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ADVANCED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Screening, Testing and Identification Procedures for Full-Time Level IV services in Fairfax County Public Schools.

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1 ADVANCED ACADEMIC PROGRAMS Screening, Testing and Identification Procedures for Full-Time Level IV services in Fairfax County Public Schools

2 Full-Time Level IV program:  Differentiated depth, breadth, and pace of instruction  Highly challenging instructional program in the four core subject areas for advanced learners  Strong emphasis on critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and decision making skills  Accelerated by one grade level in mathematics. Readings and resources that are used in other subject areas are also presented at advanced levels.  Designed to meet the needs of students who have demonstrated exceptional abilities to learn and apply knowledge, be creative and productive, and are highly and intrinsically motivated to succeed

3 Pathways to Level IV Screening  Pool – identified students in Grade 2 only  Referral – students in Grade 2 - 7

4 Referrals for 2 nd – 7 th Graders:  Required to start the screening process for second graders (optional for pool students) through seventh graders.  A completed Advanced Academic Program Level IV Referral form must be submitted to the AART.  The deadline for submitting a referral to the AART is February 3, 2015. This deadline is strictly enforced by FCPS.

5 Second Grade Pool- What is it?  Only current second graders can be in the pool.  Purpose – to screen second graders with high ability test scores who might not have a referral submitted.  Students in the pool have met, or exceeded, a benchmark score from the NNAT in Grade 1 or the CogAT in Grade 2.  AAP office determines the benchmark score and posts it on the AAP website in January.  AAP office also determines annually whether the score will apply to a subtest or a composite score.  The benchmark score varies, but has historically been in the 130’s.  Parents of students in the pool are not required to submit a referral or optional materials, but they are encouraged to do so.  It is not an automatic eligibility for Level IV services.

6 BEST PRACTICES IN IDENTIFICATION To assess and serve high ability learners, information must be gathered from Multiple sources in different ways in different contexts.

7 Screening File Documents Source: School  Screening Summary Sheet  Ability test scores Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT)  Achievement Test Scores Standards of Learning (SOL)  Gifted Behavior Rating Scale & Commentary(GBRS)  Progress Reports  Work samples – minimum of 2 produced at school

8 Screening Summary Sheet

9 Ability Testing

10 Gifted Behavior Rating Scale

11 Screening File Documents Source: Parents or Guardians  Level IV Referral Form Required: for students in grade 2 who are not in pool and students in grades 3-7 Optional: for students in Grade 2 pool  Parent Questionnaire (optional)  Student work samples (optional - maximum of 4)  Student awards or commendations (optional – maximum of 5)

12 Referral Form

13 Parent Questionnaire

14 Work Sample Guidelines

15 Work Samples Examples and Non-Examples

16 Math Sample from Mentoring Young Mathematicians (M 2 ) This is from a 2 nd grade student. It utilizes math vocabulary related to the concept and shows understanding of the big idea. The student supports their answer with an example.

17 Math Non-Sample  While the 4 th -grade student completing this sample scored perfectly, the work shows a rote process. This type of work is important, but does not showcase the type of problem solving thinking that would be good evidence for needing full-time placement in a level IV center.  Instead, showcasing a single problem that requires the student apply mathematics concepts to problem solve would be preferred.

18 Language Arts: Encapsulation This is an encapsulation of chapter 18 of the book Bud, Not Buddy, whereby the student put important ideas from the chapter on a license plate. This sample would be stronger if there was a short blurb pointing out that it was using the encapsulation strategy and verbalizing some of the symbolic ideas represented.

19 Language Arts Non-Sample This word study sample shows the student does well sorting words and using them in sentences. It is not a strong language arts sample. A stronger sample might include literary analysis, creativity, persuasive writing, etc.

20 Science: Plant analogies A 2 nd grade Spanish Immersion student created analogies about the parts of a flower in Spanish

21 Science Non-Sample The student scored 100% on this plants quiz. However, the answers on it required recall of knowledge level information. Possibilities for strong science work samples may include: designing an experiment, creating big questions for research, solving or inventing an engineering solution.

22 Social Studies Non-Sample This sample shows the student is able to recall information about the 3 branches of government. A preferred work sample might include: analysis of a primary source document, relating to different points of view in past or current events, making intra- or inter- disciplinary connections related to Social Studies content, etc.

23 Other work samples This student created a series of comic strips and designed a web site where they were posted. The comics and site showed a mature sense of humor in creating new products about every day topics.

24 Other Work Samples This student created a poster of 4 Ways of Smart (Picture, Nature, Body, and Music). The poster displays a strong sense of design.

25 Other work samples This student created a comic, entitled “Chocolate,” with her spelling words for the week.

26 Optional Material Guidelines

27 Resources for parents Sources listed contain complete information about screening, testing, identification, and deadlines. Required and optional forms are also included.  Advanced Academic Programs website:  Laurel Hill Elementary School website:  2014-2015 Parent Information Packet: paper copies are available on AAP website and in the front office

28 Local School Screening Committee  Screening Committee members: classroom teacher, Advanced Academic Resource Teacher, counselor and administrator  Other school staff may serve on the committee or give input on the Gifted Behavior Rating Scale with commentary.  Duties of the committee:  Complete the GBRS with commentary  Prepare and submit completed screening files to be evaluated by the countywide central selection committee.

29 Central Selection Committee  Composed of administrators, counselors, principals, assistant principals, teachers, AARTs, school psychologists and program specialists  Evaluates all available data in screening files using a holistic approach  Does not produce individual eligibility reports

30 Notification and Placement of Eligible Students  AAP office mails eligibility decision letters to parents or guardians.  AAP office notifies local schools of eligibility decisions.  Decisions are not released by phone, fax, e-mail or in person.  Fall Semester 2015 - Eligible students in grades 3-8 may attend full-time Level IV class.

31 Appeals Process  Only parents or guardians may submit an appeal for a student found ineligible. Deadline for submitting an appeal is May 29, 2015.  Appeal process information will be mailed with ineligibility letter.  AAP office convenes a screening appeals committee to review appeal packets. Appeal packets must contain new information not previously submitted in the original screening file.  AAP office notifies parents or guardians and the local school of the eligibility decision.  Appeal committee decisions are final.  Parents may refer their student for Level IV services again the following year.

32 Identification Timeline  February 3, 2015 Level IV Referral Form and optional materials due to AART at local school before 4:30 p.m.  March 2015 Central Selection Committee meets  End of April 2015 Eligibility decision letters mailed to parents by FCPS AAP office  Fall Semester 2015 Eligible students in grades 3-8 may attend full-time Level IV AAP class

33 February 3, 2015  Absolute deadline is 4:30 when the front office closes on February 3.  Don’t wait for test scores to be received before submitting a referral.  All required and optional materials must be turned in together before the deadline.  Put screening file documents in a folder or envelope with AART’s name on it and ask someone in the front office to put it in my box.

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