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ERDF Schemes Operational Programme I 2007-2013 ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation)

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1 ERDF Schemes Operational Programme I 2007-2013 ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation)

2 Overview 1.The Malta Enterprise ERDF Schemes 2.The ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme 3.The Application Form 4.The Notes to Applicants 5.Contact Details

3 1. The Malta Enterprise ERDF Schemes The objectives for each scheme are outlined below: International Competitiveness – to support enterprises tap into new markets. Small Start-up – to facilitate the setting up and growth of innovative knowledge based small start-up enterprises. e-Business Development – to assist SMEs make use of ICT in their daily business operations. Innovation Actions (Environment) – to support SMEs invest in environmentally-friendly technologies. Innovation Actions (Innovation) – to support SMEs develop innovative processes, products and services. R & D Grants – to assist enterprises invest in industry driven projects to be in a better position to develop new products and processes.

4 ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) Incentive Guideline

5 2. Incentive Guideline -Aim -Eligible Sectors -Ineligible Sectors -The Scheme -Eligible Costs -Additional Provisions

6 2. Incentive Guideline Aim: To help SMEs meet today’s business challenges by stimulating innovative processes, products and services and organisational innovations.

7 2. Incentive Guideline Eligible Sectors: Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

8 2. Incentive Guideline Ineligible Sectors:  Government controlled or owned entities  Undertakings engaged in:  the primary production of agricultural products  the retail sector  tourism activities  the coal industry  the steel industry  the gaming industry  shipbuilding  financial services  the synthetic fibres sector  Undertakings in difficulty

9 The Scheme: Minimum Project Value: € 50,000 Co-financing of eligible costs: Type of Enterprise Co- financing Rate Minimum Grant Value Medium-sized Enterprise40%€20,000 Small Enterprise50%€25,000 SMEs active in the Transport Sector30%€15,000 2. Incentive Guideline

10 Eligible Costs: a.Consultancy Services b.Investment costs in Tangible and Intangible Assets

11 2. Incentive Guideline Eligible Costs: a.Consultancy Services i.Consultancy and services required for implementing IMTs, which include: -lean management techniques -quality management -technology watch and audits -technology transfer -business process re-engineering -benchmarking. ii.Consultancy and services required in relation to process, product or organisational innovation.

12 2. Incentive Guideline Eligible Costs: b.Investment costs in Tangible and Intangible Assets Investment costs which should result in: i.the diversification of output of the enterprise ii.a fundamental change in the overall production process.

13 2. Incentive Guideline Costs NOT considered eligible: -Refurbishing -Replacements of existing equipment / machinery -Maintenance

14 2. Incentive Guideline Additional Provisions: The following additional provisions shall apply to any costs that may be supported: i.Tangible assets shall include plant, machinery and equipment. ii.Intangible assets means assets acquired in relation to the transfer of technology and may include the acquisition of patent rights, licences, know-how or unpatented technical knowledge. iii.All assets including intangible assets must be included in the Capital Assets Register.

15 2. Incentive Guideline Additional Provisions: iv.Investments in second hand equipment are not eligible. v.Costs related to the generation of energy through renewable energy sources and energy saving measures are not eligible. vi. All funding will be based on reimbursement of eligible costs. vii.All funding must be on costs incurred by the applicant after the aid is granted. viii.All consultancy or services must be subcontracted and must not be of a continuous or periodic nature, nor relate to the enterprise’s usual operating expenditure, such as routine tax consultancy services, regular legal services or advertising.

16 ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) The Application Form

17 3.The Application Form -How to apply -Application Form Structure

18 3.The Application Form How to apply: Documents to refer to:

19 3.The Application Form -Application Form and all relevant annexes have to be type-written, signed and dated -To be deposited in the relevant Tender Box at Malta Enterprise reception, San Gwann -An acknowledgement of receipt of application will be issued upon submission of application

20 3.The Application Form Application Form Structure: a.Applicant Details b.Project Details c.Horizontal Priorities d.Annexes e.Personal Data Protection f.Declaration g.Notes to the Application Form

21 3.The Application Form a.Applicant Details: -Thorough description of the applicant and corresponding contact details, including a description of the key products and services provided and an outline of the applicant’s main markets.

22 3.The Application Form b.Project Details: -Thorough description of the innovative project, including how the project will be implemented from a HR and financial resource perspective, the expected benefits and any preparatory work already undertaken by the applicant.

23 3.The Application Form c.Horizontal Priorities: -The Horizontal Priorities of environmental sustainability and equal opportunities are cross-cutting themes defined by the EU that will be used to evaluate all projects under the ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation). -This section will request the applicant to outline how the project will address environmental sustainability issues and equal opportunities.

24 3.The Application Form d.Annexes:  Annex 1 – Project Cost  Annex 2 – Costs Breakdown – Consultancy Services  Annex 3 – Costs Breakdown – Investment Costs in Tangible and Intangible Assets  Annex 4 – Disbursement Plan  Annex 5 – Enterprise Size Declaration  Annex 6 – Audited Financial Statements  Annex 7 – Permits and Approvals  Annex 8 – Supporting Documentation

25 3.The Application Form  Annex 1 – Project Cost

26 3.The Application Form  Annex 2 – Costs Breakdown – Consultancy Services

27 3.The Application Form  Annex 3 – Costs Breakdown – Investment Costs

28 3.The Application Form  Annex 4 – Disbursement Plan

29 3.The Application Form  Annex 5 – Enterprise Size Declaration Determines the type of enterprise applying, whether it’s large, medium, small or micro enterprise and will also determine if the applying enterprise is autonomous, partner or linked.

30 3.The Application Form  Annex 6 – Audited Financial Statements The Financial Statements required are the latest full version Audited Financial Statements or the Management Accounts (Profit & Loss Statements/Income Statement and Balance Sheet/Statement of Assets and Liabilities) certified by a certified public accountant. In the case of a start-up not having the above documentation a Business Plan (which should include a Profit & Loss Account/Income Statement, Cash Flow Projections and a Balance Sheet/Statement of Assets and Liabilities) would suffice.

31 3.The Application Form  Annex 7 – Permits and Approvals Applicant will show proof of permits and approvals from relevant government entities. Projects in need of permits and approvals, should submit a copy of the application for the relevant permits with the application form. Following evaluation, the short listed applicants would need to submit such permit prior to the issuing of the Letter of Approval.

32 3.The Application Form  Annex 8 – Supporting Documentation (if applicable) Any supporting documentation (preparatory work and correspondence) need to be attached as Annex 8.

33 ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Innovation) The Notes to Applicants

34 4.The Notes to Applicants -Call for Applications -Eligibility Check -Evaluation Process -Letter of Approval

35 4.The Notes to Applicants  Call for Applications -This is a competitive call with a total budget of € 1.5 million -The call for Applications is published on ME website -Closure of Call - 12noon of Wednesday, 11 th March, 2009

36 4.The Notes to Applicants  Eligibility Check -Application shall be complete -Application shall fit one or more of the focus areas of the scheme -Applicant has honoured any obligations set by ME -Within State Aid parameters -Project need to comply with the laws pertaining to the actions being proposed -Applicant is eligible -The project will be completed within 24 months.

37 4.The Notes to Applicants Evaluation Process: i.Preliminary Evaluation (35%) -Risk Appraisal -Extent of need for support -Holistic nature of the project ii.Strategic Evaluation (65%) -Thematic Priorities -Project Impact -Innovation -Operational Programme I Indicators -Employment -Horizontal Priorities -Environmental Sustainability -Equal Opportunities

38 4.The Notes to Applicants i. Preliminary Evaluation (35%) -Risk Appraisal – 20% a.Age of organisation – 5% - the longer the enterprise has been established, the higher the score. b.The duration of the project – 5% - longer projects may carry more risk. c.Project Investment Costs vis-à-vis applicant’s Net Assets – 5% - level of financial risk. d.Commitment and capacity to implement – 5% - level of preparatory work, internal project management structures and financial resources.

39 4.The Notes to Applicants -Extent of need for support – 10% determined through the size of the enterprise and whether it forms part of a network or is a start-up. -Holistic Nature of Project – 5% - marks are awarded in line with the number of eligible actions to be implemented.

40 4.The Notes to Applicants ii.Strategic Evaluation (65%) -Thematic Priorities – 55% a.Project Impact – 25% - expected benefits from the project. b.Project Innovation – 10% - the innovative nature of the project with regards to the potential to develop new products, processes and services will be assessed. c.Operational Programme I Indicators – 10% - the degree to which the project contributes to increasing the number of SMEs launching new or improved products. d.Employment – 10% - potential to ensure job retention and create new employment in the future.

41 4.The Notes to Applicants -Horizontal Priorities – 10% a.Environmental Sustainability - 5% - project to address issues such as carbon neutrality and climate change, water, waste, air quality and nature protection where applicable. b.Equal Opportunities – 5% - involvement of disadvantaged groups in the project; increased participation of females, ensuring accessibility for all and family friendly measures.

42 4.The Notes to Applicants Letter of Approval:  Value of Grant  Respective Co-financing Rate  Details of Project and corresponding financial plans  Compliance with EU Council Regulations: -Eligible Costs -On-the-spot checks by various National and EU Audit Authorities -Retention of all documentation in a separate file up to 31/12/2020 (including the application form & annexes) -Retention of equipment as per Article 57 (1) for 5 years -Opening of a separate bank account -Conformity with publicity obligations  Only fully implemented projects will be fully reimbursed otherwise grant will be reclaimed back from the beneficiary.

43 4.The Notes to Applicants  Publicity Guidelines -The beneficiary is responsible of informing the public about the assistance obtained from the funds. -Acceptance of funding is also an acceptance of their inclusion in the publication of the list of beneficiaries, the names of the operation and the amount of funding allocated to the operation. -Commemorative plaques shall be installed indefinitely at a site accessible to the general public. -Any equipment / websites / brochures benefiting from such funding should display the corresponding logos in line with the Publicity Guidelines.

44 5.Contact Details Further information on the scheme, may be obtained by contacting Malta Enterprise during office hours. Postal Address: Malta Enterprise Enterprise Centre Industrial Estate San Gwann SGN 3000 Malta Tel: +356 2542 3432 Fax: +356 2542 3401 Website:


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