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U.S. Regional Report World Chlorine Council October 16, 2014.

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1 U.S. Regional Report World Chlorine Council October 16, 2014

2 Chlorine Chemistry Division’s Core Issues Rail Transportation PTC Common Carrier Competition Haz Mat Fee Revenue Adequency Chlor-alkali Production & Operations Technologies: Asbestos / Mercury / Salt Domes Our Brand: Disinfection Chemical Security Chemical Facilities Anti- Terrorism Standards IST ≠ Water Treatment Facilities Chlorine Chemical & Product Management De-selection Dioxin

3 Chlorine Chemistry Division’s Logistics Communications  Advocacy messaging, benefits campaigns, media relations State Advocacy  Secure our base, invest in and grow potential allies Partnerships  Aligning our industry with credible third parties

4 The Value of Credible Partnerships

5 Credible Partners & Smart Defense NEA Surveyed maintenance personnel Producing ‘how to’ video World Water Day Blog NSF Sustainability Standard for Water Treatment Chemicals Responsible Care® Management System & Water Conservation Metric Mineral Ionizer not EPA registered ineligible for NSF sustainability rating

6 Transportation: Some Key Accomplishments STB Opening Key Dockets STB Reform Legislation Introduced Bipartisan Engagement 38 Members and Counting for Rail Coalition Ever Expanding Library of Advocacy Materials

7 Transportation: Caution Ahead Bill Introduced, but Prospects are Uncertain Local Hazmat Fees PTC Issues Remain Unresolved Rail Data Counterpunch Moving an Immovable Object

8 CHLORINE  CHLORINE CHEMISTRY DIVISION  SOCIAL MEDIA The Chlorine Chemistry Division turned a social media experiment into an online empire that is thriving in a competitive environment.

9 Total Facebook Followers Disinfection Communications: Robust Growth in CCD Social Media Audience

10 How Can We Tell? Whether or Not People Are Sharing Our Messages

11 Repositioning the chlorine industry to further advocacy objectives What’s the crux of our critics’ arguments? “There is always a safer alternative.”

12 Benefits messaging must first benefit advocacy objectives. To do that, we need to position chlorine as an essential technology for the future. Modern Pioneer Technology driver Future Today’s Image Rust belt Legacy industry Turf defender Past Silicon Valley A New Image IndispensableReplaceable Leveraging Benefits Messaging for Advocacy

13 Most People Associate Our Chemistry With Its 100 Year Old Benefits Until…

14 Element of Surprise Purpose Provide proper context for policy debates Key Takeaway Chlorine chemistry and industry is critical to future innovations Advocacy Toolkit Element of Surprise brochure Interactive web component: Hyper-targeted policymaker engagement

15 We are on the side of Angels World Vision International CSX Rail Olin Chemical ACC’s Chlorine Chemistry Division Over 500K Gallons of Disinfectant Strength Bleach

16 Frank Reiner WCC General Assembly October 16, 2014 Update Chlorine Institute Activities

17 90 Years of Safety Stewardship Improved safety performance across all metrics Shared industry best practices Instructional pamphlets, videos, posters Education and training outreach Recognition as the “go-to” technical experts for chlor-alkali industry stakeholders in North America 17

18 Customer Stewardship Water Sector Program Participation at end user conferences Building relationships (scrap dealers, oil, pool and spa) 18

19 Emergency Preparedness Chlorine Safety Tour – 45 Training Days – 1500 students by end of year (avg. 30+ per day) – 19 CI Members engaged – 5 CI Contractors – 6 Class I RRs – 7 Short Line RRs Long-term relationships with first responder organizations in U.S. & Canada 19 CI’s Training Car Debuts in Canada

20 2014 Chlorine Safety Tour Legend: Florida Tour Southwest Tour Short Line Tour Western Canada Tour Dow Tour Reno Fire Show

21 Environment & Security Technical guidance on bleach storage Co-sponsors of Chemical Security Summit & Expo Strong relationships with DHS and other agencies 21

22 Health & Safety Jack Rabbit I Used to update CI Pamphlet 74 – worst case chlorine release scenario impacted Jack Rabbit II prep and planning 22

23 All scenarios in the previous Pamphlet 74 were reinvestigated CSAC updated model with new data learned in Jack Rabbit I New modeling includes affect of chlorine reactivity New hazard footprints Area Affected By Release (CI Pamphlet 74) Update Original Updated

24 Results: – With the use of new data and modeling techniques, chlorine plume did not travel as far as previous modeling has shown – New modeling shows a faster drop in concentration as downwind distance increase – New modeling shows the plume in low wind and stable atmosphere does not travel as far downwind as previously modeled Summary 24

25 Transportation Defense of ability to transport mission chemicals Ongoing collaboration/ research with North American governments and other stakeholders Initiatives with other Mission Chemicals – Caustic tank car securement video – Caustic corrosion testing for tank cars – Caustic total containment fire testing @ BAM 25

26 Tech Symposium – April 14, 2015 Houston, Texas 26

27 Thank You! Visit us at: 27

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