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Nicole & Brittney Ancient Greece PowerPoint Exploration History.

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1 Nicole & Brittney Ancient Greece PowerPoint Exploration History

2 Art in Ancient Greece ☻ Some of the most beautiful pieces of art in western world were created as one of the two century long buildings in Archaic and Classical Acropolis. ☻ The specific art of the Minoans tell of a society of cheerful nature, and in astonishment of the reasonable order of the organic world. ☻ Ancient Greece art was very inspiring to the people who had lived in Greece times.

3 Architecture in Greece ☻G☻G☻G☻Greece life was mostly all about religion so when they build temples it wasn’t surprising that they were the biggest and most full of beauty. ☻G☻G☻G☻Greeks had three architecture system. Which were-called orders, each other had their own characteristics and detailing ☻T☻T☻T☻The Greek orders are Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.

4 Literature in Greece ☻T☻T☻T☻The ideas and accomplishments of literature in ancient Greece changed their world and still impacts us today. ☻A☻A☻A☻At the commence of Greek literature stand the two monuments of the works of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey. ☻F☻F☻F☻For fierce insult, for ineligible indecency, and for offensive and free governmental criticism, there is nothing to compare to the comedies of Aristophanes.

5 Philosophy In Greece Philosophy In Greece ☻ Plato was a philosopher during 427-347, Plato is usually called a pupil of Socrates, but his ideas are no less than inspired by Parmenides. ☻ Plato accepted a lot of the world events as a great shadow of the real worlds ideas. ☻ He had made three journeys to Syracuse to reunite with his great state, both times without concluding results.

6 Inventions by Greek ☻A☻A☻A☻An invention that the Greeks had made was mentioned to be PIZZA. Even though that Wikipedia says that it was invented by Italy, but it wasn't really them, it was Greek people. ☻A☻Another invention that the Greeks had made was the great HULA HOOP. Ancient Greek used it for losing weight. ☻I☻In England, they blamed the hula hoop for heart attacks and back dislocations.

7 Mythology in ancient Greece ☻ Poseidon was god of the sea. He was the spouse of Amphitrite, one of the Nereids. he got Amphitrite pregnant and then they had a baby named Triton. ☻ At one point in his life he wanted Demeter. ☻ Demeter asked him to make the most beautiful kind of animal that the world had ever seen. So Poseidon made the first horse. even thought he messed up numerous of times, he made many other creatures.

8 Daily life ☻ Children lived with their mom in the women's quarter until they were 7 years old. When they were babies or infants, they slept in wicker baskets or wooden cradles. ☻ A day before the wedding, the bride would bathe from a sacred spring. The water was poured from a vase called a loutrophorus. After, the bride would then adore the goddess Artemis. She offered the goddess a sign of her childhood such as toys they used to play with and a piece of her hair. ☻ The women had their hair long. They put it in braids on their heads. Women would tie back their hair with cloth headbands called cecryphalaes. These wrapped around the head. Men would have it short. They also had beards unless they were soldiers

9 History 3 important facts ☻ One most important fact about ancient Greek is that there were 100 city states. ☻ The hundred cities helped them in a way that you cant explain, but it helped them with organizing people in where they belong ☻ The cities were big and small with different people in them.

10 1 important facts ☻ The first Olympic Games were known as the Pan- Hellenic. They were first held in Olympia around 775 BC. ☻ The Greeks had physical contests and held them in respect of their gods. ☻ In ancient Greek wrestling, biting and genital holds were illegal.

11 Greek alphabet ☻ ☻ The Greeks were the first to make the alphabet with vowels. ☻ ☻ The Greeks made the Alphabet…It helps us spell big words. ☻ ☻ Were thankful for their useful alphabet because without it we’d be lost

12 Website we looked for information ☻ Ancient ☻ Ask. COM ☻ ☻ ☻ e- facts.html 10200/ancient_greece/daily_life.htm e- facts.html e- facts.html

13 Conclusion ☻ This was made by Brittney & Nicole. ☻ Whoo-hoo thank you for your time! =) ☻ Your such an amazing crowd..peace..and have a good night

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