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3 Enter your Username & Password

4 First time users: Reset your Temporary Password

5 Enter your Username and type in the CAPTCHA

6 Enter “nupass” in the Old Password field.

7 Enter a New Password. The password can only be six alphanumeric characters. A password can be reset at any time but you can not use an old password. User must wait 15 minutes before logging in with the new password.


TAB FEATURES Start Application View My Saved Applications View Application Waiting for Clearance View Pending Applications View Approved Applications Denied Applications Search an application with a date

10 My Saved Applications This column will list all the applications you have started and are pending submission. Select the hyperlink to display all your Saved Applications.

11 My Saved Applications Select the Application you want to continue.
Select the Continue button NOTE: The application date is the date the Application is Submitted and not the day it is started.

12 Waiting for Clearance Submitted Application are applications pending a Case Number.
Select the hyperlink to display all your applications Waiting for Clearance. District ID has been added to identify the District responsible for the YBN application.

13 Pending Pending refers to the evaluation process needed to determine if the applicant(s) is/are eligible (Approved) or ineligible (Denied) for benefits. Select the hyperlink to display all your Pending applications.

14 Approved Applicant has been determined eligible and benefits have been approved.
Select the hyperlink to display all your Approved applications.

15 Denied Applicant has been determined ineligible and benefits have been denied.
Select the hyperlink to display all your Denied applications.

16 SAVED APPLICATIONS TAB This tab will store all the saved applications within your agency.

17 SAVED APPLICATIONS TAB This tab will store all the saved applications within your agency.
Any worker within your agency can continue a previously started application. Select the application Select the “Work On” button to continue the application.

18 Useful Website Tips The tabs will tell you the type of questions being asking. The percentage bar tells how close you are to finishing the application. You'll see some questions with a star * - next to them. You must answer these questions before you can go on to the next page. The Back button takes you to the previous page. The Need Help? button will give you our central help desk phone number. The Save button saves your current application. The Send Application button sends your application. If you click this button, it will send your application to the county office. The Next button takes you to the next page.

19 START APPLICATION Begin answering the questions in each page.
NOTE: The questions are program specific. Only questions pertaining to program selected will be asked.

20 START APPLICATION Continue the application process by answering as many questions as possible. The more questions answered the more information the Eligibility Worker will have to determined eligibility.

21 VERIFICATION UPLOAD The Verification Upload screen will allow the user to upload supporting verification(s) documents.

22 DOCUMENT TYPE The user must select the owner of each document being uploaded. The user must also select the Document Type for each document being uploaded. NOTE: Users are allowed to upload documents in jpg, png or pdf formats only and the documents cannot exceed 2 megabytes in size.

23 VERIFICATION UPLOAD The user will need to locate the designated document by selecting the “Choose File” button.

24 VERIFICATOIN SUMMARY Verification Summary will allow the user to view the document types that have been uploaded for each individual. The Delete button will allow the user the remove a document. The Yes button will allow the user to add additional documents. NOTE: Pressing the “Back” button will loose the documents selected.

25 E-SIGNATURE E-Signature must be read and signed by the applicant before the application can be submitted.

26 CONGRATULATIONS PAGE This page will appear confirming the application was successfully submitted.
User can View a summary of the application by selecting the View Summary button. User can also print a copy of the Congratulations screen by selecting the Print button.

27 VIEW SUMMARY SCREEN User has the option to print the summary screen by selecting the Print button.

28 VERIFICATION CHECKLIST Below are some of the most common needed forms.


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