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Independent Study Grace Lee Score: 95. Making inferences In this part, I learned how to read between lines. I tried to think how the details relate to.

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1 Independent Study Grace Lee Score: 95

2 Making inferences In this part, I learned how to read between lines. I tried to think how the details relate to one another, and gradually it did help me infer the ideas which the author wanted to convey yet wasn’t actually stated. Good phrases Sb go to any/great lengths to V =try one’s best to V 不遺餘力 ; 盡其所能 Make a deal with sb = 談好條件 Devote O.(oneself) to N/Ving=dedicate O.(oneself) to N/ving Shut down =close 停工停止營業 Put ~ into practice= carry out (ex) put that idea into practice Lie at the very foot / bottom ofAt the very foot of the mountain lies a dragon Turn the tide of = 將 ~ 的浪潮轉而向 Shortly after=Soon after =Immediately after

3 Making inferences Vocabulary editorial (n) 社論 (adj) 編輯的 社論的 an editorial conference 編輯會議 the editorial staff 全體編輯人員 an editorial paragraph [note] ( 評論欄的 ) 短評 slick(n) A pool of oil covering an area of water or road (adj) very fast, efficient, and professional A slick performance (adj) very smooth or slipperyThe roads were slick after the rain. (v) 使光滑漂亮 be slicked up 打扮起來.

4 Making inferences slum (n) 貧民窟 下層社會 An overcrowded, poor, and neglected area of housing in a town or city. (vi) 訪問貧民窟 Go slumming 在貧民區發展保險業務 (adj) 便宜劣質的 shallow(adj) Not deep. Lacking depth of thought or knowledge. a shallow view 膚淺的見解 I was too young and shallow to understand life. (n) 淺灘 I like to wade in the sallow water. (vi) (vt)( 使 ) 變淺

5 Making inferences asylum(n) 收容所 庇護 an orphan asylum 孤兒院 An insane asylum 精神病院 give asylum to 給予庇護 lair(n) A place where wild animal rests and sleeps. underfoot(adv) In the wayThe kitten is always underfoot. (adv) Under your feet; on the ground It’s slippery underfoot. leap (n) 跳躍 take a sudden leap 突然跳起 (v) To jump or jump over something. Look before you leap. 【諺】 三思而後行 leap to one‘s feet 跳起來,( 因驚訝而躍起 ) leap for [with] joy 高興得跳起來 Marine(adj) 海洋的 海生的 Marine laboratory 海洋實驗室 Marine products 海產品 Marine transportation 海運

6 Reading and writing Of all the reading materials, besides learning a large amount of vocabulary as well as phrases, I also became more familiar with the structure of a composition. Though my writing skill still has much to be desired. I noticed that a good writing consists of three important parts. They are Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Above all, what I really learned was the ways to guess about the meaning of a new word which I came across in the reading. And that is context clues. The context clues are divided into 5 parts: Definition clue, Series clue, Synonym clue, Antonym clue, and Experience clue. Among the five parts, I found Synonym and Antonym are most useful for me. So here I list some of them to you.

7 Synonym and Antonym 死亡 demise=death ←→ existence 殘酷 cruelty=brutality=harshness=meanness=cold-bloodedness=inhumanity 神聖的 Sacred=holy=heavenly=sainted ←→ coarse 人造的 Synthetic=human-made=plasticated=faux ←→ natural=spontanious 忽略 neglect=ignore=overlook=overleap=pretermit ←→ heed=notice 破裂 rupture=break=rend=tear=burst ←→ complete 親切的 humane=caressive=gracious = warmhearted=genial ←→ disobliging 立即地 Instantly=immediately=without delay=at once=incontinent=right away 永久的 Durable=long-lasting=permanent=perpetual ←→ temporary 合格的 eligible=qualified=desirable=suitable ←→ ineligible=unqualified 互動的 interactive = two-way ←→ solitary

8 WORDS WITH SEVERAL MEANINGS One single word has several or you may say a lot of meanings in different sentences. You have to read the whole sentence or even the paragraph to find the suitable meaning out. Here I would take the word “take” for example. (right) Comparison ~ several words have a similar meaning! (down) be taken to + N(Ving) 沉溺 =be abandoned/given up/addicted to be taken in 被騙 = be cheated= be deceived =be put on= be stuck with be taken aback 震驚 take after 與 ~ 相似 =resemble=bear resemblance to N take apart 拆開 take away 拿走 take off 脫下;起飛 take down 寫下; ( 使 ) 病倒 Take O. for OC 認為 牛 cattleCows, bulls, and steers that are raised for food or for their hides 獸皮. cowAn adult female of cattle, raised especially for her milk. ox the adult male of domestic 馴養的 cattle, used as a work animal or for beef. bullThe male of the cattle family. A male elephant, seal, moose, or whale.

9 Reference skills A Dictionary → words are listed alphabetically → words come from what language → words’ meanings A table of contents → be found in the front of a book → lists the chapters of the book An index →be found in the back of a book → lists topics in the book alphabetically by key words An encyclopedia → a set of books about people, places, and things → the articles in each volume are in alphabetical order An atlas → contains maps of many places and tables of geographical facts An almanac → has up-to-date information on history and current events each year

10 Learning words by prefixes prefixes: go in front of a word. 字首 change the meanings of words. 字意 The prefixes arrangement (click here) The prefixes arrangement Out- Exceed. 超越 Outrageous (a) Very shocking or offensive. We stopped shopping that store because it charges outrageous prices. Outsmart 比 … 更聰明, 用計謀打敗 Super-Over, beyond(adj) faster than the speed of sound. The picture shows the Concorde, a plane that flies at supersonic speeds. Inter-Among, between Interact 互相作用

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