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Budd Churchward’s Honor Level System of Discipline

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1 Budd Churchward’s Honor Level System of Discipline
Heather Jump EDU 440 Fall Semester, Session I 8 October 2014

2 Budd Churchward Attended Western Washington University
Lives in Blirch Bay, WA Elementary school teacher for 12 years Middle school teacher for 18 years Actively involved with implementing the “Honor Level System” in schools across the United States.

3 Churchward’s Philosophy
Students perform better on different levels of discipline. Schools should not discipline all students the same way. Schools should differentiate discipline like they differentiate lesson plans.

4 Information about The Honor Level System
Designed to meet the needs of a school in Washington Today it is used by elementary, middle and high schools across America. “The Honor Level System has been described as “one of the most refreshing, proactive” approaches to dealing with student discipline to ever come to our schools. It is a perfect blend of Assertive and Empathetic discipline that shows respect for the child.”

5 The Honor Level System Honor Level 1
Students seldom have difficulty behaving or making good choices. 14 days with No Time-Outs or Detention, including buses or school events. 70% - 80% of students will be eligible.

6 Honor Level 2 1-2 behavior issues in the last 14 days, which may have resulted in a Time-Out or Detention. 20% - 30% of students will be eligible.

7 Honor Level 3 Students that struggle with good behavior choices and often get into trouble. 3-4 behavior issues in the last 14 days, which may have resulted in Time-Outs or Detention. 5% or fewer students will be eligible.

8 Honor Level 4 Students often make poor behavior choices and get into constant trouble. Several Time-Outs or Detentions in the last 14 days. Rarely more than 5% of students. Usually less than 5% of students.

9 The 14 Day Period Only the past series of 14 days are considered when examining a student’s discipline record. Each student begins each day on level one. Regardless of what a student does to move from level one to any other level, the student always has opportunities to gain his or her way back to level one. After the 14 day period, all students’ discipline records are cleared. The students begin the next 14 day period with zero infractions.

10 Positive Reinforcements
Privileges are for students on level 1 or level 2 at the end of the designated 14 day period. Level 1: Extended lunchtime breaks Additional recreation activities during designated periods Spontaneous activities: Ice cream certificates Certificates from restaurants for free items Level 2: Some activities from level 1 will be available for level 2. Level 3: Excluded from extra privileges Often excluded from activities, but may negotiate the right to participate Level 4: Ineligible to participate in any privileges or activities, including afterschool dances and sports May not negotiate for the right to participate

11 Stages of Consequences
Consequences are progressively more severe, as the student advances to the next stage of discipline with each infraction. Up to seven stages of consequences may be used. An example of the stages of consequences are as follows: 1st infraction: 15 minute Lunch Detention 2nd infraction: 30 minute Lunch Detention 3rd infraction: After School Detention 4th infraction: In-school Suspension 5th infraction: Saturday School 6th infraction: Suspension from School

12 “Psychologists tell us, though, the best behavior modification systems include both positive recognition and appropriate consequences. Furthermore, such a discipline system must be perceived as fair and equitable as possible.” Churchward encourages teachers to be consistent when administering the Honor Level System. Talk to the students to try and figure out what may be troubling the student. Encourage students to make improvements and move toward level one.

13 Pros of the Honor Level System
14 Day Tracking Period Students begin each day on level one. Students can earn higher level status after behavior infractions. Positive Reinforcements

14 Cons of the Honor Level System
Students receive consequences for each infraction, as well as moving down to a different level of the honor system, where they also lose afterschool privileges, such as football games or school dances.

15 Resources:
ter/Churchward.htm honor-level/

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