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Welcome to the Class of 2018 Estherville Lincoln Central High School.

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1 Welcome to the Class of 2018 Estherville Lincoln Central High School

2 Topics for Tonight I.Description of new schedule/OLC II.ELC graduation requirements III.ELC course offerings IV.Dual Credit/Career Academy/PSEO V.Suggestions to help VI.Driver’s Education VII.Extra/Co-Curricular Opportunities VIII.1:1 Technology

3 Credit is gained by successfully passing a semester. FIRST QUARTER – 40% SECOND QTR – 40% Made up of –Daily homework –Participation –Quizzes and unit exams –Projects –Etc. A FINAL, SUMMATIVE SEMESTER EXAM (Required of all academic classes) ARE WORTH 20%

4 New Look Schedule Since 2013/14 Seven Periods of classes followed by a common study hall Online Learning Center –Offered opposite PE (every other day) –Options In-house course offerings PSEO through ILCC

5 Online Course Offerings Computer Apps I (9-12)* Computer Apps II (9-12) General Business (10-12) Health (9-12)* Health II (9-12) Pers. Finance (10-12)* Nutrition (10-12) Art Appreciation (9-12) Film Studies (10-12) Geography (10-12 Astronomy (11-12) Business Law (11-12) Sociology (11-12) U.S. History (11) Statistics (11-12) Government (12) PSEO Courses (11-12)

6 Graduation Requirements English – 8 semesters Science – 6 semesters Social Studies – 6 semesters Math – 6 semesters (Must complete the equivalent of Algebra I)

7 Graduation Requirements Computer – 1 semester Career/Tech Education – 1 semester Health – 1 semester Physical Education – 8 semesters (1/2 credit earned/semester) Personal Finance – 1 semester Fine Arts – 1 semester

8 Graduation Requirements Elective Courses – 13 semesters Grand Total – 48 credits Freshmen and Sophomores must take 7.5 classes/semester Juniors and Seniors must take 6.5 classes/semester –Exception is second semester seniors

9 Fine Arts - Art Art Appreciation (On Line) Intro to Art 2D Intro to Art 3D Drawing and Painting Int. Drawing & Painting Adv. Drawing & Painting Ceramics/Sculpture Int. Ceramics/Sculpture Adv. Ceramics/Sculpture Sr. Independent Studio I Sr. Independent Studio II

10 Fine Arts – Drama/Speech Play Production Communications

11 Fine Arts - Music Vocal Music –Varsity Choir –Concert Choir –Show Choir Instrumental Music –Band –Jazz Band

12 English English 9* (2 credits) English 10* (2 credits) Speech* American Literature* Intermediate Composition* Play Production Mass Media (Pepper) Contemporary Reading Creative Writing A.P. English Literature Film Studies (On Line) NOT Second Chance Reading

13 Science Physical Science* (2 credits) Biology* (2 credits) Chemistry Advanced Chemistry Astronomy Human Anatomy & Physiology Environmental Science Introduction to Biotechnology Earth Science ** Some classes may be offered on an every other year basis.

14 Social Studies Civics Government* U.S. History* (2 credits) World History Economics Geography Sociology Psychology World Studies Social Problems Western Civ I & II (Dual Credit)

15 Math Pre-Algebra Introduction to Algebra I Introduction to Algebra II Algebra I (Must reach this level for graduation) Geometry Algebra II Applied Algebra II Advanced Math A.P. Calculus Applied Math Statistics (online)

16 Math Course Sequencing **Students must earn 6 math credits to graduate **Students must complete Algebra I or its equivalency for graduation (Intro I + Intro II = Algebra) **If student achieves a “C” or better both semesters in Algebra in 8 th grade, it can count HS algebra credit. Algebra Geometry Algebra II Advanced Math AP Calculus Algebra Geometry Algebra II Advanced Math Intro to Algebra I Intro to Algebra II Geometry Algebra II Prealgebra Intro to Algebra I Intro to Algebra II Geometry 8 th Grade 9 th Grade 10 th Grade 11 th Grade 12 th Grade ***Students must get through the courses in gray for graduation requirement of 6 math credits

17 Spanish Spanish I Spanish II Spanish III Spanish IV All Spanish course are full-year courses and students must pass first semester in order to be able to take second semester.

18 Business Education Computer Applications I & II* Intro to Computers (Dual Credit) Web Page Design General Business Marketing Entrepreneurship Business Law Personal Finance* Accounting I Accounting II Yearbook 3D Design Some courses may be offered on an every- other year basis

19 Agriculture Intro to Agriculture I Intro to Agriculture II Animal Science Agronomy (Dual Credit) Agricultural Leadership Agricultural Communications Ag Business Horticulture Agricultural Econ** (Dual Credit) Farm Business Management** (Dual Credit) Landscape/Nursery** Wildlife Management** **Some courses may be offered every other year, if at all

20 Industrial Technology Manufacturing (Gateway course to all other I.T. offerings) CAD Mechanical CAD Architectural (Dual Credit) Metals Technology I Metals Technology II Welding Tech (Dual Credit) Building Construction (Dual Credit) Auto & Power Some classes may be offered on an every- other year basis

21 Family and Consumer Science Child Care I Child Care II Marriage and Family Living Housing/Interior Design Independent Living Foods I Foods II Human Relations Some classes may be held on an every- other year basis

22 Health and Wellness Health I/CPR Health II Nutrition

23 Physical Education Each student, over their high school career will get a taste of a variety of activities to keep them active and hopefully spark in them an interest in activities that will keep them healthy for the rest of their lives. Those activities include but are not limited to:

24 Physical Education Walking Team Handball Floor Hockey Golf Volleyball Tennis Dance Weight lifting Flag Football Basketball Badminton Table Tennis Fishing Archery Bowling Rollerskating Zumba Yoga

25 P.E. Exempt (NOW both semesters per year) FIRST SEMESTER Football Cross-Country Volleyball Cheerleading (FB) Drill Team* Girls Swimming * Drill team members may exempt either semester. SECOND SEMESTER B/G Basketball Wrestling Cheerleading (WR/BB) Drill Team* B/G Golf B/G Track B/G Tennis ** Students ineligible due to Good Conduct Policy or Academic reasons are NOT allowed to exempt.

26 Dual Credit Courses Courses offered on the high school campus for college credit at ILCC: –Human Relations- CAD Architectural –Western Civ (I & II)- Building Construction –Farm Business Mgt- Welding Tech –Ag Economics –Survey of Animal Industry –Agronomy –Intro to Computers

27 Career Academy – ILCC - Emmetsburg Ag Production Technology Ag Equipment Technology Automotive Collision Technology Automotive Technology Hotel/Restaurant Technology Marine & Small Engine Repair Motorcycle Repair Welding Technology Landscape and Turf Management

28 Career Academy – ILCC - Estherville Sustainable Energy Criminal Justice Digital Arts

29 Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) This legislation provides students the ability to move into more advanced work at a university or community college during high school provided they meet the general requirements, among them: 11 th or 12 th Grade (or Gifted and Talented) They have taken and passed similar course(s) at the high school There are stringent proficiency requirements which must be met in order to be eligible!

30 Most Effective Way to Increase Your RAI & to Increase Your College Academic Success Take additional core courses: –English –Math –Science –Social Studies –Foreign Language

31 Driver’s Education We will continue to offer three terms of Driver’s Education. One in Fall, one in winter and one in late spring through early summer. We will continue to offer Driver’s Education each term as a zero hour class with driving done during school day (During P.E.). This will be limited to approximately 25 students each semester. –SO IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE TERM YOUR SON/DAUGHTER SIGNS UP FOR, THEY ARE ALSO SIGNED UP FOR P.E. EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO EXEMPT! Preference when we ARE able to offer it is based SOLELY on birth date. (This is all done through the office – Berniece – and students must sign up again each semester) Students will need a copy of their drivers permit prior to first day of class turned in to high school office. This arrangement may vary depending upon the instructor.

32 1:1 Technology Staff has been working with devices this past year Students in grades 9-12 will be issued a device at the beginning of school year. Expectations regarding care and maintenance

33 Extracurricular Activities – Get Involved!! Individual Speech Contests Large Group Speech Contests Fall Play/Musical Quiz Bowl Business – Key club or BPA? Chess Club Student Council History Day Individual Vocal and Instrumental Contest FFA Athletics Dance Team Cheerleading Purple Cord ELC Ambassadors Midget Maniacs Robotics

34 Academic Eligibility State Rule –Any failing semester grade = 30 days of ineligibility from beginning of next activity that they take part in. ELC Quarter Policy –Students MUST be passing 5.5 classes at the end of the first and third quarters or they are ineligible until the end of the semester.

35 Guidance Department Website


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