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Welcome  Funding Available  Applications  Application Evaluation  Allocation Timelines.

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1 Welcome  Funding Available  Applications  Application Evaluation  Allocation Timelines

2 Estimated Funds Available  City Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) $270,000 (of which $50,000 eligible for public services)  2060 City Low-Income Housing Fund $55,000  2163 & 1359 Chelan-Douglas County Homeless Fund $230,000

3 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)  Must comply with Federal Standards  Must comply with City of Wenatchee’s Consolidated Plan  Demonstrate capacity to administer funds in a timely manner  Serve City of Wenatchee low to moderate income residents (80% of median income)

4 Wenatchee’s Consolidated Plan Priorities  Housing Addition of decent affordable housing  Community Development Support the revitalization of low- and moderate- income neighborhoods  Economic Development Enhance the economic and business development programs that bring new job opportunities

5 CDBG Eligible Activities  acquisition of property  relocation and demolition  rehabilitation  homeownership assistance  planning and capacity building  construction of public facilities and improvements  public services (new or quantifiable increase)  special economic development projects and job creation/retention activities  micro-enterprise assistance.

6 CDBG Ineligible Activities  acquisition, construction, or reconstruction of buildings for the general conduct of government  political activities  labor costs for homeowners to rehab own property  certain income payments; and  new construction of housing  operating/maintaining public facilities

7 Low-Income Housing 2060 Funds  Must be utilized for low-income affordable housing in City of Wenatchee  Must be for households with income at or below 50% of Average Median Income  Chelan and Douglas County’s AMI is $57,000 or the eligible income level for a family of four would be $28,500

8 2060 Eligible Projects  Rental Housing  Special Needs Housing  Homeownership  Shelters  Transitional Housing

9 Eligible use of funds  Acquisition  Rehabilitation  New Construction  Operating costs for emergency shelters including youth shelters  Operation and maintenance subsidies built with Wash. Housing Trust Fund dollars  Rental assistance vouchers consistent with Section 8 voucher program standards

10 2060 Funds available  City of Wenatchee $55,000 (estimate)

11 Homeless Housing 2163 & 1359 Funds  Must be used to benefit the homeless  Priorities established in the Chelan/Douglas Ten-Year Plan to Reduce Homelessness will receive the highest consideration

12 Ten-Year Plan Priorities (Groups Identified) 1. Homeless Families 2. Homeless Youth 3. Chronically Homeless Individuals

13 Strategies Identified  Housing (infrastructure and services)  Services  Prevention

14 Homeless Current Priorities in Effect  9 th Street Mobile Home Park  Homeless outreach  Create floating transitional units  Inmate Reentry Program

15 Long term Priorities 1. Create 35 “floating” additional units of transitional in place housing 2. Strategic Plan for Mobile Home Park Closures 3. Use flexible funds to provide short-term rental assistance 4. Identify or build a 16-unit permanent supportive housing project 5. Create a “Drug Court” for parents convicted of drug/alcohol abuse with a jail discharge plan 6. Increase the number of rental assistance vouchers

16 2163 & 1359 Funds Available  Chelan and Douglas Counties $230,000 Estimate

17 CDBG Application  Due: July 21 th, 2008, by 5:00 PM  Mail to: Attn: Monica Libbey, P.O. Box 519, Wenatchee, WA 98807  Deliver to: 25 N. Worthen Street, Wenatchee  “FUNDING APPLICATION” Must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope

18 Homeless & Low-Income Housing Application  Due: July 28 th, 2008, by 5:00 PM  Mail to: Attn: Monica Libbey, P.O. Box 519, Wenatchee, WA 98807  Deliver to: 25 N. Worthen Street, Wenatchee  “FUNDING APPLICATION” Must be clearly marked on the outside of the envelope

19 2009 Application Guidelines  Application & attachments should be submitted on 8 ½ by 11 paper.  Applications should not exceed 10 pages  Additional information and unrequested attachments should not exceed 5 pages

20 Application Organization Name: Address: Telephone: Number Email Address: Name of Person to Contact: Address: Telephone: Number Email Address: Names and Titles of Persons Authorized to Enter into Agreements:

21 Application  Proposal Summary Project Name: Total amount of funds your agency is requesting: $ Total clients to be served with funds: # Total units (e.g. Housing units) to be provided: # Total number of jobs to be created as a result of the project: # Number of new jobs available to low/moderate income residents: #

22 Application Legal Status of Organization Private, Non-Profit, Public Agency, Private, For-Profit, Other Federal Tax Identification Number What was your organization's total operating budget for the past year? _______________________ Has your organization received CDBG/2060/2163 funds in the past? Yes_____ No_____ If yes, how much has your organization received and how many years have you participated in the program? Please list each fund separately $______________ Number of Years ______

23 Application *How long do you anticipate needing funds? Continuously, At least 3 years, 2 years or less Organizational Structure 1.Concise organizational chart showing your agency's major administrative structure. 2.List of Board of Directors. 3.Current agency budget. 4.Most recent audit report. 5.Current project activity budget if currently funded.

24 Application What are your agency's primary funding sources? What percent of your anticipated total project budget does this funding request represent? Provide the anticipated budget for the project activity. Include all sources of revenue and indicate where such revenue will be attributed. What other source(s) of funds could your organization pursue?

25 Application Program/Activity Description Provide an overview of the program including "who" will do "what" for "whom" and "how many," "when," "where," and "how often." This pertains only to the activity for which you are seeking funds. Specifically state how the requested funds will be used.

26 Application Problem Definition State the specific local needs and problems that your proposal intends to address. Target Population Identify the projected target population your proposed program or activity will serve. (Include age, race, residency, handicap status, income level, or other unique characteristics or subgroup information.)

27 Application Evaluation Describe methods used to measure success in achieving objectives and specifically meeting needs of target population. Coordination If more than one agency within the Wenatchee area deals with similar problems or clients that you have identified, describe how your agency coordinates tasks and responsibilities with these other agencies and how duplication of services will be avoided.

28 Application Project Milestones Timeline List major project milestones with associated responsible party and anticipated date

29 CDBG Application additional provisions National Objective Identify the national objective and determination method used for the proposal: 1. Principally benefit low and moderate income (LMI) persons (at least 51%) 2. Prevent/eliminate slums or blight. 3. Meet Urgent Community Development Needs

30 CDBG Application additional provisions Principally benefit LMI persons: 1. Area Benefit – residential. (Attach map and documentation for determining LMI area.) 2. Limited Clientele: a.At least 51% of beneficiaries are LMI persons: b.Presumed Benefit (circle which apply): abused children, battered spouses, elderly persons, severely disabled adults, homeless persons, illiterate adults, persons living with AIDS, or migrant farm workers. c.Agency requires family size and income documentation d.Income Eligibility Requirement e.Removal of Architectural Barriers of elderly &/or severely disabled adults f.Microenterprise Assistance to LMI owners g.Employment Support Services 3. Housing Activities (housing occupied by LMI households) 4. Job Creation/Retention (at least 51% of jobs involve LMI employment)

31 CDBG Application additional provisions Performance Measurement Check which outcome/objective statement best describes the proposal:  Accessibility for the purpose of creating suitable living environments  Accessibility for the purpose of providing decent affordable housing  Accessibility for the purpose of creating economic opportunities  Affordability for the purpose of creating suitable living environments  Affordability for the purpose of providing decent affordable housing  Affordability for the purpose of creating economic opportunities  Sustainability for the purpose of creating suitable living environments  Sustainability for the purpose of providing decent affordable housing  Sustainability for the purpose of creating economic opportunities

32 CDBG Application additional provisions Physical Improvements If physical improvements are included in this proposal, have the "Davis -Bacon Act," the "Contract and Safety Standards Act," and the "Fair Labor Standards Act" been considered? Yes_____ No_____ Not Applicable_____

33 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE For technical assistance regarding the applications or pertaining to the eligibility of your proposed activity, contact: Monica Libbey, (509) 664-3363 or email at For Homeless Housing (2163 & 1359) funds, you may also contact: CC Consulting (509) 665-9787 or email at

34 Application Evaluation & Rating Is the proposed Project eligible for CDBG/2060/2163 & 1359 funding? Does the proposal meet applicable Program objectives, goals or policies?

35 Application Review  Goals and Outcomes Projects will be judged on whether or not goals are realistic within the timeframe of the grant and whether or not they have concise measurable outcomes for evaluating overall accomplishments of the project  Benefit to low- and moderate-income Projects will be reviewed according to how well they target low- and moderate-income beneficiaries and the percent of low- and moderate-income households or individuals they will serve.

36 Application Review  Need Projects will be reviewed based on demonstrated need.  Planning Projects will be reviewed for consistency with the city’s planning documents and priorities.  Capacity Projects will be reviewed based on demonstrated ability to undertake the proposed project. Past performance, staff expertise, project budget, proposal quality and community support will be considered.

37 Application Review  Leverage Projects will be reviewed based on their efforts to identify and pursue the broadest range of possible funding sources and on their success in gaining external support for their efforts.  Project Schedule Projects need to demonstrate timeliness and an ability to complete the project in the given timeline.  Budget Project budget will be reviewed for accuracy and to assure it represents a complete project.

38 CDBG Timeline  June 16 & 19 Informational Meetings  July 21, 2008 Program Year 2009 Funding Application Deadline  July 22 – 28 Applications are reviewed by staff  August 6, 2008 Public Hearing with the Planning Commission: review community needs and applicant presentations

39 CDBG Timeline  August 20, 2008 2009 Draft CDBG Annual Action Plan presented to Planning Commission for their consideration  August 27 – September 29 30-day Public Comment Period on 2009 Draft Annual Action Plan  October 9, 2008 City Council approves 2009 Action Plan  January - April Successful applicants sign contracts and undertake project activities

40 Homeless & Low-Income Housing Timeline  June 16 & 19 Informational Meetings  July 28, 2008 Program Year 2009 Funding Application Deadline  July 29 – August 8th Applications are reviewed and ranked  August 21, 2008 Advisory Committee reviews applications and makes recommendations for fund allocations

41 Homeless & Low-Income Housing Timeline  August 28, 2008 City Council approves projects for 2009 funding  September – December 2008 Successful applicants sign contracts  January 1, 2009 Successful applicants undertake project activities

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