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"Responsible" contractors only No Shirt, No shoes…No contract.

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1 "Responsible" contractors only No Shirt, No shoes…No contract

2 Part 9.103 (a) is the crux of the entire section. It states that contracts shall be awarded to "Responsible" contractors only.

3 “Responsible” What does the term "Responsible" mean and what are the various tests for responsibility? - General Standards - Financially sound, past performance, Business Ethics, Business infrastructure, not disallowed by applicable laws or regulations. - Special standards may be applied on a case-by-case basis.

4 How standards are applied Primes are responsible for their subs. (Privity of Contract) Past Performance Verification - CO shall verify past performance using FAPIIS and/or PPIRS. CO Shall have provision regarding contractor certification of responsibility in the Reps and Certs. This can also be accomplished by the ORCA certification process.

5 How standards are applied cont. CO is responsible for making a determination (via a "Determination and Finding") of Contractor responsibility prior to award of contract. -On Bids and Negotiated contracts its prior to award. - For R&D it may be done before the RFP to weed out non-responsible candidates.

6 How standards are applied cont. - CO Review includes checks for debarment via EPLS and Past Performance via FAPIIS - CO may request a pre-award survey to verify information provided by the offeror - Result is documented and kept in the Contract File. - If a finding is made that the offeror is not responsible the CO may disqualify them for the award and proceed to the next most eligible offeror/bidder.

7 Pre-Award Survey - Accomplished to evaluate potential awardees and verify information provided. - Survey accomplished by Contracts organization or by DCMA/DCAA.

8 Inverted Domestic Corps

9 Qualified Suppliers: - Qualified Bidders list - Qualified Manufacturer's List

10 Why identify a Qualified Supplier? Used to ensure that suppliers have the special skills, abilities etc. to meet stringent requirements. Adds cost so must be justified. Includes Pre-quallified bidders which reduces competition so must be judiciously applied.

11 First Article Test/Acceptance. Typically used for the acquisition of developmental items. Testing ensures the item being provided meets all contractual specifications before contractor is allowed to produce in quantity.

12 Debarment, Suspension and Ineligibility. 1. EPLS - What is it? How is it used? 2. What happens if you are listed on EPLS? -- New Contracts -- Existing Contracts -- Subcontracting restrictions

13 Debarment What is Debarment? What will get you debarred? How long are you debarred? How does the process work?

14 Suspension What is Suspension? What will get you suspended? How does the process work? How long will you be suspended?

15 Conflicts of Interest What is an COI? How can they arise? What is done to reduce or mitigate the impact?

16 Teaming What is "teaming“? How does it work? Can it be used to circumvent Small Business set- asides?

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