments manufacturer Indian Alcoholic & non Alcoholic beverage manufacturer Indian Processed Food & Snacks manufacturer & Exporter

7 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Cont… Indian Spices and Derivatives manufacturer & Exporter Indian flowers producers and manufacturer Indian Fruits & Vegetables producers & manufacturer Indian Food grain manufacturer and Exporter

8 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Resource rich sub-sectors & Potential Fruits and Vegetables: tropical, sub-tropical and temperate like mango, banana, apple, chikoo and orange and Vegetables like potato, onion, tomato, cauliflower and cabbage. Grain Milling: Paddy, wheat, maize, barley, millets Animals and Poultry: Cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goat, pigs and poultry Fish Processing: Sea-food

9 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Case-I : Fruit based Opportunity Preservation in Brine Canning Dehydration, Sundrying Block freezing Individual quick freezing Juice, Squash, Pulp Concentrate

10 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Fruit based Opportunity Cont… Soft Drinks Paste, Puree Jam Pickle and Chutney Candies and bars Freeze drying Juice concentrate

11 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Entrepreneur development Entrepreneur should have: Need for Achievement- a strong desire to be a winner Perseverance- quality of stick-to-it Moderate Risk taker- prefer a middle of the road strategy Ability to find and Explore Opportunity- alert to opportunity Analytical Ability- unaffected by personal likes & dislikes while approaching problems Using Feedback- to know how they are doing Facing Uncertainty- tackling an unfamilier but interesting situation

12 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Entrepreneur development Cont… Entrepreneur should have: Independence- dislikes for working for others Flexibility- flexible in their dicision Planner- think ahead and plan for future Interpersonal skills- comfortable while dealing with people at all levels Motivator- can influence other Stress taker- capable for working for long hours Positive Self Concept- aware of themselves Orientation to Future- tend to think ahead

13 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Entrepreneur looks for Resource-quantification Resource-specifications Resource Stability Critical Infrastructure for Resource Utilization Commodity/ Trading Dimension Legal Dimension Other considerations

14 Dr. Ravikesh IIML From where will one pick up resource-based Ideas Large growers or exploiters of resources Resource-specific technical or promotional organisations Relevant specialists in development banks and industry assisting organisation Large traders in a given resource Published technical/ commercial literature on the subject

15 Dr. Ravikesh IIML Employment Estimates of Managers in Agribusiness YearTotal Employment* Additional Requirement# 200228,280344 200329,195355 200430,141366 200531,117378 200632,125390 200733,166403 * Managers from all Management Institute # from Premier Institute only


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