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Presented by: Julie Tritt Schell Fall 2005 E-rate Training Workshop for Beginners.

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2 Presented by: Julie Tritt Schell Fall 2005 E-rate Training Workshop for Beginners

3 2 Agenda 115 slides in 180 minutes = 1.5 min/slide History of Program Rules/Eligibility Issues Process, Step-by-Step Completion of Forms = 12 - 1 What does * Mean?

4 3 What is E-rate? Telecommunications Act of 1996 established “Universal Service Discount Program for Schools and Libraries” Annual $2.25 billion program Provides 20-90% discounts on telecommunications services, Internet access, and internal connections Fund made up from charges on your phone bills Most public libraries, public and private K-12 schools, including charters and vo-techs are eligible

5 4 Who Administers E-rate?* FCC Created program and its rules USAC Universal Services Administrative Company Created by FCC to run E-rate and other universal service programs Pays invoices SLD Schools and Libraries Division Entity within USAC that runs E-rate Makes no policy decisions

6 5 Why is PDE involved? PA schools and libraries apply along side 30,000 other schools and libraries in U.S We want to make sure you know how to complete forms, etc so you can get $ you deserve PDE does not administer program, they simply provide information and conduct workshops for applicants

7 6 Fair Warning! E-rate is not an easy process Only for the strong willed and determined Long process, a lot of paperwork, some frustration Patience is needed, in addition to diligence in reading correspondence Rewards can be great Never ever try to cheat the program

8 7 Rules and Reasons Random audits over last 2 years found that 70%+ of applicants were in violation of program rules Several high-profile cases of WFA Congressional hearings held $11 million dedicated to audits next year 1000 additional mini-audit site visits being conducted annually Result… 95% of applicants that AREN’T cheating the program are now required to comply with additional rules designed to close the loopholes Remember: If it is too good to be true, it probably is!

9 8 Getting Organized E-rate Binder contains everything: Forms, Instructions, Samples Tips, checklists, contact sheets Powerpoint handouts Timeline Rule 1 – Get Organized Create your Own Year 9 Binder Keep copies of all forms, letters, bids, correspondence, etc. Important!

10 9 E-rate Admin Acronyms Client Service Bureau (CSB) E-rate “Help Desk” where applicant & service providers can get answers to questions Accessed via toll-free number Technical Client Service Bureau (TCSB) Team answering technical questions about eligible services & program rules. Also accessed via same toll-free number. CSB will refer you to this area. Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Team that reviews every application for compliance w/FCC rules. Everyone receives calls from PIA before funding

11 10 Resources to Remember* SLD web site: SLD CSB: 888-203-8100 PA E-rate listserve use notecard to sign-up PA E-rate website:

12 11 Applicants Must use E-rate Entity Number in order to participate One for every building in your district or library All applicants already have unless it’s a new building Must have FCC Registration Number (FCCRN)* Just for billed entity All applicants should have obtained in Yr 7 Must have NCES code (schools) or FSCS (libraries) Listed on PA E-rate website under Helpful Documents Leave blank if non exists

13 12 Service Providers* Must obtain Service Provider Identification Number in order to participate (9 digit #) Info on SLD web site under Vendor Area Service Provider/SPIN Search on SLD web site Not required to pay into Fund to get SPIN Only telecom carriers must pay Only sign contracts with providers that have SPIN Providers should update contact info on Form 498, Block 11 File Form 473 (SPAC) annually to USAC to get paid

14 13 Funding Priorities Needed because demand exceeds cap of $2.25 billion Priority One: Telecommunications and Internet Access All approved-inside the window-likely to be funded Priority Two: Internal Connections / Basic Maintenance of IC Funds go first to neediest applicants (90% discount level), then to others in order of discount until funds are exhausted Year 1 -- funded to 70% Year 2 – all approved applications funded Year 3 – down to 82% Year 4 – down to 87% Year 5 – down to 81% Year 6 – down to 70% - significant rollover funds Year 7 – down to 81% Year 8 – only at 90% so far

15 14 Funding Priorities What does this mean? Always apply for all telecommunications services and Internet access Make judgement call on internal connections depending on discount level and time available to complete application

16 Exactly what services ARE and are NOT eligible?

17 16 Eligible Telecom Services MUST be provided by regulated telecommunications carrier Must have Y on SPIN search Basic Telecom Services Local, long distance & voice mail Advanced Telecom Services T-1, ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN, lit fiber, etc. Satellite services and leased dishes Including most taxes and surcharges!

18 17 Eligible Telecom Services, cont. Wireless Services Cellular service – all staff eligible Paging service Calling cards Not pre-paid cards Centrex, custom calling features Installation fees OK Can be installed before funding year begins so services are ready by July 1 Limited to priority 1 services

19 18 Ineligible Telecom Services Sharing of bandwidth 900 Calls Payphones Cost of not-publishing phone numbers Cost of additional directory listings End user equipment (phones, beepers, cell phones, fax machines, etc.) VOIP as an actual service

20 19 Tariffed Services/MTM* Services that are purchased mainly from a phone company, such as T1 OR Monthly services such as cell or Internet Access For which no contract is signed Must competitively bid every year, regardless of competition in your area for those services E-rate does not recognize multi-year tariffs… these must be contracts.

21 20 Fiber Networks* Dark Fiber (unlit) is not eligible Lit Fiber is eligible … IF Modulating electronics are bundled with the lease cost of the fiber Applicant will never own fiber Applicant cost allocates any lease of fiber that isn’t being used in that funding year.

22 21 Internet Access Eligible: Subscription fee to ISP E-mail Firewall fees Webhosting – be careful! Internet bandwidth Ineligible: Filtering Any remote access outside school property to internet Blackberry services presumed ineligible

23 22 On-premise, Priority 1 Equipment* Permitted if bundled from telco or ISP Must certify: No applicant ownership – ever No exclusive use LAN functions without use of equipment Service provider maintains equipment Not applicant

24 23 Eligible Internal Connections Network and phone wiring Routers Switches Hubs Network servers Video codecs System operating software Wireless Access Points Private branch exchange (PBXs) Firewalls Anything needed for transport – not end user devices Installation of eligible internal connections “Basic” Maintenance contracts on eligible internal connections New category for basic maintenance on 470/471

25 24 Ineligible Internal Connections Network management s/w Routers used for remote access Curriculum software Phones, beepers Owned WANs Salaries of SD staff to install or maintain network or components Any equipment used for remote access to network or Internet Personal computers FAX machines Asbestos removal Cameras Electrical wiring Teacher training

26 25 Eligibility Issues* Purchased Wide Area Networks (WANs) are not E- rate eligible. If leased from a regulated telecommunications provider then it’s eligible as a Telecommunications Service Local Area Networks (LANs) are eligible SLD has made the WAN/LAN distinction as follows: If the network crosses a public right-of-way, it’s considered a WAN. Connections considered LANs: computer to computer classroom to classroom building to building on the same campus that does not cross a public right-of-way

27 26 Gotcha! Words to Never Use 2-way Radios/walkie- talkie (direct connect OK as a cell service) Filtering Network monitoring Directory advertising/listings Cellular phones Management Redundancy Helpdesk 24 hour technical support Insurance policies Remote access

28 Questions about Eligibility Issues?

29 28 Application process at a Glance*

30 29 Year 9 Details For services rendered 7/1/2006 - 6/30/2007 Application process has begun! Write tech plan now File 470 now File 471 when window opens (normally beginning of November) Window normally closes first week in February Must be inside window to be funded

31 30 You Must Have a Technology Plan!* Five SLD technology plan criteria H Goals and Strategies for using technology H Needs Assessment H Professional Development H Budget – including sources of funding  Evaluation Must align with 470 request for services Must be “written” before 470 is filed Must cover full 12 months of NEXT funding year

32 31 Technology Plans, cont. Vendors cannot write or approve technology plans No tech plan required for basic phone service or long distance (includes cell and voice mail) Centrex is not basic phone service Be sure to include dates of tech plan! Get approval letter by July 1 then Print/Maintain Approval Letter Tech plans approved for no more than 3 years Certify on 486 who approved plan Can amend technology plan if yours is not specific enough

33 32 Competitive Bidding Everyone must do it Even if no competition in your area Even if bidding under state law Must be done when signing any new contracts Must be done each year for all tariffed/MTM services Bidding on web site does not exempt you from bidding under state law Can be done simultaneously Only exception is if someone bid it for you (PEPPM)

34 33 Competitive Bidding on SLD web site using Form 470* File Form 470 any time to begin procurement process Listserve reminder sent out Should align with technology plan Provide as much detail as possible so bidders can respond – a mini RFP If you have an RFP, list where it can be obtained, AND provide description of what’s in RFP Make sure you list possibility of multi-year contract and/or contract with voluntary extensions Vendors cannot help with RFP/470 process

35 34 Form 470 File online Posted on SLD web site 28-days Must have form posted on web at least 29 days before the Form 471 window close (example: Feb 4 close = Jan 7 deadline) Don’t wait this long File 470 by Thanksgiving, if possible Mail certification page to SLD ASAP unless eCertifying Read the Instructions!

36 35 Get 470 Information Immediately!* Posted 470 available on SLD web site to view Upper right corner of online application shows: Posting date of application Earliest date that your contract can be signed and thus 471 submitted Date that certification page was received at the SLD View and print immediately after posting SLD also sends this info in Receipt Notification Letter*

37 36 Next: Bid Evaluation* After 470 is posted for at least 28 days, review all bids received for all services Cannot consider “free services” such as “I’ll give you 20 computers if you purchase my service” Cannot consider ineligible services in price evaluation factor Can be considered in another category Keep documentation of criteria used to select vendor Keep all winning and losing bids Retain all correspondence between applicant and all vendors (winning and losing)

38 37 Choosing the Winning Bid Applicant must to pick “most cost-effective bid” Cost doesn’t have to be only factor, but must be most heavily weighted factor For example, if you have 3 bid evaluation criteria, price must be at least 34% of total weight. Examples of other specified factors: Prior experience Personnel qualifications Technical excellence Management capability Cost of switching providers Etc.

39 38 Signing E-rate Contracts* Signing Contracts/Selecting Provider must be done before you submit 471 Be careful not to make any decisions, sign anything or file any forms during 28 day waiting period. Contracts must be signed and dated by both parties Must sign contracts unless tariff or MTM service If selecting PEPPM, no contract needed, but you must be able to explain why you chose reseller A over reseller B

40 39 Signing E-rate Contracts* List contract extensions and contract expiration dates These also must be listed in RFP or 470, Item 7b Include non-E-rate funding out clauses Separate internal connections/wiring portions of contracts for highest discount schools

41 Questions about Bidding / Form 470 / Bid Evaluation / Signing Contracts?

42 41 Next: Filing the 471 Very important form Watch listserve for reminders Filed by entity that actually pays the bills Shows discount calculations Requests discounts (funding) Describes services ordered and details contract information Must be filed at least 29-days after posting Form 470 eCertify!! Or submit signed certification page ASAP (postmarked within window)

43 42 What is My Discount?* Two criteria make up discount: Poverty Location

44 43 Poverty – NSLP Data* Based on National School Lunch Program Eligibility Eligibility based on % of student whose family’s income is within 185% of federal poverty level Doesn’t matter if school serves lunch or participates in NSLP AVTS and nonpublic schools use their students’ data, not sending schools’ data

45 44 Location* Urban/Rural defined by Counties Uses Metropolitan Statistical Area data Many counties in PA seem misclassified List by county in binder

46 45 Discount Matrix for Single School* % of Students Eligible for School Lunch Program Discounts

47 46 Alternative Measures to NSLP Data* Goal: Discounts based on true eligibility – not participation. 2 Ways to do this Take existing participation data and add to it Using sibling match Using existing family income data Conduct family income survey Must survey 100% of families. If 50% response rate, then OK to extrapolate the rest Maintain complete records Sample survey available* Valid for 2 years

48 47 Alternative Measures to NSLP* Also, participation in these programs also qualifies: TANF Medicaid Food Stamps Supplementary Security Income Federal public housing assistance (section 8) Low income home energy assistance (LIHEAP)

49 48 Alternative Measures* Not acceptable eligibility measures Title 1 Feeder schools method Principal’s estimate

50 49 Discount Calculations by Entity* Schools: Use straight matrix discount Districts: Use weighted average of schools’ individual discounts Library: Use the total number of students eligible for NSLP in the school district in which the library is located divided by the total number of students in that school district, then use matrix discount Library System: Uses simple average of member libraries’ discounts Consortium: Uses simple average of members’ discounts

51 50 If You Are an Individual School* Always uses straight matrix discount for single schools.

52 51 If You Are a School District* District discounts are based on weighted average discounts, based on individual school discounts.

53 52 If You are a Library Outlet/Branch or Library System*

54 53 If You Are a Consortium*

55 Questions about Discount Calculations?

56 55 Form 471 Filing Tips File and certify online! Multiple forms OK No one-to-one correlation with 470 required Meaning, you can have (1) 471, but (3) 470’s. All services listed on 471 must have been listed on a 470

57 56 30% Rule - Important 30% or more of FRN Ineligible SLD will deny entire request 29% or less of FRN is Ineligible SLD will attempt to remove ineligible costs and approve only eligible costs Why? SLD Time Allocation Issues

58 57 Cost Allocation Guidelines* If service or component is part eligible/part ineligible: Must perform cost allocation based on percentage of function that is eligible Cannot request discounts on ineligible portion Can subtract ineligible costs before 471 OR Can subtract ineligible costs on 471, Block 5 Cannot list any ineligible service/component on attached description of services. Example: networks shared by district and community (ineligible) organization

59 58 Item 21: Description of Services* Probably most crucial piece of 471 Part of form used to deny applications Never, ever list an ineligible item PIA will call applicants with specific questions Must have separate description for each FRN (funding request) Detailed list of products with associated prices that add up to funding request Maintenance request showing equipment being maintained

60 59 Item 21 Attachments – Paper* Provide enough information, but not too much Identify each attachment Be sure to mail with signature page or fax to SLD Not required to be postmarked or faxed within window, but should do so a few days after window closes Copies of bills if ongoing service, and explanation if request exceeds documented costs Quote sheet from service provider if new tariff or month-to-month service -- Itemized details of one-time costs associated with Internet access or telecommunications services Copies of contract

61 60 Item 21: New Online Description of Services* Consistent format Don’t need to submit bills or contracts But must have available and may be asked to submit during application review Should speed processing of application Online Demo (if available)

62 61 471 Certifications - Important Have secured access to all non-eligible resources (computers, training, software, maintenance, etc) Tech plan written (covering all 12 months) Carefully considered all bids Selected most cost effective solution with price being primary factor Complied with state procurement laws Won’t resell services or products Will retain all documents for 5 years

63 62 471 Certs, cont. Authorized to submit application Acknowledge that if you lie or cheat that you’ll be disbarred from program and prosecuted Have cost-allocated out any ineligible functions or components Haven’t violated 2/5 rule Non-discounted portion won’t be paid or waived by service provider Nothing free offered by service provider

64 63 Paying Non-Discounted Portion If your discount is 65%, you MUST have the ability to pay the remaining 35% Cannot come from outside source Must have the nondiscounted portion in budget Many vendors will say they can get a “grant” for this amount – NOT PERMITTED 90% discount applicants beware.

65 64 Paying for Non-Eligible Resources* Applicant must certify that they can also pay for the non-E-rate eligible items that are needed to effectively use the E-rate eligible services/equipment Future budget tally now required on 471, Item 25b If you file multiple Forms 471 for this funding year, you must calculate your total budgeted amount allocated for these resources and enter that total on Item 25d of each Form 471.

66 65 Item 25d, cont. Hardware Such as computers, printers, fax machines, video equipment, scanners, CD-ROM drives, and application servers Professional development Such as ongoing technology-related training for technical staff, teachers and/or librarians Software Such as end-user applications Maintenance Such as systems maintenance and operations costs for ineligible hardware and software and salaries of technical staff Retrofitting Such as electrical wiring, asbestos removal, building modifications, renovations, and repairs.

67 Questions on Form 471?

68 67 Next: SLD Sends 471 Receipt Acknowledgment Letter (RAL)* Confirms receipt Verifies block 5 information Confirms successful data entry of application into SLD system Example in binder Service provider receives similar letter when they are listed as SPIN on 471 Make corrections, if any, and fax back to SLD ASAP Cannot ask for more $

69 68 Next: Application moves to Program Integrity Assurance (PIA) Review* Checks for rule compliance – Audit phase Eligible Services Eligible Entities Appropriate discount Almost everyone receives a PIA call Document contacts with PIA May be sent to Selective Review Process Copies of budget, tech plan, all correspondence, winning and losing bids, bid evaluation process and documentation, etc.

70 69 Next Step? Wait Return PIA calls within 7 days Ask for extension if absolutely necessary E-mail Julie if you’re not sure how to answer a question Watch PA E-rate listserve and mail to see which wave of funding you’re in!

71 70 Next: SLD Sends Funding Commitment Decision (FCDL) Letter!* Tells you which funding requests (block 5’s) of Form 471 are approved or denied Provides information for Form 486 Can appeal if you don’t agree with your decision Must do so within 60 days Can appeal to the SLD for their errors, or FCC if policy decision. If SLD denies, can appeal to the FCC within 60 days

72 71 Next: Applicant Files 486* Must be postmarked no later than: 120 calendar days after the Service Start Date featured on the Form 486 or 120 calendar days after the date of the Funding Commitment Decision Letter whichever is later. Signifies that it’s OK for SLD to pay any invoices for that FRN Lists who approved tech plan Certifies CIPA compliance Submit online (using pdf version – not interview) Most information contained on FCDL Use 07/01/2006 as service start date for Yr 9 Usually Oct. 28

73 72 CIPA* Filtering and Internet Safety Policies Required for any school or library receiving: Either Internal connections or Internet access Recipients of only Telecommunications services are exempt from E-rate CIPA compliance Consortium members submit Form 479 to consortium leader certifying compliance Details in binder

74 73 How do YOU get E-rate $? Two choices Discounts on bills OR Reimbursement process Must select one or the other for entire year Try to determine choice in contract or prior to choosing service provider Now a non-binding choice on 470 If you want discounted bills, call provider as soon as you are funded

75 74 Discounted Billing Method* Discounts appear on applicant’s bill Service providers submit Form 474. the Service Provider Invoice Form (SPIF)* Provider should get reimbursed by SLD within 60 – 90 days from date of submission. Applicants do nothing except make sure they are getting discounts they deserve on bills. Do the math!

76 75 Reimbursement Method* Applicant pays bill in full Applicant submits Form 472 – BEAR Form for reimbursement* Quarterly, semi-annually, or at end of year Complete one BEAR for each SPIN Must contain SPIN signature on last page Send or fax to SPIN SPIN will mail or fax back  AT&T has signed copy on web Must be submitted by Oct. 28 (following funding year) for recurring services; by Jan. 28 for non-recurring services.

77 76 Reimbursement Method, cont. SLD approves BEAR and sends approval letter to vendor and copy of letter to applicant SLD then waits 20 days and sends check to SPIN SPIN must send check to applicant within 20 days Call SLD if: You don’t get a check in a timely manner after receiving approval letter or SPIN takes too long to sign BEAR

78 77 Invoicing Scrutiny Auditors found that many applicants were: Substituting products or services without receiving E- rate approval Not basing reimbursement requests on actual bills Result: BEAR and SPIF invoices are being heavily scrutinized Be careful not to switch services/products in mid- funding year. If so, seek clarification whether it’s allowable. If it is, get official permission from the SLD SLD may ask you to sign service cert for SPIF SLD may ask for copies of bills for BEAR

79 78 Quarterly Disbursement Reports Sent only to applicants Authorized person Billed Entity (BEN) address Contains all invoice (Form 472 and Form 474) payment authorization amounts for the Billed Entity for all funding years approved during that quarter 78

80 79 Optional Form 500* File Form 500 to either: Change a service start date or a contract expiration date Cancel or reduce a funding commitment Warning: reductions or cancellations of funding commitments are irreversible But: Auditors are citing applicants for leaving significant $ on the table and not filing a Form 500

81 Questions? Funding Commitments / Form 486 / CIPA / Reimbursements / Discounted Billing?

82 But wait! There’s more!

83 82 Changing Service Providers* Can change providers Only after receiving funding commitment letter Must write a letter to the SLD requesting change Must certify that you are permitted in your contract and by state law to do so, and that you have informed your current provider. Sample letter/form in binder Can also submit on web at “Submit a Question” Can request to split an FRN Allocate $ to 2 providers in same funding year

84 83 eCertification* If a person signed a previous 470, 471 or 486, SLD will be mailing you a new PIN in early November. PIN then may be used to 470, 471, 486 Forms PIN is given to a person and is specific to that entity. Not given to an entity Must accept terms/conditions before use Can change PIN to your own password 6-8 characters, at least 1 special character (*&%$#@) Applicants are highly encouraged to use their PINs Previous PINs will be discarded eventually

85 84 Document Retention* Rules now require all applicants to retain ALL E-rate and related documents for 5 years from last day of service in a particular funding year If auditor visits in 4 years, and documents are missing, it will be the basis to recover all funding from that funding year

86 85 Documents to Retain* Tech plan and approval letter Consultant agreements RFP and proof of publication date All vendor correspondence Winning and losing bids Professional development records Contracts signed by both parties NSLP documentation Budgets Purchase orders Packing slips Asset or inventory records Installation records Invoices Proof of payment to SLD

87 86 2/5 Rule* An entity may only receive discounts 2 out of every 5 years for internal connections Doesn’t include basic maintenance Building level, not district level Plan accordingly to maximize discounts “Strikes” related to FCDL, not 471 or invoices

88 87 Transfer of Equipment* E-rate funded equipment must remain at approved site for 3 full years after installation After which it may be moved to another eligible location, providing documentation is retained describing transfer If school or library closes, equipment may be moved to another entity, regardless of discount Must send letter to SLD outlining closing of school and transfer of equipment Must keep documentation regarding transfer for 5 years

89 88 Service Substitutions* SS required when a change is made to any service on your approved 471, Item 21 attachments After FCDL issued Applicant must seek SLD approval which meets all of these conditions: The substituted services or products have the same functionality as the services or products contained in the original proposal. The substitution does not result in an increase in the requested pre- discount amount. (The substitution amount may be higher, but will only be funded at the amount originally approved.) The substitution does not violate any contract provisions or state or local procurement laws. The substitution does not result in an increase in the percentage of ineligible services or functions. The substitution is consistent with the establishing Form 470 posting and original RFP, if any.

90 89 Red Light Rule/FCCRN* Says if a service provider or applicant owe $ to the feds, no E-rate $ will be paid until all debts are cleared Must now have FCCRN for billed entity, in addition to E-rate entity number Most entities’ FCCRNs are now in SLD system Ask service provider if they are on red-light list

91 90 Consortia* Letters of Agency Follow standards listed on website Name of consortium leader, consortium member name, type of service, signature, date and title of people signing document. Sample LOA available for review Must be dated before filing of Form 471 Avoid common pitfalls: Didn’t specify type of service (can’t just say “E-rate eligible services”) Forgot to sign and/or date LOA.

92 91 E-rate Consultants Not a bad idea if complex application Be certain that the consultant: Is in constant communication with you Provides you with copies of all forms Provides you with periodic updates on your applications Does not sign your forms Does not have any relationships with vendors Sign Letter of Agency

93 92 Data Retrieval Tool* Most data on SLD website, using DRT Download who state, by SPIN, by entity, etc Updated nightly Shows: Entity info / 471# / FRN # / 470 # / SPIN if FRN funded whether 486 was submitted last date to invoice original requested amount & committed amount discount invoice paid and by what mode etc.

94 93 Let’s Talk Katrina FCC will open a special 2005 “E-rate window for Katrina-affected entities.” All entities will receive highest discount (90%?) Proposed $130+ million Rollover funds? Year 8 internal connections funding? Waiver of almost all deadlines and record-keeping requirements for affected entities. Entities receiving Katrina evacuees will be able to raise discounts in Year 8. Affected States want: More money Expedited priority for future years’ requests

95 94 Impact of Katrina Window Year 8 Further slow review and commitments b/c of implementation of Katrina window? Eat into internal connections $? Will SLD rescind announcement that IC will go to 87% applicants? Year 9 Delay 471 filing window? Delay processing and funding of non-Katrina applications? Will there be any internal connections $ for any non- Katrina-related entities?

96 95 Future of E-rate - FCC New FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin Appears to be supportive of E-rate Released Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) Asks for comments on sweeping changes Formula to Schools/Libraries? What forms could be eliminated? What else should be changed? Comments due Oct. 18/Replies due Dec. 19 Easy to file!

97 96 Future of E-rate - Congress House Commerce Committee’s Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee soon to release findings of major E-rate probe Anticipated to propose major changes Won’t be pretty Reauthorization of Telecom Act of 96 Is E-rate still needed? Should some services NOT receive discounts? Aren’t all the schools/libraries wired by now? Is broadband for schools more important than affordable broadband for communities? Who should pay into the fund ISPs? Internal connections vendors?

98 97 Year 8: Remaining Issues Many PA applicants still not funded for Yr 8, priority 1 If you’re listed as “certified – in window”, you’re fine After receiving FCDL, file Form 486 Ask vendors to set up discounted bills, if wanted File BEARs if paying 100% of bills File for SPIN change if providers change

99 98 Application process at a Glance *

100 Questions?

101 Time to take an E-rate Quiz

102 101 E-rate Quiz You must have the non- discounted share of the service in your budget? True False

103 102 E-rate Quiz You don’t need a contract for any tariffed service. True False

104 103 E-rate Quiz A school must use NSLP participation to calculate discounts. True False

105 104 E-rate Quiz Under the FCC rules of priority, who receives E-rate funding first? 1. Everyone who applies for telecom services and internet access 2. Applicants with discounts of 90% 3. Applicants who have never applied before

106 105 E-rate Quiz Which of these services is not eligible for E-rate discounts? 1. Basic phone service 2. T1 lines 3. Leased satellite dishes 4. Voice mail 5. Filtering

107 106 E-rate Quiz Which of these instances of remote internet access is eligible for E-rate discounts? A teacher dials-in from home to District’s computer system to access the Internet. The superintendent dials-in from a conference to the District’s computer system to access the Internet. The technology director uses her Blackberry phone to access the internet from home.

108 107 E-rate Quiz E-rate contracts may be signed on or after what day? 1. 1 st day after 470 is posted to web 2. 28 th day after 470 is posted to web 3. Anytime 4. 29 th day after 470 is posted to web

109 108 E-rate Quiz A Form 470 is not required if you bid under state law. Contracts may be voluntarily extended if such extensions were listed in the 470/RFP OR in the contract? True False True False

110 109 E-rate Quiz A Form 486 is used to: 1. Return unused funds to the SLD 2. Request discounts 3. Post requests to SLD web site 4. Tell the SLD to turn on funding/CIPA certification

111 110 E-rate Quiz The 486 must be submitted by July 1. True False

112 111 E-rate Quiz For recurring services, the BEAR Form (472) must be submitted by: November 4 January 16 July 1 October 28

113 112 E-rate Quiz An applicant-owned WAN is not eligible. True False

114 How Did You Do?

115 Now that you know the rules… Let’s complete the forms, step-by-step

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