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2011 RRFC Institute Stewardship Stewardship Heather Fosburgh Department Manager, Stewardship Miri Kanemoto, Supervisor, Stewardship.

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1 2011 RRFC Institute Stewardship Stewardship Heather Fosburgh Department Manager, Stewardship Miri Kanemoto, Supervisor, Stewardship

2 What is stewardship? The careful and responsible management of something entrusted in one’s care Oversight

3 The Stewardship Department reports to Rotary International Legal Services and supports the programs of The Rotary Foundation Reporting Qualification The Rotary Foundation Cadre Allegations and Auditing Stewardship Trainings Stewardship Overview

4 Reporting Fulfills government requirements Improves Rotary’s charitable status ranking Improves donor relations

5 World Reporting A district level analysis Reflects a snapshot of grant activity by district October and April Grants that are in paid, funded, or reported status

6 World Reporting Calculations Number of up to date, open grants x 100 = Percentage Total number of open grants Trustees’ expectation is 100% Minimum requirement is 70%

7 World Reporting Trends

8 Report Warning Letters Keep clubs and districts informed of grant projects with overdue reports Prepare clubs and districts to meet world reporting requirements

9 Series of Letters 15 months Grant is overdue 18 months Warning about website posting 21 months Posted on website 24 months Reminder that next step is termination 30 months Termination

10 How to assist your districts Remind districts to request File Activity Reports Encourage districts to create their own system to track the grants Contact the district leadership to follow up on overdue grants Assist in coordinating communication with partner sponsor Educate districts on the importance of reporting

11 Future Vision Qualification District Qualification Online qualification process Implementation of district Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

12 Online Qualification Process DG, DRFC, and DGE must complete the online process Districts reauthorize qualification every year A qualified district keeps its status as long as reauthorization is completed by 31 July

13 Implementation of District MOU Establish a succession plan District bank account with two signatories Financial management plan Document retention system Report annually to member clubs Create a system to investigate reports of misuse Qualify member clubs

14 Future Vision Qualification Club Qualification Attendance at grant management seminar Implementation of club MOU

15 Grant Management Seminar District arranges the seminar DRFC tracks attendance at this seminar for club qualification Must be conducted every year proper grant management is key to good stewardship

16 Implementation of Club MOU Club member must be appointed to manage qualification Establish a succession plan for transfer of grant records and bank account Establish a financial management plan Establish a document retention system Report on the use of grant funds Report any misuse of grant funds to the district

17 How to prepare non-pilot districts Become familiar with the new program Resources on the website Incorporate FV information into trainings Begin implementation of MOU requirements Bank accounts Financial management plan

18 TRF Cadre of Technical Advisers Rotarians who: Provide technical expertise to assist TRF Trustees Evaluate the implementation of on-going projects Assist Rotarians in planning and implementing projects

19 Location vs. Assignments

20 TRF Cadre of Technical Advisers Recruitment Needs: Africa (all technical areas) Spanish speaking auditors from North America Portuguese, Korean, Japanese speaking auditors Portuguese speaking WSE and Health French speaking Agriculture/Food Production Future Vision Areas of Focus

21 Allegations Reports of wrongdoing relating to Foundation grants from any source

22 Process of Investigation Review evidence and grant files Contact district or zone leadership Contact club leadership, suppliers, etc. Review by TRF Trustees

23 Common Allegations Diversion of funds Ineligible contributions False documentation Conflict of interest

24 Random Audits Half a percent (0.5%) of paid grants in the Rotary year Conducted by cadre auditors A proactive measure to ensure proper stewardship and grant management

25 Common Audit Findings Funds turned over to cooperating organization Lack of participation Lack of financial documentation Insufficient financial management Lack of signage Insufficient project planning Deviations from project budget resulting in ineligible expenses

26 Questions?

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