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WIC Income Webcast 2013 September 26, 2013 Presenters:

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1 WIC Income Webcast 2013 September 26, 2013 Presenters:
Linda Dingerson, BSN, Policy Coordinator Terri Riemenschneider, MS, Eligibility PAL Welcome to the Income Webcast, thank you for tuning in today. We will first go over the Eligibility policy areas, highlighting what is new and then go through the documentation steps in the MI-WIC system. We welcome your questions and hope that you will them to us throughout the webcast. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

2 Intake Policies… And revised polices
2013 WIC Income Webcast Intake Policies… And revised polices Linda Dingerson, WIC Policy Coordinator 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

3 1.10 Voter Registration Acceptable Photo IDs: NEW!
WIC Income Webcast 1.10 Voter Registration NEW! Clients who request to register to vote must have photo ID If no photo ID, must sign an affidavit Acceptable Photo IDs: Driver’s license/State/Federal ID Current U.S. passport Current student ID Military ID Tribal ID card At each certification and recertification, ask the client/authorized person if they would like to register to vote. Also, ask whenever the client has an address change. 9/13/12

4 1.10 Voter Registration NEW!
WIC Income Webcast NEW! 1.10 Voter Registration Affidavit of Voter not in Possession of Picture ID Available through E-forms Arabic and Spanish translations available on the MDCH/WIC website at: Attach affidavit to VR Application and send to clerk 9/13/12

5 2013 WIC Income Webcast 1.10 Voter Registration “If you are not registered to vote where you live now, would you like to apply to register to vote here today?” Ask the client at each: Certification/recertification When the client changes address At each certification and recertification, ask the client/authorized person if they would like to register to vote. Also, ask whenever the client has an address change. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

6 2013 WIC Income Webcast 1.10 Voter Registration Give “Declination” (top) portion of form for signature if response is: No No, registered at present address Under age 18 Give Voter Registration application if response is: Yes Address change and client wants to register Address changes over the phone: Mail the Voter Registration application -OR- Direct the client to the SOS website at: The Voter Registration Application form has two sections. The top section is referred to as the Declination form. The bottom section is the application form. The declination form should be given to clients who do not wish to register to vote, who are already registered to vote and who are not eligible to register to vote (i.e. under 18 or not eligible to vote for some other reason) If a client calls on the phone to tell you that they have changed their address, you may send the voter registration application to her or refer her to the SOS website at: 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

7 Voter Registration posters are available for clinic use
2013 WIC Income Webcast Voter Registration posters are available for clinic use Order on E-forms A voter registration poster is available for display in your clinics. You may order from e-forms. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

8 2013 WIC Income Webcast 1.03 Confidentiality Any information about an applicant or client that individually identifies an Applicant Client, and/or Family member Restrict use and disclosure of information to: WIC employees who need to know Let’s talk about confidentiality for awhile. We have had several calls at the State office related to confidentiality issues. Any information that might identify an individual that you are serving is confidential information. Information such as name, birthdates, address information, income, medical information, etc. is confidential. Do not disclose confidential information with other staff unless the individual needs to know the information. We will talk a little more about this in a bit. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

9 Maintaining confidentiality
2013 WIC Income Webcast Maintaining confidentiality Insure Privacy Sign in sheets Income determination Anthropometric and laboratory procedures Print Docs Restrict Access to Client Record Diminish screens or log off Notes and Alerts Saving/Printing Reports When you are serving clients, think about what information is available to other clients in the clinic. Do your sign in sheets let other clients know who is in the clinic? Is sensitive information, like income, pregnancy status asked where other clients can hear it? Are clients/families served one at a time in lab areas? Take an extra second to make sure you have the right client when you hand over shopping lists, VOCs, shopping lists and other documents. When you are working in MI-WIC, be mindful of who can see the data. Diminish screens as needed when working from client to client; log off when leaving your desk. Sensitive information documented in Alerts does just that, alerts everyone to look at it. Don’t store reports on your desktop. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

10 Sharing Client Information
2013 WIC Income Webcast Sharing Client Information Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) Immunization MDCH Lead Program MIHP Head Start Dept. of Ed (CSFP) Release of Information Sharing Appointment Lists MOU WIC Client is also client of health center When sharing client information with other programs or agencies, there are a few things to keep in mind. MDCH WIC has MOUs with several agencies/programs with whom you do business on a daily basis. You may share client information with these agencies without a specific client release of information. This may include sharing information about WIC clients who are eligible or being referred to MIHP or Immunizations, sharing anthro and hemoglobin data for children enrolled in Head Start, obtaining enrollment lists from local CSFP programs, etc. One of the questions that frequently arises is, “Can we share our appointments lists with other programs in the agency?” You may share appointment lists if WIC has an MOU with that agency or program or if the client is also a client of the health center in which you work. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

11 2.01 Eligibility/Certification of Clients
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.01 Eligibility/Certification of Clients Overview of certification policies Clients who meet income, residency and categorical eligibility are presumptively eligible. Use the Short Certification process if a proof is missing Let’s begin talking about intake policies surrounding the certification process. Throughout the next few slides, I will highlight information that we frequently get questions about or see ME citations for. You should short certify clients who do not bring their proof with them. When trying to maintain caseload, don’t turn clients away if there is a way to provide service that day. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

12 2.02 Residency Proof of residency required at:
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.02 Residency Proof of residency required at: Enrollment Each certification Transfer Short certification if client did not bring proof NO Proof required for: Homeless Migrant Transfers who have a VOC Someone who has recently moved into area Victim of theft, loss or disaster These clients sign an Attestation form Let’s talk about the various proofs required for certification. Proof of residency is required at the initial enrollment or transfer of a client and at each subsequent certification. Terri will discuss the different types of proof that are available. Also remember, there are some clients who do NOT need to bring proof with them. These include homeless individuals, military or migrant families, transfers who have a current VOC, someone who has recently moved to the area and victims of theft, loss or disaster 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

13 Personal recognition by staff allowed once proof has been established
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.03 Identity Proof required: For NEW clients only, at initial certification or transfer For authorized person/proxy, at benefit pickup, each certification and transfer NO Proof required for: Homeless Migrant Victim of theft, loss or disaster These clients sign an Attestation form Proof of identity is required for each client at initial certification and transfer. For each authorized person, proof is required at those time and also when they are in the clinic for benefit pickup. Again, if identity proof was not brought in, the client may be short-certified for 60 days. Remember that homeless individuals, migrants and victims of theft or loss are not required to bring proof with them. Once a client’s identity has been established, personal recognition by staff is allowed. Personal recognition by staff allowed once proof has been established 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

14 Proofs - How Do I Know What I Need to Do?

15 2.04 Income Policy Revision –reflects new guidance from USDA
Current income Previous 30 days unless.. Current income has changed such as laid off/ unemployment Then project next 30 days Source of income Recent paycheck or stub Can be electronic or by phone W-2 and current 1040 tax form filed “Per Cap”-payment include as income

16 2.04 Income Policy Revision –reflects new guidance from USDA
IEVAL & CEVAL No income determination Review Family info screen and verify current information If new address, complete voter registration/declination If other family members are certified today and over income, then terminate all family members unless adjunctively eligible

17 2.04 Income Policy Revision –reflects new guidance from USDA
Migrant families Determine income once every 12 months, even if not currently certified Use VOC information to determine last income date

18 2.04 Income Policy Revision –reflects new guidance from USDA
Verification of income Public assistance (FAP/SNAP, FIP, Medicaid) Verbal declaration of other income after verification of current eligibility VERIFY one adjunct program Verify Medicaid using MI-WIC adjunct eligibility verification (BEST-Infant or PG-makes whole family adjunctively eligible) Verify FIP/FAP using phone or online verification system Unemployment benefit-use notice or or

19 2.06 Adjunct Income Eligibility
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.06 Adjunct Income Eligibility Client receives: FIP (Cash Assistance) Medicaid/Healthy Kid’s Program/ Plan First MOMS Member of a family that: Receives SNAP (Food Stamps) Receives FIP Contains Pregnant Woman or Infant receiving Medicaid Client is enrolled in one of these programs that has determined their income to be less than 185% poverty level Children’s Special Health Care Services Family Planning MIChild Other State or Federally funded programs that have determined income eligibility(free or reduced lunch) I wanted to talk with you about Adjunct income eligibility before income this morning. If a client is adjunctively eligible for WIC services, only a verbal declaration of income is required. Since around 85% of WIC clients have Medicaid, they are adjunctively eligible and you will not have to calculate income. This is a big time savings for intake staff. Talk about each bullet. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

20 What if client is adjunctively eligible?
2013 WIC Income Webcast What if client is adjunctively eligible? FAST LANE Verbal statement of income allowed No other “proofs” are required 90 As I said, if a client is adjunctively eligible for WIC, they can verbally tell you what their income is. NO other proofs are required. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

21 How many people in the household does this income support?
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.08 Family Size Income eligibility based on Total Family Size Include: Unborn child(ren) Adopted child(ren) Special Considerations Resident of Institution or group home Family living in homeless shelter, group residence Foster child – Family of one Let’s talk about family size then we will talk about Income policies. A family is the number of people supported by one household income. Any unborn children should be included in family size if the family includes a pregnant woman. Also adopted children count toward family size. For family members who are living in an institution or group home, if the family pays support for the member, the person should be included in the family size. If support is paid by the State or another entity, do NOT include in family size. A family living in a shelter or other group residence. Are considered a separate family from the other residents. Foster children are always a family size of one. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

22 WIC Income Webcast 2.04 Income Determination Use current income guidelines (May 17, 2013) for clients paid only weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly If reported income is in multiple, varying intervals, use annual income guideline I will go over the basics of Income policy and Terri will provide specifics for you. When calculating income, use the current guidelines (dated May 17 of this year). If the client has one source of income, use the interval amount listed in the guidelines. If the client has more than one source of income and they have varying intervals, use the Annual amount in the guidelines. 9/13/12

23 2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.04 Income Determination Based on client/applicant’s family size and income If client has proof but did not bring to appointment Short Certification (30 days) Income determination is based on the client’s family size and their income. If the client has income but did not bring proof to the clinic, short certify them. The short certification period for no proof of income is 30 days. You may issue one month’s benefits and the client must bring proof of income back to continue WIC services. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

24 2.04 Income Determination Self Declaration
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.04 Income Determination Self Declaration Self-declaration (verbal statement) is allowed for: Clients who are adjunctively eligible Homeless clients Migrant workers Family works for cash Attestation form signature required if not adjunctively eligible NO proof of income is required in these cases We’ll talk about clients who declare no income next… 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

25 2.04 Income Determination Variations
WIC Income Webcast 2.04 Income Determination Variations Transfers with current certification – no income determination until next certification Migrants – once every 12 months If VOC is expired but shows income determination in last 12 months, don’t assess income Clients who report NO income Ask questions that pop-up when $0 is entered in grid row and Saved Client signs Client Agreement – NO attestation form required Let’s talk for a minute about variations in income determination. For transfer clients who present a VOC or other proof of current certification, no income determination is required until they have their next certification appointment. Families of Migrant workers only need income determined once every 12 months. In rare instances, clients have no income. If a client reports that she does not have any income, probe further using the questions that pop-up when zero dollars is entered on the Income grid row and saved. If someone else is supporting the client, use that income. If the client truly has no income, the Client agreement serves as the attestation that the information given by the client is true. 9/13/12

26 2.04 Income Determination 2.04A Military Pay
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.04 Income Determination 2.04A Military Pay What DOES count: Base pay Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS) Foreign Language Pay (FLPP) Family Separation Allowance (FSA) Jump Pay, Dive Pay, Sea Pay, Flight Pay Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance (CONUS COLA) May Income Average: Clothing Maintenance Allowance (CMA) Bonus Pay (Bonus) Special Pay What DOES NOT count: Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH or BAQ) Family Separation Housing (FSH) Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) •Overseas Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance (OCONUS COLA or COLA) Combat Duty or Combat Zone Pay When considering military pay, there are income sources that do and do not apply for WIC eligibility. (Go over the list) Any special pay such as jump pay, dive pay, etc. that is as a result of combat duty or combat zone do NOT count as income. Please refer to this policy when determining what counts for military pay. The policy also directs you to a website for more information. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

27 2.21 Mid-Cert Income Determination
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.21 Mid-Cert Income Determination IF you learn that the client’s income has changed, AND: The client is NOT adjunctively eligible The client has more than 90 days left in the certification period THEN, use current income to determine continued eligibility If terminating client, use Termination Reason “No Longer Eligible” and issue benefits as system allows Along with our income discussion, let’s talk about when you need to re-determine income mid-certification. If you find out that the family’s income or family size has changed and the client is not adjunctively eligible (i.e. do not have Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc.), determine income ONLY if there is more than 90 days left in the certification period. If you do recalculate income and determine that the client is no longer eligible, use the term reason of No Longer Eligible to end the certification period. This will give the client 15 days notice of termination and allow any benefits that are due to the client to be produced. Remember to give the client a notice of ineligibility. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

28 2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.10 Proof of Pregnancy Any woman who claims to be pregnant is eligible if income, residency and identity are confirmed. If NO Proof Short Certification days Let’s shift gears to some of our other intake policies for a few moments. In an effort to reach all pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy, any woman who claims… Clients may be enrolled after miscarriage as NPP IF proof of pregnancy or miscarriage was provided 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

29 2.09 Physical Presence Exceptions
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.09 Physical Presence Exceptions Visit presents a barrier if client present at initial cert and has documented health care Parent/caretaker work status presents barrier if client present within last year Clients visited and screened at home or in another program – (all elements of certification must be completed) Medical condition that requires medical equipment not easily transported Medical condition that requires bed rest Serious illness that may be worsened by coming into WIC clinic Infants under 8 weeks of age Most clients should be present when certification occurs. There may be instances when the client absolutely cannot, or it would cause a significant barrier to, come into the clinic. Local agencies may opt to certify infants under 8 weeks of age without their presence in the clinic. In these instances the LA may require verification of the existence of the infant and you may want to bring these infants into the clinic during the first 2 months of life for growth and nutrition assessment. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

30 2.20 Ineligibility Notices
2013 WIC Income Webcast 2.20 Ineligibility Notices Written notice is required when client is: Ineligible at certification Terminated at mid-cert for income ineligibility Sanctioned, suspended or disqualified A breastfeeding woman who discontinues breastfeeding after 6 months Written notice must include client’s right to fair hearing For most clients, the NE Plan provides the notification of end of certification. For clients who are found income ineligible at certification (this is an infrequent condition), issue an ineligibility notice. Ineligibility notices should also be given in the following other circumstances… The MI-WIC ineligibility notice includes the notification of the right to a fair hearing. Break for questions? And then Terri’s presentation? 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

31 1.09 Civil Rights New non-discrimination statement
If full statement used on publication before, must be used on reprints New Discrimination Complaint Form Available on MDCH/WIC website under 1.09 policy

32 Questions 2013 WIC Income Webcast
9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

33 Now let’s look at the MI-WIC Process that supports these policies…
Terri Riemenschneider, Eligibility Policy PAL

34 Family Information Screen
2013 WIC Income Webcast Family Information Screen Family Information Accurate-ask client to give address (including zip!) and phone and verify Cell # helpful as we are offering TEXT Reminder notices Prefer Cell phone √ text message Collect address SAVE Eligibility starts with the Family Info screen, verify that the information is current. Check to see if the client would like text reminders and complete fields. Remember, if the client indicates “Preference no Mailing”, they will not receive appt. notices or phone call or text reminders or be able to receive a replacement EBT card by mail. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

35 Adjunct Eligibility/Income Info Tab
2013 WIC Income Webcast Adjunct Eligibility/Income Info Tab If PG or IBE, IBP or IFF has current Medicaid, makes entire family income eligible If C1, C2, C3, C4 has Medicaid, that client is income eligible VERIFY Medicaid by clicking on Verify button, insert Medicaid ID# System should check “adjunct checkmark” if Medicaid eligibility is verified Record if client/family participates in Food Stamp/SNAP or FIP programs Lets move to the Income Info Tab and click on Adjunct Eligibility button…remember, if you verify current MA eligibility for PG or I client, the whole family is income eligible, has residency verified, and if the client has her MA card, provides proof of ID AND can self-declare income. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

36 Adjunct Eligibility on Income Info Screen
2013 WIC Income Webcast Start with Report participation Medicaid Food Stamps FIP/TANF Search for Medicaid ID CHAMPS MI Health Only VERIFY one program use PG or Infant Adjunct Eligibility on Income Info Screen Adjunct Eligibility Reporting participation in Medicaid, Food Stamps and FIP are required for each participant BEING CERTIFIED TODAY, if a family member is not being certified today, unclick the “Include in Verification” check. Verify ONE program, this makes client adjunctively eligible. Use checkboxes below if family is not participating in Program or any Program 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

37 Verify Current Medicaid
Click Yes for REP and √ VER (verify) The Medicaid Verify Adjunct Eligibility box will appear Input the Medicaid ID if not already shown Click verify Confirm verification Adjunct √ Verify Current Medicaid

38 Medicaid Verification
A pop-up will let you know if Verified Successfully or Not Found in RID. If verified, click OK A pop-up will ask if want to confirm the verification, click Yes

39 Adjunct Eligibility Note Adjunct Eligibility
Record Food stamps or FIP enrollment Or check if family not participating in programs Close

40 Medicaid Verification-MI Health Plan Benefit How to FIND Medicaid ID
System searches and provides results Medicaid Active and ID # Input identifiers

41 Information on How to enroll on MI Health Plan Benefit
WIC E-Notice # : MI Health Benefit Plan Medicaid Eligibility Verification - Rejections & Update.

42 Medicaid Verification
CHAMPS Apply through SSO Allows verification of Medicaid, lookup by name, date of birth

43 2013 WIC Income Webcast CHAMPS Training MDCH is excited to announce that Web Based Trainings (WBT) are now available for Providers. These trainings will allow providers to use interactive learning tools to complete CHAMPS training courses. These courses are not required; however, they are an excellent resource for gaining knowledge and understanding on the use of CHAMPS. To access these courses you must have access to Internet Explorer and follow the steps below. Access the site at 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

44 CHAMPS- MEMBER SEARCH Search by: Last Name First Name Date of Birth
2013 WIC Income Webcast CHAMPS- MEMBER SEARCH Search by: Last Name First Name Date of Birth Submit 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider


46 CHAMPS- Quick Reference
2013 WIC Income Webcast CHAMPS- Quick Reference Medicaid ID 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

47 Medicaid Verification MCIR General Information Screen
2013 WIC Income Webcast Medicaid Verification MCIR General Information Screen If client has active Medicaid, Health Plan name will be displayed Blue Cross MI 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

48 Adjunct Eligibility… DHS Bridge Card
Verify Food Stamps (FAP/SNAP) or FIP (TANF) Call Customer Service # on back of card Select deposit inquiry #5 Listen for DEPOSIT information for this month Record last 9 digits of DHS Bridge Card in FS or FIP pop up screen MI-WIC Adjunct Documentation Document as YES in MI-WIC Adjunct Screen Verify-insert family # MI Bridges-client can check benefit status

49 WHY Verify Adjunct Eligibility???
Verified Medicaid=  Residency  Income verified  ID if have Medicaid card Client adjunctively eligible-may make others in family adjunctively eligible Infant or Pregnant woman with Medicaid makes all eligible Child with Medicaid, only self Family with Active Food stamps or FIP - all eligible in family

50 Income Information Screen
Verify Family size- Update “expected infants” if PG Update family size if adding infant Record sources of income for family Can “reuse” income line if applies or remove and add row Self Declare source of income if adjunctively eligible or “migrant, homeless or works for cash”

51 Income Information Verify family size Record Income
2013 WIC Income Webcast Income Information Verify family size Record expected infants = Family size + # of infants Record Income Verification: self declared Adjunct eligible No income $0 Works for cash Otherwise must review paystub or other income documentation Why adjunct first, if you can verify adjunct, then income can be obtained verbally-saving time and fumbling for check stubs. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

52 Income Info Year To Date Calculation
2013 WIC Income Webcast Income Info Year To Date Calculation Useful when income is variable Select last pay date Input pay YTD Record calculated income Note- Must input the calculated annual amount into the amount field 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

53 Income Info Hourly Calculation
2013 WIC Income Webcast Income Info Hourly Calculation Select Hourly interval Record amount of pay Record number of hours/week Record Verification System calculates annual income Note that system fills in annual amount when using “hourly” when the screen is saved or 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

54 Income Information Screen - Foster
Foster designation Select Foster Child on screen Record Foster stipend amount for income All Foster children have Medicaid eligibility ALWAYS family size of 1 Can include PG woman-include the number of expected infants

55 Foster Child Click Foster Child Select child from dropdown Click Go

56 Foster Child Family size 1
Can record # of Expected infants if PG Complete income grid with foster stipend amount Save

57 Family Additional Information
Language-notices in Arabic, English or Spanish Proof of Residency-Medicaid or other proof Voter Registration ASK “Would you like to update your voter registration?” YES - Complete Voter Registration Form NO - Sign Declination form Under 18-Not eligible to register Pickup Interval-Defaults to 3 months Referred From: Note program that informed client of WIC Special Needs: Note if client has special needs Proof of Auth Person ID-Complete at initial visit ONLY or when Auth Person changes

58 Additional Information Tab
2013 WIC Income Webcast Additional Information Tab Record Primary Language Verify Proof of Residency Proof of Auth Person’s ID Designate Migrant Homeless Complete Voter Registration or Voter Declination form Primary language allows notices/postcards to be sent in client’s preferred language (English, Spanish, Arabic). 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

59 2013 WIC Income Webcast Client Agreement Click on Client Agreement after client has reviewed hard copy of document Obtain signature on Client Agreement each cert/recert Close (takes you back to Household Summary Screen) CAN ALSO Obtain signature by Miscellaneous/Signature/ WIC Client Agreement 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

60 Client Agreement- EACH CERT/RECERT
2013 WIC Income Webcast Client Agreement- EACH CERT/RECERT Ask Authorized Person to read Client Agreement or read it to them Ask if any questions… Complete client agreement Copy to client at initial MI-WIC cert, offer thereafter No Client Agreement needed at IEVAL and CEVAL Wanda Wick 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

61 Client Information Screen
2013 WIC Income Webcast Client Information Tab Client Name Proof of ID (Initial cert ONLY) Proof of Pregnancy Education Level Marital Status REASON for Ineligibility-Complete ONLY when determined ineligible Additional Information tab Record/verify race/ethnicity Client Information Screen Here is where the final eligibility elements are recorded. Please note that Proof of Identity is needed for NEW client’s only. Also remember that proof of pregnancy can include physical appearance as well as note from Dr., ultrasound, etc. If you see a client has an ineligibility reason in their record during a certification that you anticipate will be continuing, remove the reason and save. We have quite a few clients with reasons for ineligibility who are certified. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

62 Cert Action Screen Cert Action Cert recert Category change button
If short cert, leave message in notes…update note & remove termination date when proof provided Category change button System will calculate cert end date based on category selected Termination Reason/date If Terminating, place reason for term in grid, system will automatically calculate termination date based on the reason

63 Cert Action – Infant or Child
Add row for cert period

64 Cert Action Screen- PG Add a row Add the LMP or EDD
2013 WIC Income Webcast Cert Action Screen- PG Add a row Add the LMP or EDD System calculates Cert End Date Validates if pregnant woman System checks to ensure that # of expected infants is more than zero if PG Add the a row for each certification. Add the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) or Expected Delivery Date (EDD), Save or Next. The system validates the LMP or EDD and calculates the Cert End Date. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

65 Cert Action Screen-Short Cert
If short cert, leave message in notes… When clients bring information… Remove term reason and date when proof provided & update note

66 Category Change Select new category Align BE/IBE BP/IBP NPP/IFF
Suggest change mom first then infant

67 Cert Action Screen-Termination
Input term reason System calculates term date If d/c breastfeeding update BF stats on Infant record IF IBE or IBP to IFF, make sure to term mom! Remember, her recert date is 1 year post partum and she will remain on if not terminated!

68 Ineligibility Client Information Screen
Complete reason for ineligibility If determined over-income, record income on income determination screen. Print Ineligibility notice

69 Print Ineligibility Notice
Print docs Select ineligibility notice Must have reason for ineligibility documented on Client Info screen Notice recorded in Miscellaneous Communications

70 Benefit Issuance & Print Docs…
2013 WIC Income Webcast Benefit Issuance & Print Docs… Benefit Issuance Schedule next visit Ask client day & time preferred Print Docs NE Plan VOC (signed) Shopping List Client Agreement Provide if new client Offer if ongoing client Vendor Listing If new or offer to ongoing client USE PRINT column if at all possible! Red are for all NEW clients + Blue for all clients 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

71 Print Docs Ineligibility Short Certification
Ineligibility notice with Fair Hearing notice-must complete Reason for Ineligibility on Client Information screen Short Certification Short certification notice Lists proof needed by what date Attestation of Identity, Income or Residency Copy of signed document to client upon request Ineligibility Notice

72 Communications Screens
Records print docs in family/client record

73 Precert screen…add new enrollee
Add a row in the applicant fields Add the new client’s information and save

74 Dual Enrollment Pop-up New enrollees only
2013 WIC Income Webcast Dual Enrollment Pop-up New enrollees only If a Dual Enrollment popup is received, evaluate the client information to determine if the client is a dual enrollee or indeed, a new client. If a new client, save the screen. If the client is a duplicate enrollee, click “Cancel” and remove the row to prevent duplicate enrollment. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

75 Remove dual enrollee row to prevent dual enrollment
2013 WIC Income Webcast Remove dual enrollee row to prevent dual enrollment 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

76 NO dual enrollment… Or Click Cancel to stop record creation

77 Resolve Dual Enrollment-WIC
2013 WIC Income Webcast Resolve Dual Enrollment-WIC Print Dual Enrollment report to research listings Select “Miscellaneous” Select Resolve Dual Enrollment Select client from dropdown Determine if duplicate or dual enrollee or different client Select resolution Note if needed If a dual enrollment does occur, it is necessary to resolve it. Here’s how… Block Keep Not same client Investigate Other 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

78 Report lists clients when the following matches
WIC/WIC Dual Enrollment Report clinic/reports/participation/WIC dual enrollment Report lists clients when the following matches First 4 letters of last name and first name Same date of birth Same gender

79 Resolve Dual Enrollment-WIC/Focus:HOPE-CSFP
2013 WIC Income Webcast Resolve Dual Enrollment-WIC/Focus:HOPE-CSFP MUST RESOLVE BEFORE WIC CERTIFICATION! Resolve within 45 days of identification Determine if client wants CSFP, WIC or is not same person Select resolution If CSFP in area, check every 6 months for dual enrollment WIC also may have dual enrollment with CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) enrollees. MI-WIC currently links with Focus:HOPE to identify dual enrollees. Unlike WIC dual Enrollees, WIC/CSFP enrollees are identified by weekly 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

80 WIC/CSFP (Focus:HOPE) Dual Enrollment Report Clinic/reports/participation/WIC -CSFP Dual enrollment

81 Questions? 2013 WIC Income Webcast
9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

82 Break

83 Answers

84 Special Circumstances…
2013 WIC Income Webcast Special Circumstances… Works for cash Over income Income guidelines Medicaid Other Military pay Unemployment Overtime Adoption Foster Children Children’s special health care services Self employed Teen Immigrant Here are some examples of policy/eligibility questions that we have received from WIC staff over the past year. The question is in black and the answer ● BLUE 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

85 Military pay Client had Coast Guard pay stub, total was over income.
Staff should review 2.04A for allowed and not allowed pay Client was determined to be income eligible when BAH and FSH were not included Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH or BAQ) Family Separation Housing (FSH)

86 Military Pay What DOES NOT count:
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH or BAQ) Family Separation Housing (FSH) Family Subsistence Supplemental Allowance (FSSA) Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Overseas Continental United States Cost of Living Allowance (OCONUS COLA) Combat Duty or Zone Pay Hardship Duty, Parachute, Flight Deck, Demolition, Experimental Stress, Toxic Fuel, Dangerous Virus, Chemical Munitions, Maritime Visit, Polar Flight… Exhibit 2.04A

87 Military Pay Client with military pay stub from December can I take YTD? Outcome More accurate-should look at past 30 days income/pay (with military exemptions-Policy 2.04A) Can ask for electronic pay stub to verify current income

88 Unemployment How to verify Unemployment?
2013 WIC Income Webcast Unemployment How to verify Unemployment? Unemployment benefits now direct deposit to bank account or debit card Clients receive “Notice of Determination” letter, which should state amount of benefits Clients can contact CHASE customer service at to determine current benefits. Terri Babcock at Kalkaska County reported that clients receiving unemployment benefits were no longer getting a check stub-how to verify Unemployment? 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

89 Adoption subsidy Caller wants to know if adoption subsidy is to be included in the household income for eligibility. Outcome Yes. There is no stipulation in regulation/policy for excluding it.

90 Adoption-Family Size NOTE:
Family has 2 foster children and one adopted child, what is the family size? Mark “foster” on foster children’s client information screen (family size for each foster ALWAYS = 1) Document family size of 2 parents + 1 adopted child=3 NOTE: Adopted children are considered members of the family and the family’s income supports them.

91 Adoption NOTE: Some children are provided Medicaid, even after adoption. If the family is in the process of adoption, the child may be considered a “ward of the state” and have Medicaid coverage. Infant has just been adopted by family that is over income. Adoption agency has told family that infant will be on Medicaid, but won’t receive card for a couple of weeks. Can we enroll? Need verification of pending Medicaid Search MI-Benefit or CHAMPS for ID#

92 Foster Siblings Has client with 2 foster children who are siblings. Are they a family of one or two? Outcome Each foster child is a family size of one.

93 Foster Child Income Verification
Having problems entering income for a foster child. Keeps getting a pop-up that says income has not been verified today Make sure foster child is selected on both client information screen and then on income screen Input foster stipend amount for child’s income

94 2013 WIC Income Webcast Foster dad New foster dad - having problems getting him in as Authorized Person. Outcome If Foster child moving into new Foster family… Create new family with Dad as Auth Person Transfer foster child into Dad’s family using participant transfer Train dad on use of benefits, issue EBT card & benefits for child 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

95 Create new family for Client Transfer
Search statewide for Authorized Person If found, update address and proxy information, if new create new family Keep FAMILY level in active record Search statewide for client Select client and click Transfer Client displays in Foster family, click on “Foster”

96 Foster Stipend Pregnant woman applying for WIC. She has two foster children living with her. Do we count the foster stipend as part of her income? Each foster child is considered their own household. Exclude the children and their stipends from the applicant's income calculation.

97 Foster child The foster child is adjunctively eligible with Medicaid Report monthly stipend as income Other children in family are not eligible at this time If infant adopted with Medicaid, other children eligible If child adopted without Medicaid, other children not eligible Family is over income but have a foster child with Medicaid. The family is adopting the foster child, but the adoption is not yet final.

98 CPS wants info from WIC…
Child Protective Services (CPS) wanted information for a neglect case, as asking if WIC information such as WIC clinic and appointment information be provided? Outcome Verified that client information can be released to CPS per MI-WIC Policy 1.03 You could provide a copy of screen shots with Appointment History

99 Foster Child Benefits Agency called to ask when foster child transfers, do benefits go with child? No, client will need benefits loaded to new family’s account If possible, void future benefits before transferring client to new family

100 2013 WIC Income Webcast Foster Child - Blocked Foster child is blocked in MI-WIC due to Dual Enrollment. Help! Child was previously enrolled as foster child under different family number and authorized person. Select the most current record Transfer current enrollee into foster family Note: WIC Coordinators can unblock clients in Admin. Module. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

101 Children’s Special Health Care Services
Had quads born at 23 weeks, one died and others with handicaps. Now almost 2 years old. Medicaid has been dropped. Children have CSHCS, does this make them eligible? No, CSHCS can use WIC for income eligibility, but WIC can only use CSHCS if income is calculated at or below 185% of poverty

102 Self employed Determine income based on available evidence/information Tax document probably best if not receiving pay check regularly 1040 form can be used for income documentation until the next 1040 is filed

103 Overtime We have a client whose hourly wage qualifies for WIC but their YTD is over because he frequently works overtime. Which are we supposed to go by? YTD is at $40,000 now, so it will calculate higher than the max of $51,005 for a family of 5. Not sure how we should handle this. Options to accurately calculate income: YTD calculates annual pay to reflect overtime and straight pay from current pay stubs Most current 1040 income tax form

104 “Per Cap” payments to Tribal members
Are “Per Cap” payments income? Per capita payments are provided to some tribal members from Casino profits This is considered income for the family May be annualized if paid on a quarterly basis

105 Teen Mother called regarding pregnant daughter eligibility. Parents are supporting and providing insurance to cover pregnancy. Family of 5 (with unborn), parents both work. Suggest referral to Medicaid/Healthy Kids to cover co-pays and ensure coverage of infant when born (thereby adjunct eligible)

106 Immigrant Pregnant woman applicant eligible for Emergency Medicaid due to immigrant status. Client has ID, proof of residency and appropriate income. Is she WIC eligible? Yes, client is eligible based on Income, PG and Emergency Medicaid WIC does NOT consider immigration status for eligibility WIC enrollment does NOT affect immigration status in terms of government support as WIC is a NUTRITION Program

107 Works for cash Client works for cash, doesn’t have proof of income or Medicaid. What to do? Verify that client does not have Medicaid (MI-Health Plan or CHAMPS) Document client’s income type as gross wages, verification is self declared Sign attestation form-explaining why no proof of income exists

108 Over income-on Medicaid
C1 client in family has Medicaid, C2 does not, family over income. Does C2 qualify if over income? C1 client IS adjunctively eligible C2 client NOT eligible/over income

109 Self Employed/Farm Income
Had a client whose husband is self-employed farmer and she works. Wants to know how to calculate the income, based on the Schedule C and the 1040, and W-2. Policy indicates that you use the net income on the Schedule C for husband and, which show loss and gain and then use the wife’s reported income (W-2).

110 Joint Custody… Mother is authorized person and is
not picking up benefits. Dad called, says he has joint custody, but no paperwork. He wants WIC card. What can we do? Contact mother to ask if Authorized person can be changed to allow benefits to be issued. If client is no longer enrolled, Dad could apply on child’s behalf. There is NO MDCH/WIC policy regarding who can be Auth. Person or how to change, so it is up to the agency to establish procedure. Just be sure that client is not dually enrolled.

111 Transfer-Short stay Took call from woman who says she is on WIC in another state. She is coming to visit in Michigan for a month before leaving with her husband to go to new base in Japan. Wants her WIC benefits in Michigan for the month. How do we handle her? Treat her as any other transfer-Require same proofs of residency (can attest), etc. and VOC information from other state. Issue only one month of benefits at that time.

112 Transfer – Release of Information
2013 WIC Income Webcast Transfer – Release of Information What information should be released in a transfer? Required information includes: Verification of Certification (VOC) signed Optional information: Client Information Report Medical Documentation Form Verify agency with returned phone call then fax requested information. Working with USDA and other states to streamline Transfers and minimize need for Release of Info. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

113 Moved out of state How to document ineligibility when
notified that client moved out of state? Cert Action Screen- Document Term reason, term date is auto displayed. This will remove future benefits. Place note in client’s record as to who called regarding transfer and what information was provided. Client has already moved, so don’t need to generate termination notice.

114 Present or Not Present Has a mom who is refusing to bring the baby in for newborn cert because of mom’s C-section, and staff wanted to know was that ok without a Dr's note. Allowable - note reason for not present Need birth data/verification Could also have proxy bring infant

115 Physical Presence? Full term adjusted age infant discharged from NICU with doctor’s note that infant cannot leave home. Can LA certify without physical presence? Yes, can certify using hospital discharge information noting reason for not present on Cert Action screen

116 Custody & Eligibility Mom was on WIC when pregnant, now on as post partum, but lost custody of her infant. Can she still remain on WIC as an NPP? Yes

117 “Frozen” EBT Client complains that even after receiving new card from ACS the card doesn’t work If client is INACTIVE in EPPIC, card must be issued OVER THE COUNTER at the agency

118 PG woman with infant on Medicaid
PG reports no income but living with family that provides immediate needs. Has 9 month old infant currently receiving Medicaid. Can I document 'no income‘? Outcome Yes, can document for this certification because the PG mom is adjunctively eligible due to infant receiving Medicaid.

119 Medicaid Verification
Mom does not have Medicaid card with her but number is in the system, do we short cert until she brings in the card? Outcome Verify that the Medicaid number is active using the Adjunct Eligibility screen and take a verbal income, no short cert is needed Medicaid verifies income Medicaid verifies residency (in Michigan) Identity was confirmed at previous certification

120 16 year old mom 16 year old mom enrolling new baby, grandmother has Medicaid case & another child on WIC. Do we have to make separate WIC account or can she have 2 children from different moms on one EBT acct? Outcome Can be separate or together. If in same "family" would apply to both and benefits would be aligned if gma is the shopper-mom could be proxy with own card. If the 16 year old decides to take Authorized person status, just create new family and do participant transfers.

121 Siblings have Medicaid
Triplets being seen in office today, only 2 have Medicaid. What should be done about the 3rd on without Medicaid (can they certify)? (MMCAA) Outcome If infants, others with Medicaid will make 3rd adjunctively eligible If C1-C4, family income must be determined

122 Mom in Jail Grandma is proxy, mom is in jail. Mom & infant are on the program. Grandma is trying to get guardianship. Can she have a card issued to her? If mom is in jail, do not issue her benefits correct? Outcome Grandma can be issued a second card as a proxy. If grandma gets custody suggest they create a family record with her as authorized person and transfer infant in. No benefits should be issued for mom if she is in jail. Mom is eligible to get her benefits when out of jail.

123 Not Present for Certification…
Could you cert a mother who had recently delivered, no prior WIC activity, but who's culture (Asian) required her to stay home for 30 days. Outcome Could certify the infant-with hospital birth information or by coming to the clinic Could certify mom with hospital information or by home visit of WIC qualified staff, document why not present

124 What if I forget how… HELP
Help screens Select HELP Type topic in search box, ENTER Will provide list of materials in HELP for that topic

125 What if I forget how… HELP
System HELP and DuJour 1-800-WIC-1636 Press 1 and 1 for 3Sigma for problem with system Press 1 and 2 for WIC Consultant DuJour – policy Press 1 and 3 for SSO/Tech Support Press 1 and 4 for WIC Operations – EBT

126 MI-WIC Release Process
System changes still occurring December 12, 2013 Release 5.6 NO MI-WIC after 5 pm to allow for testing time

127 Client inquires if she can complete interim NE on line vs. having to visit the clinic. Asks about how soon completed lesson verification will be posted. Client aware that agency accepts, which client has completed in past. Outcome Client notes that she has found more assistance in Michigan than she did in IN where she previously lived. Client informed that her verification of lesson completion should post by end of day of completion, and usually within an hour. Recommended she contact the WIC agency before 4 pm to inquire about benefits loading.

128 EBT Question Client showing zero benefits on her card. Outcome
Either not loaded or Card marked as inactive in EPPIC. If “inactive” must issue a new card at the clinic. EBT Question

129 Adjunct Eligibility Outcome
The system is verifying based on current client status, which is not upgraded until cert action screen –if C1 status was IFF at the time verified, then all in family would be shown adjunctively eligible. C3 is not adjunctively eligible and should be terminated after ineligibility notice and 15 day benefit given. Adjunct Eligibility C1 and C3 client certified yesterday. C1 client verified Medicaid, C3 client had no MA. Family over income per guidelines. Why did system allow adjunct for C3?

130 2013 WIC Income Webcast WIC Vendors Client called asking “Can I use WIC at only the stores listed on my paper WIC gave me?” Outcome Can use WIC at any store in MI that accepts WIC. The list is only the stores within your home zip code. Look for The WIC Vendor sticker on the door to see if your store is a WIC Vendor. WIC 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

131 WIC Vendors List by County
Select Miscellaneous Authorized Vendor then select county, Print

132 Check stub or equivalent??
Can staff use electronic record to verify income or FAP/FIP deposits (off phone or computer), or do staff need to have paper copies? Outcome Can verify using hard copy pay stub or virtual electronic record or balance inquiry phone call (deposits). Policy 2.04

133 Medicaid Pending for infant…
Mother has active Medicaid but is over income. Has applied for Medicaid for infant; status pending. Unable to save adjunct eligibility for infant due to over income status. Outcome Informed staff that infant has presumed Medicaid eligibility due to mom's Medicaid status, can manually verify adjunct (based on the mother having Medicaid during pregnancy). Mom recertified as BE/Infant certified as IBE.

134 Dad’s right to WIC info…
Wanted to know if we can provide MI-WIC records to the father of a child in a custody battle. Outcome WIC Policy 1.03 A#3 – “A WIC client or the parent or guardian of a minor client shall have access to, and may receive, a copy of the specified individual’s WIC record upon written request.” We would want to scan the request and note what information was provided in the client’s record.

135 No proof of pregnancy… Has client who was “short certed” for no proof of pregnancy and now reports miscarriage. Can she recert as NPP with proof of pregnancy? Outcome Yes, proof of pregnancy or miscarriage is required to certify as Non-lactating Post Partum woman in this case.

136 PG on Bed rest Outcome The answer is yes, still need to complete the certification with proxy or through a home visit/MIHP obtaining the required proof items and using referral bloodwork and anthropometric data A client is 33 weeks pregnant and on bed rest. Can we enroll her in WIC without her in the clinic?

137 Non-US citizen benefits
Benefits Not Subject to Public Charge Consideration Under the agency guidance, non-cash benefits and special-purpose cash benefits that are not intended for income maintenance are not subject to public charge consideration. Such benefits include: …Nutrition programs, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)- commonly referred to as Food Stamps, the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program, and other supplementary and emergency food assistance programs. Public Charge Fact Sheet-USCIS 4/2011 A mother (US citizen) signed an affidavit when she married a non-citizen that they would not receive federal services for 2 years. Is getting WIC breaking that agreement? Outcome Does not fall under entitlement program or Federal Services according to USDA/USCIS.

138 When to schedule I-EVAL
For infant enrolled at 2 months of age, can we do I-EVAL at 6 months of age? Outcome Yes, Policy allows for MID-cert, evaluation-usually halfway through certification, but usually tied to benefit issuance timeframe.

139 2013 WIC Income Webcast I-EVAL & C-EVAL Staff have questions about I-EVAL and C-EVAL requirements: Does client need proof of residency? Outcome No, update address, and Voter Registration form if moved, but eligibility is not reviewed. I-EVAL C-EVAL C-EVAL For Infant Eval, complete the lab, Medical, Nut. History, Nutr & Health Summary, NE, Referrals, BF Assessment Screens as well as reviews Food Package and Issues Benefits. Staff should provide the updated NE Plan, the Shopping list and Referral letter, if referrals are made. For C-EVAL, complete the Lab, Mid-Certification, Nutr & Health Summary, NE, Referrals screens, update the Food prescription if needed, issue benefits, schedule next appt. and print the NE Plan, shopping list and referral letter, if referrals were made. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

140 2013 WIC Income Webcast BF mom now Pregnant? Mom is a BE with an IBE and now pregnant. Keep baby as IBE? Outcome Yes, keep mom as BE and baby as IBE until one year post partum, or baby is weaned. THEN-certify mom as PG after breastfeeding certification expires. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

141 Mom in Hospital, baby at home…
Mother remains in hospital but infant is discharged. Mom did not name proxy at certification. Needs Grandmother to bring infant in for appointment. Can mother write a note and send with Grandmother? Outcome Yes - - referred LA staff to Proxy Policy 8.03.

142 Client Agreement Are proxies allowed to sign
2013 WIC Income Webcast Client Agreement Are proxies allowed to sign the Client Agreement form? Outcome Yes, proxies are allowed to bring children to certification appointments, sign forms, receive nutrition education and purchase food benefits according to Proxy Policy 8.03. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

143 Bloodwork Outcome Policy 2.16 requires that a test be performed at least every 12 months for children over 2 years of age if the previous test was above the cut-off level. It makes sense to obtain the test if it has been 11 months since the previous test and you won’t see the client in a clinic visit until the C-EVAL appointment. We recertified a child who had had a blood test done 11 months ago. Should we have done one at the recert?

144 2013 WIC Income Webcast WIC and Head Start Does WIC have an MOU with Head Start? I just received a request for blood lead values on children. Outcome Yes, refer to WIC Policy Manual-Policy 1.03, Confidentiality. The MOU with Head Start does include sharing data and specifies measurements, hemoglobin and lead as some of the items. NOTE- Head Start may also be a good WIC outreach source! 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

145 Infant certification period
2013 WIC Income Webcast Infant certification period Added a 9 month old to the program and he was given a 6 month cert period. Is this correct or a bug? Outcome According to Federal Regulations, for infants that are added after 6 months and before 12 months of age, their certification period is 6 months. 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

146 Certification period alignment
Wanted to know what to do to get family onto simultaneous cert dates. This has become an issue with the 1 year CEVAL. Wondered if they just needed to bring the child in sooner (greater than 30 days) and make a note in the record as to why it was done. Outcome You can schedule the CEVAL MID-CERTIFICATION (flexible) to align with benefits and other family members certs/visits.

147 More formula for IBP Client was made NPP from BP (before 6 months post partum). After a call with Peer Counselor she determined client is still breastfeeding after 6 months. Outcome Breastfeeding status can't be changed due to termination. Client would have to be re-certified as BP until 1 year post partum. If breastfeeding but need more formula than IBP package-Keep clients BP and IBP categories – refer client to CPA to… Change FOOD package for BP to NPP (after 6 mos., mom won’t receive food, but will still be BP) Change FOOD package for IBP to IFF

148 WIC Overseas Transfer C4 client transferring from Overseas WIC (Japan). Previously a client at Cheboygan. Documentation presented has cert end date of August How do I handle this process? Outcome Transfer client to current clinic Follow “Out of State Transfer” Process Select Miscellaneous Out of State Transfer Complete screen with cert end date from VOC or other transfer information from client Save May need referral/referral info Assign food package New client information re: WIC Food & EBT card use, vendors, Substance Abuse Assistance, etc.

149 No longer Interested in WIC
Follow-up call after missed EDU appt. Client had lost baby and no longer wanted to participate in WIC-how to document? Outcome Add note in NOTE field to record client’s wishes In MI-WIC, staff had to bring up the client on Cert Action Screen, then select the reason for termination. The system automatically calculates the “termination end date” based on the reason. IF the “termination end date” is past BVT date, agency can issue one month of additional benefits.

150 No proof of pregnancy short cert
Need to recert a BE client who had been terminated due to no proof of pregnancy, but now had delivered and couldn't change the cert end date. Outcome Go to Cert Action screen select “Reinstate" for the PG client, then she would be able to proceed. End the PG certification period as yesterday Add new row with current status, BE, BP or NPP

151 PG mom out of current family
How can you separate a PG mother from the father who is authorized person for her child, but mother would like to utilize another clinic? Outcome Create new family on Precert screen for PG mom in desired clinic (don’t add mom as new client)-save and make new family active Perform client transfer of PG mom into new family

152 Frequently Asked Questions
How do I correct client’s Date of Birth? If Auth Person, can change on Family Info screen If client, call 3Sigma Helpdesk at WIC press 1 and 1 How do I update EDD for PG client? If EDD is later than the certification end date, please contact 3Sigma Helpdesk at WIC press 1 and 1 Otherwise note updated EDD in Notes How do I change the appointment minutes in my templates (want 30 minutes for NCRD appointment instead of 15 minutes)? Call Kathie Boynton at WIC press 1 and 2 and ask for Kathie

153 Questions? 2013 WIC Income Webcast
9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

154 Project FRESH Clients with Project FRESH benefits will be sent a reminder on September 27th to use their benefits before October 31, 2013. Dear WIC Client- Use Your 2013 Project FRESH benefits by October 31, 2013 Thank you, WIC WIC is an equal opportunity program

155 Thank you! Please complete your evaluations!
2013 WIC Income Webcast Thank you! Please complete your evaluations! Contact information Linda Dingerson, Policy Coordinator Terri Riemenschneider, Eligibility Policy PAL 9/26/2013- L. Dingerson & T. Riemenschneider

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