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2 2 5 5 C H A P T E R Developing a Policies and Procedures Manual.

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1 2 2 5 5 C H A P T E R Developing a Policies and Procedures Manual

2 Chapter Outline  Program goals and mission statement  Facility administration  Program objectives  Job titles, descriptions, and duties of the strength and conditioning staff  Staff policies and activities

3 P olicies are a facility’s rules and regulations; they reflect the goals and objectives of the program. Procedures describe how policies are met or carried out. 

4 Program Goals  Improve athletic performance  Prevent injuries Sample mission statement: To provide to athletes the means through which they can train consistently, sensibly, and systematically over designated periods of time in a safe, clean, and professional environment to help prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

5 Program Objectives  Design strength, flexibility, aerobic, and plyometric programs that reduce injuries and improve performance.  Educate athletes about the abuse and effects of performance-enhancing substances.  Develop training programs to account for biomechanical and physiological differences.  Recognize acute and chronic physiological responses to training.  Educate athletes about the importance of good nutrition.

6 Strength and Conditioning Staff  Head strength and conditioning coach  Facility supervisor  Assistant strength and conditioning coach

7 Staff Policies and Activities  Staff meetings  Orientation meeting  Annual plan  Budgetary issues  Relationships with athletes and staff  Posted messages  Touring the facility  Approved exercise guidelines  Testing procedures and schedules  Progress card  Staff facility use  Staff workout times  Records and awards  Staff professional goals

8 Facility Administration  Access to the facility -Preparticipation requirement for student athletes -Eligibility criteria -Action for ineligible person  Daily operation -Facility opening -During training hours -Facility closing (continued)

9 Facility Administration (continued)  Telephone and music system use  Facility rules and guidelines  Emergency procedures -Accidents and injuries -Fire -Tornadoes, severe weather -First aid kit

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