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ATLANTIC FLEET CAREER INFORMATION TEAM AS1 Calderbank 410-293-2606 1-800-336-8673

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1 ATLANTIC FLEET CAREER INFORMATION TEAM AS1 Calderbank 410-293-2606 1-800-336-8673

2 PAPERWORK CARIT Pre-Sep Brief Guide Page 13 – VERY IMPORTANT! Original to PSD/Personnel. Copy for yourself. Copy to your Command Career Counselor. Sign the muster sheet!

3 Pre-Separation Checklist 180 days prior to separation: 1. DD Form 2648 (CCC) 2. TAP Quota ( May attend up to 180 days after separation. CARIT however is mandatory for all hands 120 days before separating TAMP Instruction OPNAVINST 1900.2 3. Officer resignations: Submit 9-12 months prior to requested date. Request to receive Reserve Commission via resignation letter 4. Separation Physical Dental classification II or III 90 days to contact the VA for appointment. HIV results are good for one year.

4 Pre-Separation Checklist 180 days prior to separation: 5. DAV Contact the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) or AMVETS to have your medical record screened! (202) 554-3501 (301) 459-9600 V.S.O. Phone numbers on pg 40-41 of booklet. 6. College residency requirements. Contact school to find out residency requirements. Complete Change of Residency Form (DD Form 2058) with your personnel office. cy.html

5 Pre-Separation Checklist 90-120 days prior to separation: 1. Audit your service record to ensure accuracy and completeness!!! Navy Army Air Force A paper copy would also be advisable. Enlisted: MILPERSMAN 1070-100 Officer: NAVADMIN 229/00

6 Pre-Separation Checklist 90-120 days prior to separation: 2. Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript (SMART) Document. Navy & Marine Corps. Coast Guard: Air Force: Army: CNET courses only. May obtain after separation. No classified courses

7 Pre-Separation Checklist 90-120 days prior to separation: 3. VMET/Verification of Military Experience & Training(DD Form 2586) Lists all jobs (ratings/MOS/NEC/NOBC) held. Describes them in civilian terminology. Excellent source for writing your resume! The VMET database contains records of individuals with service in the four DOD military svcs (Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps) on or after October 1, 1990 Contact your Fleet and Family Support Center for a copy or logon to: The Coast Guard cannot currently provide you with the DD Form 2586. You are encouraged to submit either a DD Form 295, or complete the Coast Guard Institute's Military Training and Education Credit Documentation Service form (CGI Form 1560/04d). Contact Work Life Staff for assistance.

8 Pre-Separation Checklist 90-120 days prior to separation: 4. VA Education Benefits 1-888-GI-Bill-1 Verify eligibility before separating. Full time $1,075.00 effective October 1, 2006 Buy-up program allows active duty members to increase their GI Bll by over 5,000.00 dollars Refer to NAVADMIN 103/01 5. State VA Each state gives different benefits.

9 Pre-Separation Checklist 60-90 days prior to separation: 1. Determine your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) 2. Retirees/fleet reserve – complete SBP election (DD Form 2656) U.S. Coast Guard – (CG PSC-4700 (Rev. 4/06) Contact Personal Property ( not for ditty move)

10 Pre-Separation Checklist 60 – 90 days prior to separation Retirees: 1 year from date of separation to make your election Eligible to move to home of selection May be extended with approval ( maximum of 5 years)

11 Pre-Separation Checklist 6 months from date of separation to make your election. Limited to home of record/place of entry into active duty. ( taken from initial contract) May be extended with approval. 60-90 days prior to separation: Separatees:

12 Pre-Separation Checklist 60-90 days prior to separation: 4. Visit for transition & job 5. Contact your Local Navy Reserve Recruiter! Keep your benefits! Earn extra money!

13 Pre-Separation Checklist 30-60 days prior to separation: 1. Start sep procedures with PSD/Personnel. 2. Make copies of medical/dental records! At least two of yours and your dependents! 3. Life insurance: 120 days of free SGLI coverage after separation. Make sure SGLI form is updated and beneficiaries are informed. “Understanding Life Insurance”

14 Pre-Separation Checklist 30-60 days prior to separation: 4. Separatees: Obtain a copy of you latest Navy enlisted examination profile sheet. 5. Will you be attending school while on separation leave? VA Form 22-1990 6. Electronic Training Record

15 Pre-Separation Checklist Prior to separation: 1. Travel vouchers (3) 2. Points of Contact. (Pers/disb/med/pp) 3. ID Cards (retiree/depn/reserve) 4. DD 214 5. Gulf War Registry/Agent Orange/Iraq Freedom 1-800-749-8387

16 Important forms and documents DD 214 The most important document you will receive upon separation/retirement! Key document to all of your VA benefits.

17 DD-214 References BUPERSINST 1900.1b Block by block instructions. Distribution. Member receives copies 1 and 4. Corrections. Security. VA Requirements

18 Break Time

19 Medical Paperwork Report of Medical History DD Form 2807-1 Report of Medical Examination DD Form 2808 Block 43 – Dental Defects and Disease Block 49 – HIV Block 74a – Qualified/Not Qualified Blocks 81a thru 85 – Signature Blocks Do not leave the Navy without these forms if you intend on affiliating with the reserves or if you are receiving disability!!!!

20 DISCHARGE INFORMATION Benefits based on the type of discharge. Discharge Review Boards Naval Discharge Review Board 720 Kennon St. SE RM 309 Washington Navy Yard DC 20374-5023 Correcting Military Records BCNR Voice # 703-614-1402 BCNR DSN# 224-1402/224-9857 BCNR FAX# 703-614-9857 ADDRESS (see Quick Series guide)

21 Other important information, forms and documents Reenlistment Codes Taking or selling back your leave Service Record Pages (Recommended to make copies of pages listed) CD-ROM Service Record

22 Selective Service Registration All males are required to register prior to turning age 26. Exceptions: Birthday between 29 March 57 – 31 Dec 59. Continuous active duty from age 18 through 26. You may be denied a benefit or job if you don’t have a Selective Service number. If you have questions about records for men born before 1960, call 703-605- 4049. For records of men born on or after January 1, 1960 call (847) 688-6888.

23 Military Benefits Military Obligations. Uniform requirements. USERRA /ESGR Prohibits discrimination against those who serve in the uniformed services. 1-800-336-4590

24 Military Benefits Unemployment compensation Check with your state! Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) 1-800-444-5445 You have 60 days to enroll in CHCBP

25 Household Goods/Personal Property Shipment Separatees may receive 65% of the estimated construction cost for a DITY move in advance not available for DITY move designed to help personnel and their families plan and arrange HHG moves

26 Military Benefits Travel pay and per diem. - Per diem rates have changed! Member = 99.00 Family Member > 12 = 74.25 Family Member < 12 = 49.50 JFTR Vol I, Ch 5

27 Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance (SGLI) $400,000.00 120 days free coverage from date of separation/discharge (includes family member coverage) 1-800-419-1473



30 Veterans Service Veterans Service Free counseling and claims assistance for honorably discharged veterans and dependents Legislative Action Legislative Action Capitol Hill initiatives to secure earned benefits and services for veterans ADDITIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Fleet Reserve Association - works to preserve and enhance benefits and quality-of-life programs for members U.S. Department of Labor Veterans Employment and Training Service United States Office of Personnel Management

31 ADDITIONAL ORGANIZATIONS American Veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam

32 Grants Financial Aid Resources Research Need a lift brochure provides scholarship, grant and loan opportunities. ADDITIONAL ORGANIZATIONS

33 IRR – Individual Ready Reserve SELRES – Selected Reserve Reserve Categories

34 Military Service Obligation (MSO) EIGHT Your MSO is EIGHT years Based on your Pay Entry Base Date (PEBD) every Applies to every service member Mandated by Federal law (Title 10, US Code) Upon separation from Active Duty, your remaining MSO is served in the Ready Reserve (Selected Reserve or Individual Ready Reserve) Officers must resign Commission After MSO is completed to be released from IRR Enlisted personnel in good standing must reenlist to remain in IRR Your MSO date is listed on your DD-214 or initial service contract

35 IRR Responsibilities All Members in the IRR are required by Federal law and Naval Regulations to: Respond to all official correspondence Update mailing address and contact information annually with Pers 493 Meet participation requirements Maintain uniforms in serviceable condition Muster when ordered Inform them of any information that could affect your readiness to be recalled! You are still subject to mobilization ( IA program)!

36 IRR Responsibilities Updates Required Annually: Residence/Mailing Address/Phone/E-mail Marital/Dependency Status Changes in Education/Licenses/Skills Changes in physical condition which could affect readiness Civilian Employer Information (CEI) even if you are unemployed or a student:

37 IRR Responsibilities Enlisted Fewer than 20 years qualifying service however, No minimum participation is required, however, and It results in non-qualifying year for retirement and May be ineligible for reenlistment or extension 50 points required per anniversary year for retirement Subject to HYT for each paygrade Members may reenlist 2 to 6 years at any time during the last 12 months prior to their EOS. Call Pers 493 Call Center at 1-800-535-2699 for more information

38 IRR Responsibilities Officer Fewer than 20 years qualifying service 27 points required per anniversary year Includes 15 membership points per year Note: 27 points will not earn a qualifying year for retirement. Non-participation may result in administrative action (Pers 491) 50 points required per anniversary year to earn a qualifying year of retirement credit Officers must resign commission after MSO is completed to be released from IRR

39 IRR Responsibilities Officer Officers are automatically screened for promotion. It is important that Officers particularly LCDR’s understand they are subject to attrition from an active status when twice failed to select for the next pay grade.

40 IRR Responsibilities Bonuses!! Bonuses may be available for honorably discharged members with critical rates/NEC’s. For a list of the current rates/NEC’s visit:

41 Eligibility/Benefits Eligible for: Active Duty for Training (ADT) Active Duty for Special Work (ADSW) Funeral Honors Duty (FHD) Contact NAVPERSCOM PERS 493 @ 1-800-535-2699 or email for funding Voluntary Mobilization Retirement points Reenlistment Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) Eligible for full time coverage under VGLI logon to for more information Officers automatically considered for promotion Enlisted eligible for advancement, if recalledBenefits: Identification Cards- Department of Defense Guard and Reserve Members and their dependents. Military Exchange and Commissary- Unlimited use with valid Identification card. MWR- Unlimited access to Category “C” facilities (clubs, marinas, golf courses, etc.).

42 Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) IRR Community of Practice NKO IRR Community provides updates on IRR responsibilities, benefits, and opportunities. Link for Active Duty Pre-Separation Registration in NKO IRR Community. to access: Register and log-in to to access: From the homepage, find the “Public Communities And Learning Centers” block (Right side, about one third of the way down the page). From the homepage, find the “Public Communities And Learning Centers” block (Right side, about one third of the way down the page). If “Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)” is not already one of your communities, click on “Add or remove community and learning center pages”. Enter “IRR” in the search block and click the “Search” button. Click on the “Add Link” button next to the “Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)” community. If “Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)” is not already one of your communities, click on “Add or remove community and learning center pages”. Enter “IRR” in the search block and click the “Search” button. Click on the “Add Link” button next to the “Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)” community. Click on the link for the “Individual Ready Reserve (IRR)” community. Click on the link to the Active Duty Pre-Separation Registration (Top right of the “IRR” community). 1-800-535-2699 if you have any questions.


44 SELRES Requirements  1 weekend a month.  12-17 days of Annual Training.  Maintain 85% attendance.

45 SELRES Benefits  Pay  4 days of basic pay for 2 days of work.  Reserve pay chart  SGLI   Advancement.  Educational opportunities. (Navy College programs)

46 SELRES Benefits  GI Bill (MGIB-SR)- Requires a six year obligation  Uniform entitlements.  Medical coverage.  TRICARE Dental Program.  Space “A” travel.  Ask your recruiter about deferred activation.

47 SELRES Benefits  Unlimited Exchange and Commissary visits.  MWR access.  Retirement  Survivor Benefit Plan  Bonuses!

48 SELRES  Earning points.  Active duty.  Annual Training.  IDT Periods.  Correspondence Courses.  Gratuitous Points.  Retirement

49 SELRES Affiliation Procedures Documentation will help speed up the process. Remember. You will need a 2808 for affiliation!

50 Other Reserve Programs Our purpose is to train and administer the Navy Reserve. References: Officer - MPM 1001-020 Enlisted - MPM 1306-1500 MPM 1306-1502

51 Other Reserve Programs Canvasser Recruiter (CANREC) Program Be a Navy Reserve Recruiter!!!! Officer and Enlisted personnel recalled for Reserve component recruiting purposes Recalled for two years initially A member may not remain in a CANREC status beyond a 5 year period per Title 10 of the U.S. Code References: BUPERSINST 1001.40A (Officer) BUPERSINST 1300.42A (Enlisted) 1-866-628-7371

52 Retirement Information Preparing for Retirement POC chart on page 50 Retired pay,getting an estimate of your retired pay and SBP calculator:

53 Retired Pay What will be deducted? Taxes: Federal – fully taxable (reduced by SBP premium or VA compensation) State – Deductions must be specifically requested through DFAS. Voluntary, NOT automatic! Minimum $10.00 Block 19 on the DD 2656 MOAA web site lists states that do not tax retired pay FICA – Retired pay is not subject to FICA

54 Retirement Information Retirees are permitted a max of 6 discretionary allotments. Payments to a former spouse. Garnishments – cannot exceed 65% of the disposable retired pay. 1-888-DFAS411 (332-7411) Disability payments

55 DFAS RETIREMENT SITE Pay increases: COLA only  What does DFAS need to start my retired pay? DD Form 2656 Recommend that you fax the form to DFAS @ 1- 800-469-6559 Call to verify receipt @ 1-800-321-1080

56 Retired Pay Your First Payment and Communication from DFAS Cleveland: Your first payment for retired pay normally will arrive 30 days after your release from active duty, or on the first business day of the month following the month of first entitlement to pay. i.e. If your Fleet Reserve/Retirement date is 1 April you will receive your first retired pay on 1 May In a separate mailing, you will receive a letter, which will show you how your pay was computed. This will include your deductions for SBP, federal/state income tax, and allotments.

57 Retired Pay Making changes after you retire. Use the My Pay (EMSS) system! (Need a PIN? Go onto the My Pay website and click on “New Pin” or call 1-877-363-3677 and follow the prompts ) Make changes online. 1-800-321-1080 Keep your correspondence address updated!

58 RETIRED PAY SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN Three basic advantages of SBP: Non taxability of the SBP premium Protection against inflation Government subsidy of benefits of more than 40% Purpose: To provide a portion of your retired income to your Survivors. SBP Calculator:

59 RETIRED PAY SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN Options for coverage: Spouse only Spouse and children Children only Former spouse only Former spouse and children Insurable interest

60 RETIRED PAY SURVIVOR BENEFIT PLAN How does it work? 1. You select “Base Amount” and category of beneficiary. The cost and return varies depending on the type coverage and amount of coverage. 2.SPOUSE MUST CONCUR, NO POWER OF ATTORNEY ACCEPTED. IF SPOUSE DOES NOT SIGN THE FORM AUTOMATIC ENROLLMENT AT FULL AMOUNT OF “SPOUSE ONLY” COVERAGE. 3.DD form 2656 must be at DFAS at least 45 days before retirement date or trf to Fleet Reserve.

61 SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS 1-800-772-1213 WWW.SSA.GOV Social Security Benefits must be applied for !!!!!!!!! When you turn 65, your military Champus/Tricare medical benefit is replaced by Medicare. The website is very informative for questions you may have concerning medicare.

62 Retired Activities Offices Provides assistance to retirees of all branches, surviving spouses, active duty personnel contemplating retirement, and family members, including retired reserves. All RAO’s are staffed by volunteers. Navy Transition Assistance Program Eligibility Chart

63 Armed Forces Retirement Home (800)422-9988

64 The End!

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