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International Students 101 “The Impact & Implications of Financial Aid on International Students”

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1 International Students 101 “The Impact & Implications of Financial Aid on International Students”

2 The Impact & Implications of Financial Aid… on incoming international students…

3 Types / categories of incoming international students F-1 students (J-1 + other visas which allow study…) Asylee Permanent Resident Undocumented students Consider the requirements for admission of each category… Regulatory issues & college / university policies… Use checklists to inform students of requirements & process.

4 Information for International Students…

5 Posting financial aid information… Post details about costs on college website Be clear, concise, and realistic Include financial aid award in acceptance letter with immigration documents

6 Publicizing financial aid policies…



9 International students & requirement for sufficient funds In compliance with immigration, students who apply for F-1 student visas must demonstrate the ability to support themselves through sufficient funds for a minimum of the first year’s tuition and living expenses. Campus / university financial aid application w/ supporting documents College Board Application for Financial Aid Aid from institution + Available funds = Expenses

10 Supporting documents to demonstrate sufficient funds Documents required to demonstrate proof of financial support may include… Sponsorship letter with verification from bank Notarized letters from parents or sponsors with certified bank statements

11 International Students & Employment On-campus employment & visa regulations Off-campus employment & authorization requirements… CPT, OPT, economic hardship Employment, either on- or off-campus, requires an application for a social security number...

12 International Students & Social Security Numbers… Benefits for students Requirements for application –Immigration documents –Letter from supervisor & college DSO (designated school official) Your local Social Security Administration Office > SSN required for MO driver’s license or MO State ID (Or letter from SSA stating ineligibility)

13 Filing Taxes as an “NRA” International students may or may not be “non- resident aliens” for tax purposes and should file taxes when appropriate… –Employed during tax year of filing –Received a taxable scholarship (Scholarship which is over the cost of tuition and required fees; Most often these are scholarships which cover room & board.) Working with your campus Business Office IRS > Worksheets / instructions for students

14 Tax Assistance for International Students…


16 Health insurance for international students Regulations & campus requirements –Service to your students to enable access to health care in an expensive American health care system –Liability issues –Medical evacuation & repatriation of remains benefits Working with your campus clinic Community considerations

17 Health insurance for international students Companies which specialize in policies for international students… Summit America The Lewer Agency, Inc. HTH Worldwide Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) T.W. Lord & Associates

18 Other financial concerns relating to hosting international students… Housing & meal programs for in-between semester breaks, summers, other holidays when the college / university may be closed Summer employment Financial aid / assistance for “emergencies”

19 The Impact & Implications of Financial Aid… on outgoing (study abroad) international students…

20 Study Abroad Students & Financial Aid… Study abroad programs… –Affiliated vs. Non-affiliated / non-institutional –Exchange programs, Direct-enrollment, Third- party providers –Faculty-led off-campus programs (post-term, spring break, summer, semester…)

21 Study Abroad Students & Financial Aid… Study abroad programs & important considerations… –Financial aid Government Aid & the FAFSA > Grants & Loans Private Aid –Billing & other Business Office arrangements Direct-billing

22 Resources in international education… Networking with your colleagues, both on your campus and at other institutions Organizations & Professional development opportunities –MASFAP –NAFSA: Association of International Educators –IIE: Institute of International Education –Many others…

23 Resources in international education… Listservs & discussion groups Blogs Publications & e-Publications See eduPASS / Financial Aid for International Students See Financial aid, loans, and scholarship search engines See handout.

24 The Impact & Implications of Financial Aid on International Students Your Questions…

25 Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Winston Churchill

26 Thanks so much for attending today! Aimee Bristow Director of Financial Aid Westminster College (Fulton, MO) 573-592-5364 Tonya Veltrop Director of International & Off-Campus Programs Westminster College (Fulton, MO) 573-592-5182


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