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Professional Development for Statewide Articulation 1.

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1 Professional Development for Statewide Articulation 1

2  Articulation  Tech Prep  Advanced Technical Credit  Work Tech Prep Work ATC Articulation 2

3 Providing eligible high school teachers with the necessary information to successfully teach ATC statewide-articulated courses 3

4 Each ATC course section taught by a school must have an ATC-eligible trained teacher. 4

5 Teachers must meet college requirements: Requirement 1: The teacher must have a baccalaureate degree or higher in the teaching discipline. OR Requirement 2: The teacher must have a minimum of an associate degree and 3 years verifiable non-teaching work experience directly related to the teaching discipline. 5

6  The teacher’s degree and/or work experience must be related directly to the teaching discipline. (approval based more on cluster area). › For instance, a teacher with a degree in biology would not qualify to teach Anatomy and Physiology in the Health Science Cluster unless they also had a degree and/or work experience related to hands on patient care. 6

7 Teachers will need to submit official transcripts sent to SFASU ATC office and detailed work history if requested. All teachers must possess required industry licensures or certifications if applicable. For example; registered nurse, CNI or ASE certifications. 7

8 The school still may offer the regular non- ATC course at the high school. ATC approval is related to community college faculty requirements; SBEC certification is related to high school teacher requirements. 8

9 No Transcripts and three year work history verified by state ATC office Yes Baccalaureate degree or higher in the teaching discipline Unrelated baccalaureate degree Yes No Associate degree in the teaching discipline Yes Ineligible Yes State teacher certificate in the teaching discipline verified by ATC office Yes Eligible No degree No 9

10 ATC PART I General instruction Two hours minimum (on line) ATC PART II Course-specific instruction One hour minimum per college course TRAINING REQUIRED BY the TEA EVERY THREE YEARS. 10

11 Both ATC Part I and Part II MUST be completed before the 3rd Friday in September deadline 11

12 There are two main types of articulation: Program articulation  Tech Prep programs Course articulation  Local articulation  Statewide articulation 12

13 Local Course Articulation Agreements are:  Course-to-course agreements between one high school or school district and one college or college district system. 13

14 Statewide Course Articulation is:  A statewide agreement between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas Education Agency.  A state-designed, advanced college placement program, the Advanced Technical Credit Program (ATC). 14

15 Statewide Articulation allows students to:  Attend any of a variety of participating colleges.  Save time and money. 15

16 Statewide Articulation is NOT Tech Prep Statewide Articulation IS  One element of College Tech Prep.  One method to earn college credit in high school. 16

17  A federally funded initiative  Seamless, non-duplicative education  Participation leads to post secondary program enrollment 17

18 Tech Prep AAS degrees by area Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Source: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Mechanics 8% Protective Services 6% Drafting & Manufacturing 10% Engineering Related 12% Health 16% Business 23% Computer Science 10% Family Sciences 6% All Others 9% 18

19 Course Requirements  Content-enhanced beyond TEKS  College-level course competencies define expected student outcomes  Courses = at least 1 credit 19

20 Teacher Requirements  Teacher credentials  Official Transcripts submitted to ATC Office.  ATC training and approval 20

21  Junior or senior year completion of sequence  Grade of at least 80%…...And  Enroll in a related technical degree program  Enroll within 15 months of graduation (time may be extended)  Credit awarded on enrollment? (however, a college may elect to require up to six credit hours) 21

22 Obstacles:  Not all colleges are participating.  Not all courses or programs are offered at all colleges.  HS courses must be applied to a two-year technical program to receive credit. 22

23 Student enrolls at community college Not eligible for College credit Passed with 80+ %? Sequence Completed in Jr or Sr year if needed? No Yes Within 15 months of graduation? No Yes Declared technical major? No Yes Student receives college credit Optional - 6 hrs non-developmental credit? Yes No Student completes enhanced HS ATC course or sequence 23

24 Student A Earns an 80% in BUSMGT (1 credit) in the 9th grade AND Takes no other related career and technology courses 24

25 Student A is not eligible because a sequence has not been completed in their junior or senior year. 25

26 Student B Earns a 90% in BUSIM1 (1 credit) in the 9th grade AND Earns an 80% in BUSIM2 (1 credit) in the 12th grade 26

27 Answer to Student B: Student B will get credit for both courses…a sequence was completed in the junior or senior year. 27

28 Student C Earns an 80% in PRINHLSC (1 credit) in the 9th grade. AND Earns an 80% in ADVWELD (1 credit) in the 11th grade. (and takes no other ATC courses) 28

29 Answer to Student C: Student would not be eligible for credit for PRINHLC because they did not take any ATC courses related to PRINHLC in their junior or senior year. They are eligible for credit in ADVWELD. Answer #3 29

30   When a course is not offered by at least five community colleges and/or school districts across the state, the State Leadership Committee may recommend the removal of the course.  Any course(s) to be added or removed from the Crosswalk MUST be approved by the State Leadership Committee prior to any change being made. 30

31 Athena M. Friday-Black Program Manager ATC (281) 290-2848 31

32 Stephen F. Austin State University Dr. Bill Wilson ATC Program Coordinator Krista Guerrero ATC Assistant Program Coordinator 32

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