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BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT INFO FOR PARENTS COACH Si’s Science Class Silver Team Dana Schrader Lauren Wright Ryan Dann Sammy Seidenberger.

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1 BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT INFO FOR PARENTS COACH Si’s Science Class Silver Team Dana Schrader Lauren Wright Ryan Dann Sammy Seidenberger

2 Science 7 Scope and Sequence 1st Nine Weeks (38 days) 3rd Nine Weeks (47 days) Unit 1 Safety and Nature of Science (15 days) TEKS (7.1 A, B);( 7.2 A,B,C, D, E); (7.3 A); (7.4 A,B) TEKS Resource System Unit 01 Textbook (p.2-16; 670-671) Unit 2 Organic Chemistry (6 days) TEKS (7.6 A.B,C) (7.3B, D) TEKS Resource System Unit 09 Textbook (Ch.1-4 P. 50-51) Unit 3 Structure and Function of Cells(17 days) TEKS (7.12 C, D, E, F) (7.2 A) (7.3 D) TEKS Resource System Unit 07 Textbook (6th book cells Chapters 4-5)

3 2nd Nine Weeks (40 days) Unit 4 Structure and Function of Living Organism (32 days) TEKS (7.12 B) (7.13 A, B) (7.7A,B) (7.4 A) TEKS Resource System Unit 03, 08, 10 Textbook (Chapters 10-16 p. 336-547) TEKS Resource System Unit 5 Genetics 8 days TEKS (7.14 A,B,C) (7.3D) Unit 11 Textbook ( Ch. 16, p.543-547) Unit 6 Genetic Variations (10 days) TEKS (7.3D) (7.11 B,C) (7.12 A) TEKS Resource System Unit 12 Textbook ( Ch 18-1: p. 594-599)

4 Unit 7 Plants (10days) TEKS (7.3B) (7.5 A) (7.7 C) (7.11 A,C) (7.13 A) TEKS Resource System Unit 02, 03 Textbook (Ch.131: Ch. 8.4 p. 131) Unit 8 Environment (20 days) TEKS (7.7 B) (7.5B,C) (7.10 A,B) TEKS Resource System Unit 02,06 Textbook (Ch. 17-1 p. 558-565; Ch. 17-3 p. 572-583; Ch 17-4 p.586- 588)

5 4th Nine Weeks (52 days) Unit 9 Factors that Impact the Environment (21 days) TEKS (7.8 A, B, C) (7.10 C) TEKS Resource System Unit 04, 06 Textbook (Ch. 8-6 p. 286-290; Ch. 19-3 p. 634-642; Ch.8-1, p.252-255) Unit 10 Space (10 days) TEKS (7.9 A, B) (7.3C) TEKS Resource System Unit 05 Textbook (Ch. 9 p. 320-326)

6 HOW DO I KEEP UP WITH WHAT IS GOING ON IN SCIENCE CLASS? Check my website. This lists what is being done in class daily, including any homework that is assigned. (Assignments may vary by class period due to sharing of equipment. Check for class period listed on website.) I usually update this site on the weekend, but may change things during the week depending on class pacing and other things that may change the schedule. Web Page: Lake Travis I.S.D./HBMS/ Teacher Check silver Team Calendar___

7 HOW WILL I KNOW HOW MY CHILD IS DOING IN SCIENCE? Grades upon request. If you have a question or concern, please contact me. E-mail is most convenient: Room phone # 533-5639 Sign on to Texas (Parent) Connect to see all grades in all classes.

8 HOW WILL MY CHILD’S SCIENCE GRADE BE EVALUATED? Science grades will be assessed periodically. Students will take quizzes, exams and participate in laboratory investigations. ASSIGNMENT BREAKDOWN Quizzes 25% Homework, Classwork 15% Exams, Labs, Projects, and Research Papers 60%

9 HOW OFTEN IS SCIENCE HOMEWORK ASSIGNED? Homework will be assigned when needed in this class. Due to the shortened classes we do not have the luxury of allowing much time in class to work on homework. Homework may be assigned for the following reasons: If students need reinforcement of the current lesson If students need preview of an upcoming lesson When lab work is not completed in class When students need to study for quizzes and exams

10 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MY CHILD IS ABSENT? An absent student is responsible for making up any work missed during an absence. How to find out what was missed. Check website Ask the teacher Check homework board/daily work folders Check daily agenda board District policy states that students have one day, for every day absent, to complete any missed work. Extended periods of absence will be dealt with on an individual basis.

11 NEED HELP? COME TO TUTORIALS. I am at school every morning by 7:45 and usually at school for at least 30 minutes in the afternoon. Setting an appointment in advance for tutorials is suggested. Students may also use the S.T.T. to visit individual teachers. Homework Hall will have a science teacher on duty on certain days. (students should check schedule)

12 Homework Hall Assigned on the day when students do not have their HW completed. Students will call parents to inform them of the HW Hall assignment. Meets in library from 4:00-5:00. Quiet working atmosphere. Bus pass will be issued if needed. Assignment will be stamped and will need to be turned into the teacher the following day. Maximum grade of 70%. If cannot attend in PM, then must go to CMC room from 7:30-8:30 the next morning. Will need a parent note. Failure to attend will result in a behavior referral to A.P. Any students receiving a failing grade on major assignments may also elect to attend HW Hall, after the graded assignment is returned, to redo the assignment for a maximum grade of 70%.

13 U.I.L. (No Pass, No Play) Students involved in extra-curricular activities not passing all classes at the 6 week grading period will be ineligible to participate in competition for three weeks. Eligibility is reinstated after three weeks if student is passing all classes. Ineligible students involved in athletic programs will be expected to practice as usual, but cannot participate in games. Check with Coach Taylor if you have individual questions about U.I.L. rules

14 Tardiness 1st-student warning 2nd-parent call by teacher 3rd-parent call by teacher and referral-1 hour detention 4th-parent call by teacher and referral-2 hour detention 5th-parent call by teacher and referral-Saturday School 6th-parent call by teacher and referral-ISS

15 Order of Consequence 1st offense- 1 hour-detention 2nd offense- 2 hour- detentions 3rd offense- Saturday School 4th offense- ISS 1 day 5th offense- ISS 2 days 6th offense- ISS 3 days 7th offense- DAEP

16 Thank you for coming. Please feel free to e-mail or call with any questions or concerns

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