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Welcome to the PTMBA On-Campus Recruiting Information Session! January 14-15, 2011 Dean Krueger Adnan Rukieh and Nancy Sims- CMC Part-Time MBA Program.

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1 Welcome to the PTMBA On-Campus Recruiting Information Session! January 14-15, 2011 Dean Krueger Adnan Rukieh and Nancy Sims- CMC Part-Time MBA Program

2 Agenda Career Resources for ALL Part-Time MBA Students Using On-Campus Recruiting—Registration Policy and Procedure On-Campus Recruiting for Registered Part-Time MBA Students Part-Time MBA Program

3 Career Resources for Part-Time MBA Students Part-Time MBA Program

4 Career Management Center Services for the Long-Term Alumni Career Services E MBA Career Services PT MBA Career Services FT MBA Career Services Part-Time MBA Program

5 Mission Provide coaching, resources, and programs to assist Students and Alumni in advancing their careers internally and/or externally Tailor services to meet specific needs of each population: Full Time, Part Time, EMBA students and all Alumni Continually evaluate services offered to assure we are the leader in best practices and are competitive with our peer schools Career Management Center Part-Time MBA Program

6 Career Management Center What we do- Provide an Array of Comprehensive Services that are designed to meet the needs of our diverse Part-time student population Provide guidance/instruction in the development of skills necessary to manage your career over the long-term Provide tools that help you proactively manage your career Complement and Enhance the academic and social experience of Kellogg Part-Time MBA Program

7 Career Management Center Unlimited 1-on-1 Career Coaching –Individualized and customized to your needs ranging from career exploration to internal career management to external job search strategy—available by phone or in-person Career Development Programming –A range of programming available to all Part-time MBA students Access to Extensive Online Career Resources –Access to resources such as Hoover’s, Vault, Capital IQ, Kellogg Alumni Directory, Kellogg Career Network (KCN), and Videos/webinars On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) –Eligible Part-time students may elect to participate in OCR-- coaches can help you decide if it makes sense for you based on your career management strategy Part-Time MBA Program

8 Career Resources for All Part-Time MBA Students Career Coaches Career Development Series KPTSA Club Events Kellogg Career Network (KCN) Kellogg Alumni Network Career Management Center Website Self Assessment Online Resources Networking Resumes Cover Letters Interviewing Negotiating On-Campus Recruiting Part-Time MBA Program

9 Career Coaches Jill Clouse Bob Langewisch Denny Reigle Adnan Rukieh Available late afternoons, early evenings by appointment; also available for phone appointments Call the PTMBA Office at 312-503-8385 to schedule an appointment Part-Time MBA Program

10 Career Development Series Programs will meet Fridays from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. To register, please see the link on eNews or PT CMC Newsletter or go to the PT MBA Intranet, Student Resources and select Career Resources. Open to all Part-time students and the series is required for any student wishing to participate in On-Campus Recruiting. Part-Time MBA Program

11 2011 Career Development Series Program Dates January 28CDS 1Who Are You and What Are Your Goals? February 4CDS 2Who Needs a Plan? YOU! Developing Your Search Strategy February 11CDS 3Speed Networking March 4CDS 4Who Are You on Paper? Building Powerful Resumes & Cover Letters April 8CDS 5Interactive Resume Review May 6CDS 6Who Are You in Person? Mastering the Interview, Search Wrap-Up and First Day on the Job May 20CDS 7Interview Practicum Part-Time MBA Program

12 Other Events Panel Discussion; Hosted by KPTSA On Campus Recruiting: The Real Scoop Date: Saturday, January 29 th Time: 4:45 – 6:30pm On-Campus Recruiting: Industry and Functional Trends Date: April 15 Business Etiquette Date: April 30th Part-Time MBA Program

13 KPTSA Club Events Consulting Club Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital Club Healthcare and Biotech Club Investment Banking Club Investment Management Club Marketing Club Real Estate Club Technology Club plus Business Leadership Club Asian Business Club Environmental Leadership Club Southeast Asian Business Club Public Speaking Club Part-Time MBA Program

14 Part-Time MBA On-Campus Recruiting information session What does it take to register for On-Campus Recruiting? Part-Time MBA Program

15 Rules for Eligibility You must have not received ANY tuition reimbursement from your present employer. OR Your current employer no longer offers tuition assistance as a benefit; if the amount has been greatly reduced you have chosen not to accept it. OR You must have written authorization from your present employer allowing you to enter the OCR process. Part-Time MBA Program

16 Rules for Eligibility In order to register for OCR for the 2011/2012 season You must be graduating between December 2011 and August 2012. You have not previously registered to use On Campus Recruiting. You must remain fully employed throughout your PT MBA career. Part-Time MBA Program

17 The Registration Form Required basic demographic information –Use only Kellogg email address Number of years of work experience Number of courses completed by end of Spring 2011 Career Development Series status Whether or not you received financial assistance from your current employer If you have rec’d assistance, the name and number of your manager and your hr representative All information will be verified

18 The Authorization Letter The letter must be from your manager or department head. The person signing the letter must also include his/her official title and direct phone number. All information will be verified. Part-Time MBA Program

19 Why the rules? Given that most students receive some tuition reimbursement from their employers, an approach of limited assistance is appropriate. It would raise ethical problems for the school to provide direct On Campus Recruiting assistance to PT MBA students without authorization. Part-Time MBA Program

20 How do I register? Registration will be from April 1 – May 13, 2011 Registration Forms will be available on-line beginning April 1, 2011 Forms will not be posted or accepted before the registration period Forms can be found on the PTMBA Career Resource site Complete the PTMBA/OCR registration form Obtain authorization letter (if needed) We must have original letters-no faxes, copies or e-versions will be accepted Staple these two documents together Return the forms to the PT MBA Administrative offices by May 13th Location: 2nd Floor Mezzanine of 340 E. Superior There are no extensions for this deadline Part-Time MBA Program

21 What does the letter from my manager say? Pre-determined template from the PT MBA office States that your manager is aware of what these services offer and that you are utilizing them. The letter template will change so do not use one from a prior year. Part-Time MBA Program

22 What if I am ineligible? If you are ineligible to register for On Campus Recruiting - PLEASE do not try to interview or attend presentations on the Evanston campus in any way. This is in direct violation to Kellogg’s Honor Code.

23 What if I am ineligible? You have many other resources available to you as a PT MBA student for an independent job search. Your first step? –Make an appointment to see our Career Coaches –Review the PTMBA Career Management Center website for resources Part-Time MBA Program

24 Tips Jobs do not just fall in your lap - work hard over the summer to be prepared! Network, Network, Network!!!  Join the clubs -  Start a new club.  Participate in the KPTSA Career Day and other KPTSA programs  Attend local Alumni Events. Part-Time MBA Program

25 Tips Treat the Evanston staff with the utmost respect. They work very hard and are dealing with PT MBA’s, 650 2nd year students, 650 1st year students, One Year students and Internal Transfers. Part-Time MBA Program

26 On Campus Recruiting for PT Students January 14, 15, 2011 Part-Time MBA Program

27 Full time On Campus Interviewing Since 1997 we have worked with 1907 registered PT’s and simultaneously with 18,300 full time students. Service to employers, 149 firms conducted OCR for full time jobs in the fall of 2010 (20% increase from 2009.) Part-Time MBA Program

28 PT’s functions in last 5 years of OCR, with 28% reporting acceptances Part-Time MBA Program

29 Comparison of PT’s Accepted offers function over past 5 years with Class of 2010 Part-Time MBA Program

30 Salaries Functional Comparison: PTMBA and FT PTMBAFT PercentRangeAveragePercentRangeAverage Business Development 4.0%$60,000-$210,000$111,032 Consulting33.3%$85,000-$200,000$124,09133.6%$65,000-$250,000$122,833 Fin-Financial Analysis/Treasury3.1%$85,400-$120,000$101,492 Fin-Investment Banking4.5%$50,000-$125,000$97,368 Fin-Investment Mgmt/Research 2.9%$80,000-$140,000$117,500 Fin-Other Finance 4.0%$95,000-$250,000$128,059 General Management-LDP12.1%$90,000-$125,000$107,25010.2%$40,000-$200,000$105,768 Mktg-Business to Business 2.1%$70,000-$124,000$102,333 Mktg-Other Marketing4.8%$60,000-$190,000$108,425 Mktg-Product Management18.2%$103,000-$150,000$117,00016.9%$50,000-$138,000$97,923 Mktg-Sales 2.1%$65,000-$200,000$102,889 Other 2.4%$60,000-$300,000$117,460 Strategic Planning9.1%$100,000-150,000 $120,3334.5%$38,000-$300,000$108,684 Part-Time MBA Program

31 Typical Job Titles/levels through OCR Consulting: Associate, Senior Consultant, Senior Associate, Consultant Marketing: Assistant Marketing or Brand Manager, Marketing Assistant I-Banking: Investment Banking Associate, Associate General Management/LD: MD program, Manager, Strategy and Biz Dev program, Accelerated LD program, Senior LD program Finance: Finance Associate, Sr. Brand Finance Analyst, Senior Financial Analyst, Analyst Strategy: Strategy/Corp. Dev. Analyst, Corp. Strat and Research analyst Part-Time MBA Program

32 Is On Campus Recruiting Right for you? Companies: How Selective and how will they know you? Who comes? What locations? What are the level of OCR jobs? What are people paid? What is the recruiting time frame When are start dates? You: Am I focused? How much time can I take away from job, school work, family? How do I prepare? How much company research must I do? What is my risk with my current employer? How good am I at networking? Can I talk with a career coach before deciding? Part-Time MBA Program

33 On Campus Recruiting Information: Occurs on Evanston campus, Mon.-Fri., 8 am-5 pm Timing, mid Oct. till Thanksgiving Large firms Competition Networking expectations prior to OCR 1st rounds in Evanston Subsequent rounds at company sites Start dates in summer Part-Time MBA Program

34 Important Notes for On-Campus Recruiting OCR is a highly organized, computerized system with 3 CMC Industry Relationship Managers who: –schedule the companies presentations, KNNs and interviews –work with you regarding your schedules –adhere to guidelines and policies established by the CMC and KSA Companies come to Kellogg because they have post MBA jobs and wish to fill them with a Kellogg grad. They are only on-campus the day they schedule interviews. –By mid-August you will know the date, job description and which companies are coming for OCR. –You will write cover letters for closed interviews and bid on open interviews. This process is explained in the summer workshops. –Once you secure an interview, it is locked into the computer. –If you have to cancel an interview, you must cancel 3 business days in advance, so that another student is given the opportunity to fill that spot. –Traveling for work, last minute meetings, emergency projects, etc. are NOT acceptable excuses to miss interviews. If you “no show”, KSA established a $200 fine that is assessed. Part-Time MBA Program

35 If your decide that OCR is right for you, your Spring Timetable includes: Complete CDS workshop series with PT CMC. Workshops were designed by CMC coaches and are the same that are delivered to FT. Meet with PT career coach if trying to decide if OCR is right for you. Attend April 15 or 16 Industry Trends programs by FT CMC Career Coaches, downtown. Learn more about OCR firms who typically recruit. Register with PT Dean of Students for use of On-Campus Recruiting Services in Evanston Receive welcome email from FT CMC in early June Part-Time MBA Program

36 Once you are registered with OCR, your Summer Timetable includes: Participate in 3 Mandatory Workshops on OCR and your preparation. These workshops build on the CDS and will not duplicate. Set up an Optional Career Coaching appointment with FT CMC coaches Submit your Kellogg formatted OCR resume for mandatory review before submission to CMC Resume Database purchased by OCR employers Access OCR employer Info and job descriptions in mid Aug. Start your company research Network with firms of interest Participate in mock interviews exclusively for PT’s and 1Y’s in August Part-Time MBA Program

37 Your Fall Timetable: Participate in Sept. mock interviews to prepare your for OCR Refine your company research Submit OCR resume and cover letters in early Sept. to firms Plan networking sessions Attend Coffee Chats, Atrium Hours, Dinners, Presentations in Evanston, day and night Attend Kellogg Networking Nights to meet employers Bid and take part in on-campus interviews, mid Oct.-end of Nov. Attend subsequent interviews at company locations Continue your relationship with a FT CMC Career Coach to discuss recruiting issues Report your offer and acceptance into the FT CMC computerized system Sign your letter of intent with your new employer for starting your new job after graduation Part-Time MBA Program

38 Keys to Success-advice from PT’s who did OCR NetworkResearchFocus Part-Time MBA Program

39 Final Thoughts on On-Campus Recruiting Companies and opportunities vary by year, review past Employment Reports for firms usually recruiting every year. Go to statsThird=&statsFirst=2009&statsSecond=Base+Salaries Consider the amount of time on-campus recruiting will require for you to be successful: to prepare and research, network, attend pre-recruitment events, interview. Consider if the on-campus roles are right for you: level, location, pay. You will be treated exactly like a Full-Time MBA student. We will call you at the last minute for possible interviews and we will hold you to the same cancellation policy. You are the Kellogg brand. How you present yourself is important to you and us. We partner with you to prepare you for the OCR guidelines, its detailed system and work with you to increase your chances for success. We are your advocates. Part-Time MBA Program

40 On-Campus Registration Time-Line April 1, 2011 The PT Career Management Center Website: –Download forms –Download supervisor letter template Friday, May 13, 2011 ****REGISTRATION DEADLINE**** NO MATERIALS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE Part-Time MBA Program


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