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2 Undergraduate Students  Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)  Health Professional Student Research Awards (HPSRA)  4 th Year applying for Graduate Studies can apply for CGS-M or CIHR

3 Graduate Students  Canada Graduate Scholarship – Master’s (CGS-M)  Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (CGS-D)  Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement (MSFSS)

4 RESEARCH PORTAL IS OPEN TO DO LIST Application Research proposal Ask for referrals Prepare Common CV Circle November 24 on calendar (deadline for referrals) Complete submission before December 1


6 Application Components 1.Application – must be complete 2.Common CV – template provided 3.Attachments Transcripts – official & include legend (per institution) Referrals (online) – ask referrals to submit at least one week in advance of deadline Research Proposal – maximum 2 pages, i.e. 1 page for proposal & 1 page for bibliography/citations Disclosure of Personal Information **NOTE** Incomplete applications mean ineligible status!!


8 Application Portal & Process Agencies have agreed to use the Research Portal as the single application portal. Resources have been allocated to create an on- line form 3 Components of the application: 1)CCV 2)Application information 3)Attachments

9 Incoming model Students can apply to up to 5 institutions Selection process will move from a two-stage to a one stage process Universities will manage the selection process and award scholarships-agency no longer conduct centralized national selection processes Delegation of subject matter eligibility screening to universities Universities quota unchanged until 2016  CIHR = 1  CGS-M = 4  CGS-D = 3 Online Applications until December 1 Adjudication process Decisions and offers made April 1, 2015 4 possible outcomes  Offered award – must accept within 21 days or by default it is ‘unaccepted’  Alternate – possible award if offered awards are declined or unaccepted  Not offered – status will not change  Ineligible – not offered


11 CIHR vs SSHRC Subject Matter CIHR The intended outcomes of the research must, as stated in CIHR’s mandate, primarily improve or have an impact on health and/or produce more effective health services and products and/or strengthen the Canadian health care system. SSHRC The proposed research or related activities must be primarily in the social sciences and humanities. The intended outcome of the research must primarily be to add to our understanding and knowledge of individuals, groups and societies—what we think, how we live, and how we interact with each other and the world around us.


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