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2 Acknowledgment James S. Panagis, MD, MPH
Director, Orthopaedics Program NIAMS, NIH, DHHS 6701 Democracy Boulevard, #800 Bethesda, MD (P) (F)

3 NIH 27 Institutes and Centers Budgets (FY 2005):
NIH = ~$28 Billion NIAMS = ~$511 Million > 70,000 applications in FY 2004

4 Types of Applications Unsolicited Solicited Program Announcement (PA)
Request for Applications (RFA) Request for Contracts (RFC)

5 NIH Receipt, Review & Award Cycles
Cycle I Cycle II Cycle III All New & Competing Applications February 1 June 1 October 1 Revised Proposals March 1 July 1 November 1 Scientific Review June-July Oct-Nov Feb-March Advisory Council Sep-Oct Jan-Feb May-June Earliest Start December April July

6 Funding Mechanisms Training: F 31, 32, 33
Career Development: K 01, 02, 08, 22, 23, 24, 25 P 01 P 30, 50, 60 Research: R 01, 03, 15, 21, 37 R 41, 42, 43, 44 T 32 U 01

7 Career Timeline & NIH Mechanisms
Medical School Residency Fellowship Junior Faculty Career T32 F32 K01, K08, K22, K23, R03, R21 R01, R21, K24

8 What is the Right Mechanism?
Your training & experience What you need What you would like to do (time & amount)

9 Career Development Award
“K” Awards

10 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award

11 K01 Purpose is to develop outstanding scientists
3 – 5 yrs of supervised research experience 75 % effort Ineligible if prior R01, R29, K(01,07,23), P(01,50) Salary: Salary determined by I/C NIAMS=$75,000)

12 K01 Research Dev. Support: i.e., tuition, fees & research support. Amount varies (NIAMS = $20,000) Facilities & Admin costs: Fixed at 8% Mentor should have independent research support (mentor is not salaried) Standard receipt dates

13 Mentored Clinician Scientist Development Award

14 K08 Purpose is to develop clinical research scientists
Similar format/regulations to K01 52.3% success rate

15 NIAMS Career Transition Award

16 K22 Provides training within a NIAMS intramural lab followed by support in an extramural institution Ineligible if prior R01, R29, SBIR/STTR, P01, P50, K08 Provides up to $150,000/YR for all years

17 K22 Intramural (Phase I): Salary based upon training &experience.
Extramural (Phase II): Salary up to $75,000. Can be supplemented. 75% effort. Up to $75,000 for research supplies. F & A: 8% Standard receipt dates 40.2 % success rate

18 Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Career Development Award

19 K23 Purpose is to develop clinical researchers
3 – 5 yrs of support; 75% effort Same eligibility as the other K’s Salary : Varies by I/C. May be supplemented (NIAMS = $75,000) Res. Development Support: Up to $25,000 F & A: 8%

20 K23 Mentors should have independent research support
Can not be salaried. Standard receipt dates 46.6 % success rate

21 Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development Award

22 K25 Purpose is to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in biomedical research by supporting career development experiences for scientists with quantitative and engineering backgrounds 3-5 YRS of support 75% effort Similar format/regulations as other Ks

23 NIAMS Small Grant Award for New Investigators

24 R03 Funding for pilot/preliminary data
Ineligible if previous/current large mechanism support, or NIAMS R21 Receipt dates: 2/24/05, 6/24/05, 10/24/05 Up to 3 YRS of support Up to $50,000 direct costs/YR Limited to 2 small grant awards/career Lower success rate due to # of apps

25 Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant

26 R21 Appropriate for early stages of research that are high risk because of possible failure, but if successful, may be of significant benefit 2 YRS of support; $275,000 split over the 2 yrs

27 R21 Program Announcements
PA : Exploratory/Developmental (R21) Bioengineering Research Grant (EBRG) PA : NIH Exploratory/Developmental Research Grant Award (R21)

28 Shorter Duration R01 Prove feasibility, setting stage for what to follow in a competing continuation Suggest 3 years Avoids being “overly ambitious” in an R03, or if limited preliminary data, “high risk” for a longer duration R01

29 NIH Loan Repayment Program for Clinical Researchers
Purpose: To recruit & retain clinical investigators Re-pays up to $35,000/YR of educational loan expenses for each YR of obligated service Also pays 39% of loan repayment to IRS Must agree to engage in clinical research a minimum of 2 years

30 Tips Contact NIH Program Officer (PO)
Read application instructions carefully Focus on perfecting the abstract & specific aims Communicate clearly & thoroughly Allow time for a thorough editing & proofreading Have knowledgeable colleagues review application Send in supplemental progress materials, papers Speak with NIH PO post-review Be prepared to revise in response to critique


32 Resources NIAMS Homepage:
NIH Grants Page: “Welcome Wagon”: “Getting Started at the NIH”: “Grant Writing Tips”:

33 Resources: Tutorials How to Write a Grant Application: Advice on Research Training & Career Awards: How to Write an Application Involving Animals: How to Write a Human Subjects Application: Annotated R01 Grant Application:


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