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Overview of NAU Compliance IAC April 10, 2009 Jared Bruggeman, Associate Athletic Director Lynn Newson, Compliance Assistant.

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1 Overview of NAU Compliance IAC April 10, 2009 Jared Bruggeman, Associate Athletic Director Lynn Newson, Compliance Assistant

2 Agenda Compliance Structure EducationViolations/PenaltiesQuestions?

3 Why are we here? Institutional Control - Institutional Control - The control and responsibility for the conduct of intercollegiate athletics shall be exercised by the institution itself and by the conference. Administrative control or faculty control, or a combination of the two, shall constitute institutional control. Athletics is part of the institution It is not permitted to be a stand-alone or autonomous entity of the institution It is vital that departments and staff outside the athletic department have responsibilities and safeguards regarding funding, financial aid, admissions, eligibility certification, additional student support services FINALLY, It is required by ABOR!!!!

4 Compliance Administrative Structure President Athletic Director Associate AD for Compliance Compliance Assistant Coaches Staff Boosters Faculty Athletics Rep.

5 Where do the rules come from?  NCAA  Big Sky Conference  Northern Arizona University  The most restrictive rule, is the rule that is applied.

6 Education  Coaches and staff are educated on a monthly basis regarding pertinent issues.  Education of rules is a continuous effort as they are constantly changing  Education is required after a violation for anyone involved  Compliance meets with campus entities on a yearly basis (housing, financial aid, dining services, etc.)

7 Education for Student-Athletes  Compliance meets with student-athletes at the beginning of each academic year.  Each team goes through the compliance presentation and fills out NCAA paperwork prior to certification.  Compliance also meets with SAAC regarding new legislation and any other issues that may arise.  SAAC – Student-Athlete Advisory Committee  A committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The SAAC also offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on our campus.

8 Education for Compliance Staff  Regional Rules Seminars  Big Sky Conference Compliance Meetings  NAAC (National Association for Athletics Compliance) Meetings  LSDBi – NCAA Legislative Services Database  Interpretation Log – Continual tracking method of NCAA bylaw interpretations


10 Types of Violations Secondary – is isolated or inadvertent in nature, provides or is intended to provide only a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage and does not include any significant recruiting inducement or extra benefit. Two types: Level I – more serious Level II – less serious Major – Systemic problem with a “lack of institutional control” generally providing an extensive recruiting or competitive advantage.

11 Penalties for Secondary Violations Enforcement staff can impose appropriate penalties using case precedent. Any penalty imposed by the staff is the “minimum threshold” penalty for that violation. THIS MEANS-Institutions and conferences have the authority to impose more significant penalties than the NCAA minimum.

12 Guidelines for Penalties  The penalty should affect the area in which it occurred (e.g., a recruiting violation should result in a recruiting penalty);  The penalty should be designed to affect the individual responsible for the violation and/or that individual’s sport program;  A penalty should be imposed over and above just eliminating the advantage (2-for-1).

13 2 for 1 Reduction   Facts: A member of the coaching staff telephones a prospective student-athlete on two occasions during the same one-week period (Bylaw   Penalty: The institution should be required to preclude the coaching staff from telephoning the prospective student-athlete for a period of two weeks (twice the number of weeks as the number of impermissible calls that occurred – a 2-for-1 reduction).

14 Corrective Actions Rules Education  Rules Education  Improved monitoring procedures:  Database programs  New software  Additional staffing  Delegation of responsibilities

15 Why is self-reporting important? It is an efficient and effective way to handle secondary violations. It is REQUIRED! NCAA constitution 2.8.1 mandates that institutions report all instances of noncompliance with NCAA rules and regulations. (see Certification of Compliance for Staff Members) Reporting is an educational tool & a proactive procedure for coaches and staff.

16 Violation Reporting  Violations are reported to the Big Sky Conference and the NCAA. (see self-reporting form)  If student-athlete reinstatement is necessary, the violation is reported to student-athlete reinstatement.  Penalties for student-athletes are tracked through CAi (compliance assistant internet).

17 Program (07-08)# of SA/ProspectBylawsPenalty Eligibility Certification Committee; FB Five S-A’s 12.1.1 Validity of Amateur Status; Eligibility for Practice or Competition; Temporary Certification Athletes must sit a one for two practices after cleared from CH Amateurism; No games missed Eligibility Certification Committee; FB Three S-A’s 12.1.1 Validity of Amateur Status; Eligibility for Practice or Competition; Temporary Certification Athletes missed 60 practices and two competitions; institution fined $1000. Women’s BB Six S-A’s 16.02.3 extra benefit; general rule Repayment of extra- benefits ($30/person) for competition eligibility to be reinstated; occasional meal requests put in policy manual. Women’s Basketball One S-A 15.01.6; 15.1: Max. Limit on Financial Aid- Individual Athlete required to repay amount of over-award; letter of admonishment to entity on campus

18 Program (07-08)# of SA/ProspectBylawsPenalty Volleyball1 13.9.1 NCAA EC registration and IRL Student-athlete was declared ineligible until reinstated by the NCAA. Changed NLI form. Women’s Basketball 1 Institutional, charitable, education, or non-profit promotions Student-athlete had to miss one hour of practice. MBB3 16.02.3 Extra Benefit, General Rule Student-athlete had to pay the amount of the ticket ($8) to a charity of their choice. Track & Field 1 Institutional Obligation Education; a financial aid timeline committee was created. WBB0 Permissible Recruiters; Recruiting Coordinator Functions Education; letter of admonishment to head coach MBB1 MBB Limitations MBB will lose one scholarship for one academic year Golf4 16.02.3 Extra Benefit, General Rule, Summer Practice Student-athletes had to pay back greens fees to charity of their choice, Student- athletes had to miss practice opportunities.

19 Program (08-09)# of SA/ProspectBylawsPenalty Golf4 16.02.3 Extra Benefit Student-athlete were declared ineligible by the NCAA until they repaid the green fees. Women’s Basketball 0 Permissible Recruiters; Recruiting Coordinator Functions Front office staff are no longer able to create hand written letters to recruits. Women’s Basketball 1 Time Period for telephone Calls WBB cannot call the prospect during 2 calling periods in July. Football1 Practice prior to initial enrollment S-A was declared ineligible until he paid $118 and had to miss 2 practice opportunities. Volleyball2 Temporary Certification (2-year S- A); Temporary certification S-A’s were required to sit 2 practice opportunities. MBB12; 14.1.4; Content and Purpose Each S-A was required to sit 2 practice opportunities.

20 Program (08-09)# of SA/ProspectBylawsPenalty Women’s Soccer 1 14.7 Outside Competition S-A will have to sit 2 competitions in the 2009- 2010 season. Women’s Swimming 20 16.02.3 Extra Benefits Each S-A was declared ineligible until they paid the amount of the meal. Men’s Basketball 0 11.7.4 Limitations on number of coaches Only coaches with coaching duties may be involved in any practice. Men’s T&F 1 14.4.1 Progress Towards Degree Requirements S-A was declared ineligible until he meets degree progress requirements. S-A must sit one competition. Institution was fined $500. Golf1 Meals; Eligibility Ramifications Prospect was declared ineligible until she pays back the value of the meal. WBB1 13.4.1 Recruiting Materials Head coach received letter of admonishment and staff was educated.

21 Questions? Thank you!

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