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Determination of a Chemical Formula

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1 Determination of a Chemical Formula
Gravimetric Analysis and Percentage Composition

2 The Big Picture For example…
Hydrates are compounds that have water molecules as part of the crystal structure. CuSO4 . 5 H2O Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate For example… Often, it is easy to remove the bound water molecules by simply heating. D CuSO4 . 5 H2O Copper(II) sulfate pentahydrate CuSO H2O Copper(II) sulfate (anhydrous)

3 Overview Gravimetric Analysis = Analysis by Mass Part 1
Compound under study is MgSO4 . xH2O (a hydrate) Your assignment: Determine x Indirect determination Part 2 Substance under study is a mixture of NaCl and MgSO4 . xH2O Now you know x Your assignment: Determine percentage MgSO4 . xH2O NaCl unaffected by heat

4 List of Materials Include Unknown Mixture ID READ pages 21-22 If you heat something, it gets hot!! Do not place hot crucibles on notebooks or bench top Please, reread the previous sentence Calculations You must show in detail how you will treat your data for formula determination and unknown mixture—suggest selecting sample data and working through a calculation Never ever weigh a hot crucible! Each group member must sign and print name

5 Author Assignments This investigation, Author
2: Introduction and Conclusion 3: Discussion 1: Data/Results and Experimental A: Introduction, Conclusion, Data/Results B: Discussion and Experimental


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