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Date Using your grant funds An introduction to financial guidelines and regulations CURA Grants.

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1 Date Using your grant funds An introduction to financial guidelines and regulations CURA Grants

2 Agenda Use of grant funds –General principles –Categories & examples –Supporting documentation –Miscellaneous: Financial reporting Payments Transfers – Termination - Deferrals –Contacts

3 Use of grant funds

4 General principles – Direct costs Agency funds must contribute toward the direct costs of the research program for which the funds were awarded compensation travel and subsistence sabbatical and leaves equipment and supplies electronics dissemination services Types of direct costs

5 General principles – Indirect costs The institution provides for indirect or overhead costs facilities basic utilities office equipment insurance for equipment basic communication Types of indirect costs

6 General principles - other Effective and economic use of funds Expenses linked to research No agency policy → See insstitution’s policy Read your specific program guideline Institutions can withhold or withdraw approval of expenses Partners must follow Agency’s guidelines Avoid personal gain

7 Categories of expenses

8 Compensation Salary or stipend Consulting fees Fees paid to research subject Salary & Consulting fees to grant holder or person eligible to apply for agencies funds Administrative support Discretionary severance packages EligibleIneligible

9 Compensation Name of the person Category Salary level Length of time supported Details of employee benefits Supporting evidence requirements:

10 Travel Your grant can pay for reasonable out of pocket expenses Field work Research conferences Collaborative trips

11 Travel & Subsistence Economy air fare Living expenses Ground transportation Child care or babysitting fees Reallocation costs Visa fees Safety-related expenses Commuting home → work work →work Passport & immigration Thesis examination Reimbursement of airfare purchased with frequent flyer points EligibleIneligible

12 Travel & Subsistence Purpose of trip Dates & destinations Official supporting documentation (prospectus or program) Details of daily claims Details of vehicle used Original receipts Original air travel ticket & boarding passes Supporting evidence requirements: Countersignature by the department head or dean Separate claim for each trip Traveler’s affiliation to the grantee

13 Networking Hospitality costs Formal courtesy between grantee and guests to facilitate and contribute to the achievement of research objectives Hospitality costs Interactions with colleagues from the Institution and personnel meetings Staff awards & recognition Gifts Alcoholic beverages EligibleIneligible

14 Networking Date of the event Number of participants Purpose of the event Original, detailed receipts Supporting evidence requirements:

15 Sabbatical & leave periods All direct costs of research Travel to conferences Equipment transportation To and from sabbatical Transporting research personnel Travel for supervision Living expenses EligibleIneligible

16 Equipment & supplies Cost of equipment & supplies Brokerage & customs Extended warranty Staff training Maintenance & operating Insurance Equipment & Vehicles Space construction & rentals Renovations EligibleIneligible

17 Electronics Computers Hardware & software required for research Internet costs Home or institution Cellular phone & Personal Digital Assistant For data collection only and must obtain approval from agency Standard phone Connections & installations of lines Cellular phone, blackberry & Personal Digital Assistant Purchase or rental EligibleIneligible

18 Dissemination of Research Results Developing and maintaining Web-based information Circulation of findings Publication, page charges, etc Translation Workshop or seminar Hospitality costs for networking Eligible

19 Services & others Recruiting costs Safety waste disposal Books, periodicals, specialized office supplies If not provided by the institution Specialized training Hospitality for networking Professional association or scientific society memberships Preparation of teaching materials Regulatory compliance (ethics and environmental assessments) Education-related costs Professional training or development Monthly parking fees Regular clothing Patenting expenses EligibleIneligible

20 Miscellaneous Financial reporting –Form 300 Statement of Account – frequency –Residual Funds –Backdating expenses Payments –Frequency Transferts – Terminations - Deferrals

21 Financial Reporting F-300 Statement of Account –One as of March 31 of each year ( for Agency funding only ) Due at NSERC by June 30 (all supporting evidence retained for 7 years at the institution for monitoring visit review of transactions Residual Balances –Previous years funds –May be authorized to go to General Research Fund (GRF) Account Backdating expenses –not allowed

22 Payments Frequency –Payments are sent to institution as per TPP regulations Grants under $250K one instalment Grants over $250K up to $500K two instalments per year – 6 months interval

23 Transfers CURA grants are not transferable: – from one institution to another – from one grant to another SSHRC must be notified immediately of any changes in the administering of the grant

24 Deferrals Gov’t policy – can’t pay in advance of need must be according to cash flow requirement Differ next instalment by one or two years Cause: delays in starting award, difficulty in hiring staff Benefits: extends life of award

25 Terminations If the instution ceases to be eligible to hold a grant –Contact SSHRC to discuss Documents required: –F300 as of termination date –A detailed list of outstanding commitments made prior to termination date – including employment contracts –Phase out period 3 to 6 months

26 For addition information or any clarification please contact: Elise Milot, Manager Awards Administration 613 995-7790

27 Questions

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