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CRM & Recruitment Best Practices Brian Dycus May 1 st, 2013.

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1 CRM & Recruitment Best Practices Brian Dycus May 1 st, 2013

2 Customer Relationship Management Best Practices Meaningful Statuses Unique & Timely Messaging Trackable Milestones Intelligent Touch Points Simple Reporting Worst Practices Poor “Filing” Systems Undifferentiated Messaging No Activity Records E-blasts & Call Campaigns Data, Data, Data!

3 3 CRM Best Practices: Goals Track & Build Relationships Plan Strategic Communications Record Interactions & Documentation

4 4

5 5 Step 1: Definitions Activities – “Cases”MilestonesStatuses Send Welcome EmailNew Inquiry Personal Phone CallStudent ContactEngaged Mail BrochureDemonstrated InterestInterested Send Financial Aid InfoMeeting ConductedInterviewed Invite to Open HouseApplication StartedApplied F.A. App Completed

6 6 Prospect Statuses NewProspectApplicantEnrolled New InquiryContactedNew ApplicationRegistered InterestedCompleteActive InterviewedIn-Review CommittedAccepted Status Considerations 1.Sequential 2.Triggered by milestones

7 Communication Plans Nudging Prospects New InquiryContactedNew ApplicationRegistered InterestedCompleteActive InterviewedAccepted Committed 1.What activities that build relationship and commitment?

8 Communication Plans Nudging Prospects Personal Introduction School/Program Overview Financial Aid Basics Student Profiles 4 Emails 4 Voicemails 6 – 10 Calls Sample: New Inquiry 1. Anticipate Needed Information 2. Determine Appropriate Medium 3. Determine Amount of Communication 4. Keep it Personal

9 9 Case Records Enrollment Milestones Key Conversations Communication Records New AssignedAppointmentInbound ContactedOnline EventOutbound Scheduled Info SessionCampus EventFollow-Up InterviewedProgram InfoConfirmation/Reminder App StartedFin Aid InfoGeneral Comments App CompletedApplication Info EnrolledEscalation Transfer SourceStatusDate/TimeNotes PhoneOpenCalendar Field EmailClosedTime Field Web Chat

10 10 Lifecycle Roles/Stages NewProspectApplicant New InquiryContactedStarted Not QualifiedInterestedCompleted No ResponseInterviewedIn Review Inactive-FutureAccepted Closed -DNCRejected Chose Not To Apply Cancelled Closed –DNC

11 11 Key Sort Variables: -Date Range -Advisor/Agent -Program -Lead Source Key Sort Variables -Start Date -Program -Advisor/Agent Purpose: Provides insight into strengths and weaknesses in the admissions process. Purpose: Forecast enrollment numbers for pending starts and focus advisor efforts.

12 12 New InquiryContactedInterviewedAppliedEnrolled Not Qualified No Response Chose Not To Apply Inactive Prospect Closed Inquiry Rejected Cancelled Graveyard Statuses Awareness Campaigns

13 13 Purpose: Provide insight into marketing and lead generation effectiveness. Key Sort Variables: -Lead Source -Date Range -Program Insight: Inquiry Generation

14 14 Purpose: Provide insight into admissions process effectiveness, agent effectiveness, and program value proposition. Key Sort Variables: -Advisor/Agent -Program -Lead Source -Date Range Insight: Enrollment Process

15 Summary & Tips Define Statuses Avoid Grade Levels - Use Start Dates Simple Communication Plans Utilize Conversion Reports Create Responsive Communication Plans Connect To Other Departments (IW “Modules”) F.A. Tracking Document Tracking Assigning Cases

16 Discussion & Next Steps

17 17 Purpose: -Track agent activity and productivity. -Manage agents by monitoring “open” activities Key Sort Variables: -Date Range -Advisor/Agent -Program

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