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Monroe Twp. High School Football Manual 2014 Season Head Coach Chris Beagan.

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1 Monroe Twp. High School Football Manual 2014 Season Head Coach Chris Beagan

2 Agenda for parent’s meeting 2014 Introductions: Head Coach Assistant Coaches Packets: Philosophy Guidelines Intangibles Under Program Philosophy Coaching Plan (Academics) Coaching Plan (Football Program) Code of Conduct contract Recruiting (Hudl), Grades, Camps 7 on 7 Summer Calendar (Web Site) Question and answers

3 Fund Raising Fund raising has paid for: Video cameras, passing tournaments, lineman challenge event, end of year banquet, awards & plaques, team meals, Friday night tailgate, Saturday breakfast, endzone camera Just to name a few

4 Coaching Philosophy My philosophy with regard to coaching is student/athletes first, winning second. I believe winning is important, but of even greater importance, is providing opportunities for young people to grow and develop mentally as well as physically and to make it an enjoyable experience. There are valuable lessons to be learned from playing football and team sports in general, that can be used throughout life. I also believe that developing confidence and self-worth in young student/athletes is an ongoing process essential to their success as individuals. At the same time, emphasis must be placed on establishing an understanding and appreciation for academics and for the “Team” concept relative to the important roles they play in ones growth and success on and off the football field. It has been my experience that emphasizing competitive spirit, sportsmanship, responsibility, and commitment greatly enhance this process. My goal is to prepare student/athletes and provide the direction necessary for them to compete at their full potential in the toughest game they will ever play...LIFE. I am a firm believer that being “COMMITTED TO COMPETE” yields success on and off the football field.

5 Football Program Guidelines Participation in the football program is a privilege, not a right! Like the game itself, players must be able to play within the rules. Any and all forms of poor attitude/behavior observed by the coaching staff or reported to the staff by players, teachers, parents, or other responsible persons may be grounds for any player to be disciplined. The coaching staff will fully investigate each situation where discipline may be needed. After evaluating the facts of the incident, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Because it is impossible to imagine every situation that may arise, this document does not attempt to define all of the possibilities. It should be understood that all situations requiring discipline are not listed here-in, and it does not and will not prohibit the coaching staff from identifying inappropriate behavior and taking proper corrective action.

6 Repeat offenders will not be tolerated, after review by our disciplinary council three strikes will usually result in dismissal from the team. There may be situations that call for immediate dismissal from the team, the coaching staff reserves the right to exercise this option. Not all incidents can be corrected through discipline, and in situations where applicable, players will be assisted in seeking the proper treatment. Discipline is a course of study used to improve mental and moral training. It helps to insure adherence to the rules, provides correction, and most importantly, it develops good character. The football program is “COMMITTED TO COMPETE”. Only the well prepared and properly disciplined are able to reach and ultimately surpass their goals. Footnote: This document does not supercede or replace any of the rules or regulations set forth by the school district. It is designed to compliment district policy, and emphasize the football program’s commitment to both academic and athletic excellence.

7 Monroe Twp. High School Football players Intangibles Personal 1. You are at Monroe Twp. High School to graduate. You must work hard every day toward that goal. See the Head Coach if any academic problems arise. 2. Treat coaches and teammates with respect. 3. Absolutely no hats or sagging pants in school or football related activities! 4. We will be mature about our approach to the game of football. It will make winning the more important game of life easier. 5. We will be on time. On time means 15 minutes early. 6. If an absence or tardiness is unavoidable, see the Head Coach first. 7. Expect nothing but the best effort from your coaches and accept nothing less than that from yourself.

8 Football 1. The TEAM comes before the individual. 2. Treat your opponents with respect-- never ridicule the opposition. 3. Call your coaches “COACH_______” 4. Call the official “Mr. Official” 5. Leave the coaching to the coaches, and leave the officiating to the officials. 6. Never ridicule the officials. 7. Problems with football should be addressed to the Head Coach. 8. Remarks detrimental to the team, coaches, or teammates will not be tolerated. (Including Parents) 9. Win with grace, and if we must lose, do it with class.

9 Junior Varsity and Freshmen Teams Philosophy Opportunity is my main philosophy as a head coach when it comes to the under programs. Pop Warner and The Monroe Wolverines are a great starting ground to pick up some fundamentals and a love for the game; however there are a lot of kids who don’t play football till High School. This means for some of these student/athletes we are their introduction to the great game of football. It is important to give these young people a solid foundation to prepare them for the next level.

10 Freshmen football Freshmen Football is the introduction to high school sports. When a student/athlete goes out for a fall sport in their freshmen year it is the first time many of them will face real competition. They will not only face competition in the form of other schools but more importantly from their peers. It is the first time that many of them will be asked to practice or play six days a week, and in many cases the first time that there will be a consequence for missing any of these days. It is very important to get these freshmen acclimated to how things are done right away. Everyone who follows the team rules should have an opportunity to play in every game. The winning of games is learned, just like blocking or tackling winning needs to be taught as well.

11 Junior Varsity Junior Varsity is used as a feeder system for the varsity. I feel that every junior who does not get significant playing time on the varsity level should hone their skills on Mondays. Our goal is for everyone who dresses to participate in a quarter of playing time. I like to send as many coaches as possible to all these levels to afford them an opportunity to call plays and get better as well. It also allows them to view our players in a game situation to see how well they are playing and help in their evaluations as football players.

12 Coaching Plan This is a two part plan which consists of a disciplined academic program and a progressive football program approach. The plan emphasizes the similarities between academic preparation and preparation for football. l. Academic Program A. Code of conduct (Falcon Code of Conduct) a. Player/ parent signed agreement b. Commitment to academics B. Class Attendance a. Absences (less than 7 a year, none during football) b. Tardiness (Unacceptable) C. Grade Policy a. Expectations ( B’s or better) b. Requirements (No F’s) c. Monitoring/ Genesis a. Clearing house (end of junior year) D. Discipline Policy a. Violation of grade requirements b. Unacceptable classroom/ social conduct E. Team Study Hall a. Homework assistance b. Study techniques c. Volunteer tutors F. Performance a. Homework/ exams - playing eligibility b. Citizenship

13 Coaching Plan part 2 II. Football Program A. Code of Conduct (Falcon Code of Conduct) a. Player/ parent signed agreement b. Commitment to football B. Attendance a. Absence/ tardiness - games and practices b. Absence/ tardiness - team meetings and related activities C. Grade Policy a. Progress reports/ interim reports b. Report cards D. Discipline Policy a. Violation of school rules b. Violation of team rules E. Team Decisions a. Players input b. Coaches input c. Administrations input F. Performance a. Off-season,practice, scrimmages, and games - playing time b. Sportsmanship

14 Falcon Code of Conduct We have read and fully understand the rules of the Monroe Twp. High School football program. Player: I recognize that my signature represents a full commitment to academics and to the football program. I am aware that my conduct must be appropriate and reasonable at all times if I wish to remain a part of the program. The eleven items listed below serve as a guideline for conduct that is unacceptable. 1. Poor school attendance and ineligible academic performance. 2. Absence from practice/ games and other football related meetings. 3. Tardiness to practice/ games and other football related meetings. 4. Disrespect of coaching staff, teachers, administrators, teammates, and classmates. (I.e. open disobedience, cursing, and physical violence) 5. Failure to keep football areas clean! 6. Failure to adhere to treatment schedules when injured. 7. Poor classroom/ social conduct. 8. Failure to give your best effort in the classroom. 9. Failure to give your best effort at practice and during games. 10. Use of alcohol and/ or drugs 11. Quitting the team 12. Parental discussion of playing time with coaches is unacceptable! 24 Hour rule is for other concerns! Parent: I recognize that my signature represents full support of my child’s decision to participate in the Monroe Twp. High School football program. I am aware that his conduct must be appropriate and responsible at all times and will encourage him to abide by the team rules. Player’s Signature_________________________ Dated___________________ Parent’s Signature_________________________ Dated___________________

15 Weekly Practice Schedules FreshmanVarsity

16 Recruiting and Summer camps Football Camps One Day Camps Combines Recruiting Services Parents responsibilities Coaches Responsibilities Player Responsibilities

17 Coach Beagan’s Info Cell # 908-227-4385 E-Mail –

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