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W ELCOME TO 7 TH G RADE E NGLISH L ANGUAGE A RTS P IN O AK M IDDLE S CHOOL Barbara Baltazar, 7C This class encompasses the reading.

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2 W ELCOME TO 7 TH G RADE E NGLISH L ANGUAGE A RTS P IN O AK M IDDLE S CHOOL Barbara Baltazar, 7C This class encompasses the reading and writing requirements for 7 th grade. 713-295-6500

3 D RESS C ODE Student ID ID is part of being in uniform. Must visibly carry it on your person through out the school day. Extra/replacement ID $5.00 Polo Style Shirts Royal Blue Gray White Charger Days School T-Shirt Pants Denim, Khaki, Navy Pants, Shorts, Skirts Shorts and Skirts must be longer than finger tip length with hand down by your side Shoes Closed toed shoes only NO flip flops or open toe sandals No high heels

4 G RADING 60%Daily: Class Work, Homework, Formative Assessments (quizzes) 40%Major: Summative Assessments (Tests and Projects) TUTORIALS Tutoring is managed through team time during the school day.

5 G RADING AND R EPORT C ARDS Academic SubjectsConduct 90–100 = excellentE = excellent 80–89 = good; above averageS = satisfactory 75–79 = satisfactory; averageP = poor; below average 70–74 = passing; below averageU = unsatisfactory below 70 = unsatisfactory; failing Six-Week Grading Periods First Grading Period:August 26 to October 4 Second Grading Period:October 7 to November 8 Third Grading Period:November 11 to December 20 Fourth Grading Period:January 7 to February 14 Fifth Grading Period:February 17 to April 4 Sixth Grading Period:April 7 to May 29

6 E XTRACURRICULAR A CTIVITIES AND E LIGIBILITY State’s “no pass/no play” law: eligibility for participation during the first six weeks of the school year is determined by a student’s grades from the final grading cycle of the previous school year. After the first 6 weeks, a student who receives a grade lower than 70 (or the equivalent) in any academic course is ineligible to participate during the first three school weeks of the next grading period. During that time the student may continue to practice or rehearse with other students but may not take part in any competition or public performance.

7 G RADE SPEED All students are required to have a PS Connect account to access and view grades and progress on Grade Speed. Grade Speed is in real time – so as soon as grades are entered you can view them. CODES IN GRADE SPEED M – missing assignment – a zero is calculated into the average until a grade is entered by the teacher. E – exempt – the student is not responsible for this assignment and no grade is calculated into the average. 0 – a grade of zero is entered if the assignment was not turned in and is no longer accepted for a grade.

8 D AILY S UPPLIES FOR E NGLISH C LASS Planner/Agenda and ID 5-subject spiral notebook (class notes) 2 Composition Books (reader/writer notebook) Independent Reading Novel (everyday) Red pens, pencils, highlighter, sticky notes, glue stick, scissors.

9 W RITING F OCUS Variety of sentence structures, rhetorical devices, editing and revision techniques Develop personal narratives, expository essay, poetic and persuasive pieces STAAR Testing Dates : Writing – April 1 st and 2 nd : required to write three one page essays and answer multiple choice questions on revision/edition and grammar usage. Reading – April 23 rd : required to read several select passages and 2 paired passages to answer multiple choice questions. TEA website:

10 R EADING F OCUS Use a variety of reading strategies to enhance comprehension, critical thinking and literary analysis Context clues and use of strategies to determine meaning Improve independent reading interest, stamina and fluency by reading in larger chunks across genre Connect reading comprehension to writing through written responses Identify and use literary elements Recognize text structure and author’s purpose R EADING F OCUS

11 Standing assignment: 30 minutes of reading 5 days a week. Record and track reading in comp book 15-30 minutes reading in class each class day Receive one independent reading grade/6 weeks as a daily grade (60%) WHERE CAN I GET BOOKS TO READ? School and Local Library books Class library Online Scholastic Book orders I NDEPENDENT R EADING R EQUIREMENTS

12 S CHOLASTIC B OOK O RDERS O NLINE  Builds classroom library  More books to choose from  For every online order we get a free book  No checks to write or lose  Less paperwork for everyone

13 I NDEPENDENT READING Experiencing Literature by Genre Reading Genre Reading Requirements Realistic Fiction4 Historical Fiction3 Fantasy3 Science Fiction3 Mystery/Suspense4 Non-Fiction: informational5 Literary Non-Fiction: Biography, Autobiography, Memoir 5 Poetry3 Students Choice10 Total Books =40

14 I NDEPENDENT R EADING R UBRIC # booksGrade 7+105 6100 595 490 385 275 150 00

15 Q UESTIONS ??? Please feel free to email me with any questions you didn’t get a chance to ask.

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