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2 ESYS DEFINED ESY services are the provision of special education and related services to students with disabilities beyond the normal school year of the LEA – Local Education Agency (JPPSS). The LEA must utilize specific eligibility criteria to determine the need for extended school year services to ensure the provision of FAPE – Free and Appropriate Public Education. Services are provided in accordance with an IEP – Individual Educational Plan. Ongoing assessment of student performance and careful documentation and evaluation of student progress on targeted goals on the regular IEP will determine eligible/ineligible status of the student for ESY services and the development of the ESYS IEP. Data collection and documentation (providing proof) are imperative in determining a student being eligible or ineligible and that determination is made by the IEP Team (ABIT).

3 CRITERIA FOR ELIGIBILITY REGRESSION-RECOUPMENT– Applied to all students with significant cognitive disabilities with emphasis on the students having difficulty maintaining and/or regaining critical/essential skills after at least a five day break in instruction. CRITICAL POINT of INSTRUCTION -1 and 2 Critical Point 1 – Applied to all students with emphasis on the skills needed to prevent loss of general education time or to prevent an increase in special education service time. Critical Point 2 – Applied to all students with emphasis on the acquisition or maintenance of relative skills in the pursuit of critical life areas such as self-help, community access, or social/behavioral areas.

4 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES CRITERION EMPLOYMENT – Students ages 16-21 shall be considered for ESY services when there is documentation (job performance data) that the student is in need of support to maintain paid employment. TRANSITION to POST-SCHOOL OUTCOMES – Any student who is in need of services to complete the action steps on the student’s Transition Plan that are the responsibility of the LEA.. TRANSITION from EARLY STEPS to PART B (Preschool) - When there is evidence from the performance data on the IFSP – Individualized Family Service Plan that the student will fail to maintain performance skills and will regress without ESY services.

5 SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES CRITERION EXCESSIVE ABSENCES – Any student with a disability who has documented excused absences during the school year in excess of 25 days for health related conditions without the provision of hospital/homebound services. EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES – Any student who does not meet any of the eligibility criteria who may experience unusual circumstances or situations when ESY services may be needed.

6 2015 EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR SCHEDULE Services, # of Weeks, Minutes per day, and # of days per week are determined by eligibility criteria and monitoring. ESYS will be open for 6 WEEKS, 240 Minutes per DAY/4 DAYS per WEEK. School sites for the SUMMER 2015 – TBA. June 4 - ESYS PRINCIPALS’ MEETING June 5 - ESYS Principals report to school sites June 8 - All ESYS Faculty and Staff report to schools June 9 - ESYS SESSION 1 BEGINS for students Session 1 11 days June 29 through July 3 – ESYS BREAK July 6 - ESYS SESSION 2 BEGINS Session 2 12 days July 23 - ESYS ENDS – last day for students July 24 - ESYS PRINCIPALS’ MEETING

7 SUMMARY OF ESYS – EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR SERVICES ESY Services are: To maintain learned skills, not to develop new skills To target goals and objectives derived from the student’s current IEP Determined on an individualized, case by case basis Based on the needs of the individual student (Number of weeks, days, minutes per day for services may vary) Available to all students with disabilities if data deems the student eligible. Discussed at the IEP meeting and decisions are made by the IEP Team (ABIT)

8 SUMMARY OF ESYS – EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR SERVICES ESY Services are NOT : To develop new skills A traditional Summer School Program To meet newly developed goals and objectives To make up for absences incurred during vacation or suspension To substitute for childcare or daycare services To duplicate alternative community resources or services


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