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Finding Discrepancies using SAMS Reports.

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2 Finding Discrepancies using SAMS Reports.





7 Since we run our Reconciliation Report by site we can determine which records we need to review by comparing the hard source totals for each site with those on the SAMS Report.


9 In reviewing our totals we see that our hard source data for the House site shows a total of 137 meals but the SAMS report only shows 135.







16 The first filter we will want to change is Show Consumers from “No” to “Yes”. This will allow us to see the Names of the Consumers who have had units of service entered to them for this month.

17 Next change Show Consumer Subtotals from “No” to “Yes”. This will allow us to see the total meals that have been entered for each consumer.

18 The last filter we want to change in this section is Include Consumer Groups from “Yes” to “No”. Since we have already determined that the discrepancy is in the CM – Lunch Subservice we know that this only applies to registered consumers so there is no need to include Consumer Groups.

19 The Report is now set to include the Consumer Names, the Subtotals for each Consumer, and to exclude Consumer Groups.



22 Since we are looking for a discrepancy in Congregate Meal units we only want to look at consumers who received Congregate meals. So lets change the Service filter to only include Congregate Meals.

23 Single left click on the folder to the right, a box will appear and show which services are selected.


25 We want to remove Home Delivered Meals and Transportation from our report. To do so simply single left click on the checkbox to the left of those services.




29 Since we know that the issue is in Units of service for the House site we will only want to look at those Consumers.

30 Single left click on the folder to the right, a box will appear which will allow you to select specific Sites.


32 The Providers and Sites are listed in Alphabetical order, beginning with the Provider Name, followed by the Site.

33 To the left are alphabetical tabs that allow you to jump to specific sections. We will want to single left click on the tab marked “ST” to jump to the section containing Tucumcari.



36 Use the arrow at the bottom right of the column to scroll down the page until you get to Tucumcari.

37 Then left click in the box to the left of Tucumcari – House site.

38 Left click “OK” to close the box.



41 You can now compare the SAMS Report with your hard source data to find the discrepancy.


43 Another common discrepancy can occur when the ASR doesn’t match the NSIP Report. When this occurs you will generally find that the Total on the NSIP Report is less than what is on the ASR. This happens when a Consumer is added to the database without a valid NSIP Eligibility Type.




47 Under Report Settings, change Show Consumers from “No” to “Yes”.

48 Next change Show Client ID from “No” to “Yes”. This will allow us to easily identify the correct Consumer in the Consumer Records.

49 The next filter you will want to apply is in the Consumer Status Section, so open that section by single left clicking on the arrow to the left of the section title.

50 Under Consumer Status change NSIP Eligible Status from “Any” to “NO” this will allow us to see Consumers who are not indicated as being Eligible.

51 Finally, set the Service Period as you learned earlier in this lesson and run the Report.

52 As you can see, Jeff Bolton is listed as not NSIP Eligible with 1 unit of service. Bolton, Jeff B. 1.00 1.00

53 Review the Consumer file for Jeff Bolton to determine if he is supposed to be NSIP Eligible. If it is determined that he should be Eligible submit a Consumer Record change form to the Regional Office in charge of entering your data requesting that the record be updated with the correct information and that 1 unit of service be updated in the Consumers Service Delivery Record.

54 This change can only be made by a Regional Office and would require immediate attention so that your program is properly reimbursed under the NSIP Contract.





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