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NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION Rotary Club of Hall County.

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1 NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION Rotary Club of Hall County

2 Orientation Agenda Welcome & Rotary Overview Orientation Materials Objectives Scope of Rotary Guiding Principles The Four Way Test History of the Rotary Club of Hall County Club Leadership District 6910 Financial Responsibilities The Rotary Foundation Georgia Rotary Student Program End of Year Celebrations Attendance Rotary Communication Expectations

3 Orientation Materials New Member Folder including: –Getting Started in Rotary –This is Rotary –The ABC’s of Rotary –You & Your Rotary Foundation –How to Propose a New Member –Every Rotarian / Every Year Brochure –New Member Checklist (Red Badge Program) –Personal Facts Sheet for the Club Database –List of Club Officers, Directors and Committee Assignments –What is Rotary –GRSP Brochure

4 Objectives of Orientation Appreciation and Understanding Responsibilities Answer Any Questions Final Decision

5 Proposal Process A member sponsored your application. Classification Committee verified your occupation and agreed that –You hold an important position in your organization. –You are an outstanding leader in your vocation. Membership Committee verified your personal reputation, both in business and in the community. Board of Directors approves your application for membership. Club membership approves you as a new Rotarian after your name has been presented to membership for one week.

6 Rotary is … The world’s first service club –Paul Harris founded Rotary in Chicago on February 23, 1905 –In 1911, Rotary became international establishing clubs in Canada, England and Ireland Comparable to the U.N. –1.2 million leaders –29,968 clubs –530 Districts –163 countries “Service above Self” Universally: “Never say no”

7 Guiding Principles The development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service High ethical standards worthiness and dignifying of all occupations Application of the ideal of service to personal, business, and community life Advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a united fellowship

8 The Four Way Test Rotary Standard of Excellence: The Four Way Test Of the things we think, say, or do … 1.Is it the TRUTH? 2.Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3.Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4.Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

9 History of the Rotary Club of Hall County Chartered as an evening club – Rotary Club of Hall County Sunset. Name changed to Rotary Club of Hall County on November 1, 2012 Chartered June 30, 2009 with 22 members Sponsored by The Rotary Club of Gainesville Charter President, Past District Governor Lona Pope

10 Presidents The Rotary Club Hall County PDG Lona Pope, Charter President 2008-2009 Jean Cornett, President 2009-2010 Kim Waters, President 2010-2011 Melody Marlowe, President 2011-2012 Dianne Cammarata, President 2012-2013 Pat Freeman, President 2013-2014 Paula Phillips, President 2014-2015 Sonja McLendon, President 2015-2016 Carroll Todd, President Elect 2016-2017

11 The Rotary Club of Hall County 2015-2016 Officers & Directors Sonja McLendon, President Carroll Todd, President Elect Paula Phillips, Immediate Past President Lisa McCormick, Secretary Melody Marlowe, Treasurer Louise Caudell, Club Administration Dianne Cammarata, Membership Ralph Taylor, Public Relations Lona Pope, Club Service Michael Lancaster, The Rotary Foundation

12 District Involvement David Stovall, 1994-1995 District Governor RI Theme, Be A Friend 2001 Council on Legislation Delegate 2004 International Assembly Training Coordinator 2002-2004, 2015-2017 Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, RI Zone 34 Lona Pope, 2003-2004 District Governor Lend a Hand RI Theme, Lend a Hand 2010 Council on Legislation Delegate 2010 Council on Legislation Delegate 2011-2012Vice-Chair – Training Peach State PETS 2011-2012Vice-Chair – Training Peach State PETS Dianne Cammarata, 2005-2006 District Governor RI Theme, Service Above Self 2009-2011 District Trainer 2011-2015 The Rotary Foundation Chair, District 6910 Kim Waters, District Governor Elect, 2016-2017

13 District 6910 Governor Alan Smith, District Governor 2015-2016

14 District 6910 Officers District Governor Alan Smith, R/C Thomson 2015-2016 Future District Governors: Kim Waters, R/C Hall County, 2016-2017 David W. Cooper, R/C Conyers 2017-2018 Lee Hemmer, R/C Gainesville, Assistant Governor 2015-2016

15 Be a Gift to the World Rotary International Theme 2015-2016 K. R. Ravindran, Sri Lanka President

16 Financial Responsibilities *Initiation Fee (one time) – $100 Per Year: Meals – 460.00 Dues (RI & District) - 158.00 Club Service Fee - 250.00 Rotary Foundation -100.00 GRSP -100.00 Social Events & Convention - as attended Total = $1,068.00 annually Club Dues are collected each Quarter – Quarterly dues are $267.00 after initiation fee.

17 The Rotary Foundation “OUR” Rotary Foundation Making a Difference Across the World –Paul Harris Fellowship –Sustaining Members –Benefactors –Bequest Society –Major Donors

18 Paul Harris Fellowship In 1917, at first convention in Atlanta, Rotary established an endowment. Each year Foundation funds: –Over 1,200 Ambassadorial Scholarships for study abroad. –Over 150 international projects Ex. PolioPlus generated over US$1 Billion to end polio to date –Over 150 International Volunteers –Over 300 Group Study Exchanges –Peace programs that explore conflict resolution Contribution of $1,000 or more over time, earns the Paul Harris Fellow designation. Each member to be a Sustaining Member w/ $25 qtrly.

19 Georgia Rotary Student Program GRSP Mission Statement P romote peace through understanding. E ncourage the exchange of cultural and social experiences. A dvance the ideals of Rotary. C reate opportunities for friendship. E nvision a world where peace is a reality. Anne Aaby Hansen, Denmark 2012-2013

20 GA Rotary Student Program Founded in 1946 by Georgia Rotarian Will Watt of Thomasville. GRSP awards scholarships to over 90 international students for study in Georgia’s colleges for one year. Scholarship contributes to the cost of tuition, books, room, meals and allowance for incidentals. Not related to the Rotary Foundation. Contribution of $1,000 or more over time earns the Will Watt Fellow designation. Each member to be a Sustaining Member w/$25 qrtly.

21 End of Year Celebrations District 6910 Conference Savannah, Georgia 15-17 April 2016 Rotary International Convention Seoul, South Korea 29 May – 1 June 2016

22 Rotary Protocol: Attendance Weekly attendance is a condition of membership, with make- ups available throughout the county, Atlanta and the world! There are many club members that have sustained 100% attendance for years! At least 50% attendance to be done at Hall County club. Make-up +/- 14 days –E-Club One ( –Clubs in Hall Co - 3 –You can find a club anywhere you travel in the world –Obtain a make-up slip from club or e-club visited

23 Rotary Communication Weekly Club eBulletin Rotations, District Newsletter The Rotarian, RI Magazine Web Sites: Rotary Club of Hall County District 6910 Rotary International Facebook HallCounty

24 Rotarian Action Groups A Rotarian Action Group is an autonomous group of Rotarians, family members, program participants and alumni who are experts in a particular field, such as microcredit or water and sanitation. Group members share their expertise by collaborating with clubs and districts on service projects.

25 Rotarian Fellowships Interested in a particular subject? Visit the group's website or email them to learn more. Learn more at

26 Expectations Paul Harris Sustaining (TRF) Member $25 quarterly Will Watt Sustaining (GRSP) Member $25 quarterly Benefactor Program Red Badge Program (New Member program) Meet Financial Obligations Attendance Sponsor new member Honor the 4 Way Test in all your decision making HAVE FUN!

27 It’s Up To YOU!

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