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Miscellaneous PIA Updates Catriona Ayer Train-the-Trainer Workshop September 27-29, 2004 Schools & Libraries Division.

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1 Miscellaneous PIA Updates Catriona Ayer Train-the-Trainer Workshop September 27-29, 2004 Schools & Libraries Division

2 Slide #2Schools and Libraries Division Internet Access uApplicants should be prepared to certify that the services will only be delivered to eligible users at eligible entities (i.e., students and teachers may not dial in from home to access the Internet; no community access, etc).

3 Slide #3Schools and Libraries Division Library Discounts uBeginning with FY 2003, libraries were given new direction for calculating their discounts. uStarting with FY 2005, PIA will no longer increase the library discount if the old methodology was used and resulted in a lower discount than the discount for which they are eligible.

4 Slide #4Schools and Libraries Division 30% Rule uFCC Rules specify that if 30% or more of an FRN is ineligible, then the entire FRN is denied. uApplicants must be able to support the dollars requested by showing either contracts or bills. uFudge factors are not allowed. If 30% or more of an FRN is unsubstantiated or ineligible, then the FRN is denied. uSome increases can be explained – increased use, lines, service, etc.

5 Slide #5Schools and Libraries Division New Requirements for Letters of Agency (LOAs) uA sample Letter of Agency will be available on the SLD website. uMust be signed and dated by the consortium members no later than the signature date on the Form 471. uMust also contain all of the previously required elements (name of consortium leader, name of member, type of service, timeframe, signature and title of consortium member).

6 Slide #6Schools and Libraries Division Are you authorized to file? uPIA may call the chief school or library official at the billed entity to ensure that the filing of funding requests is authorized.

7 Slide #7Schools and Libraries Division Excessive Services uRecent FCC Orders have provided additional guidance on excessive services. uRequest for support must be made on a bona fide request based on reasonable needs. u5 th Report & Order also clarifies that, where the beneficiary requests or receives an excessive level of support, USAC will deny or seek recovery of all of the funds.

8 Slide #8Schools and Libraries Division FCC Registration Numbers uAs required by the Fifth Report and Order, effective October 1, 2004 ALL entities that participate in the Schools and Libraries Support Mechanism MUST get an FCC RN, including: n Schools n Libraries n Consortium leaders n Service Providers n Consultants

9 Slide #9Schools and Libraries Division FCC Registration Numbers uNot just Billed Entities but every entity. uIf you already have an FCC RN, you do not need to get another one. uYou will need your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) uMany entities can have the same TIN (for example, individual schools in a school district). uFor employers, including state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations, the TIN is the IRS- issued Employer Identification Number (EIN).

10 Slide #10Schools and Libraries Division Applying for Your FCC RN uApply on FCC website (, then click on link for uLibraries n Select Type: State or Local Agency, then closest match for subtype (likely county or township) uPublic Schools n Select Type: State or Local Agency, then closest match for subtype (use State or Local Commission if no others match) uNon-Public Schools n Select Type: Private Sector, then closest match for subtype (use Non-Profit/Exempt Organization if no others match)

11 Slide #11Schools and Libraries Division Red Light Rule Implementation uApplications filed by Red-Lighted entities will be held, and notice will be given to the applicant of the reason for the hold. If the debt has still not been satisfied after 30 days, and no appeal is pending regarding the Red Light, the application will be dismissed. uEntities that know their FCC Registration Number and CORES password can check their status by going to the Red Light Display System at

12 Slide #12Schools and Libraries Division Non-instructional Facilities uEach non-instructional facility (NIF) must have an entity number for Funding Year 2005 applications. n NIFs should also get an FCC Registration Number uNIFs don’t have any classrooms or public access library areas n If there is a classroom or public library space in the facility, the discount is calculated as if it were a school or library, not a NIF.

13 Slide #13Schools and Libraries Division Non-instructional Facilities (cont.) uEligible Services for NIFs: n Month-to-month and tariffed services: eligible n Internal Connections: must still pass the two- part test uDiscounts for NIFs are the school district weighted average or library system average.

14 Slide #14Schools and Libraries Division IC Requests: 2 in 5 uNew category of service: Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections uAll other Internal Connections can now only be requested two out of every five years for each eligible entity. n Counting starts with FY 2005. n If requested in FY 2005, then can request again in FY 2006, but would not be eligible for IC funds in FY 2007, FY 2008 and FY 2009. n Applicable to both site-specific and shared services.

15 Slide #15Schools and Libraries Division Cost Allocation u3 rd Report & Order uCost allocation may be used if there is mixed eligibility, including significant ineligible components, when: n There is clear delineation between eligible and ineligible components. n There is tangible basis for the delineation, even if it is not based strictly on cost. n Price for the eligible portion must represent the most- effective means for receiving the eligible service.

16 Slide #16Schools and Libraries Division First-In, First-Out uApplications are eligible for review when they are certified and the Item 21 attachment has been received. uTherefore, to get reviewed early on, you need to submit all parts of the application as early as possible. uIf contacted by PIA, and you ask for an extension, your application may get set aside and other applications may be reviewed ahead of yours.

17 Slide #17Schools and Libraries Division QUESTIONS

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