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CENTROID®. CTUCTUCTUCTU City Tech University Dream BIG..!

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2 CTUCTUCTUCTU City Tech University Dream BIG..!

3 3 Disclaimer This presentation document contains information which is proprietary to CENTROID® (Adil M Abdalla); and is intended to remain confidential, being provided for the exclusive use of the intended addressee and may be legally privileged. If you have reason to believe you are not the intended addressee(s); disclosing, copying, disseminating or otherwise taking any action in connection with this document or the information in; it is prohibited and may be unlawful. If you have reason to believe you have accessed this document in error, please notify Ethraa, comply with the foregoing warning and delete this document from your system. This document shall not constitute binding legal obligation with the company.. CENTROID®

4 4 Introduction Purpose 4 CENTROID ©


6 6 Population: 156,050,883 (July 09) Area: 143,998 sq. km. Ethnic groups: Bengali 98%, others 2% (includes tribal groups, non-Bengali Muslims) (1998) Languages: Bangla (official, also known as Bengali), English Religions: Muslim 83%, Hindu 16%, other 1% (1998) Literacy: 47.9% (2001 census) Urbanization: 27% (2008) Population living on US$1.25 a day: 22% (2005) Access to improved water sources: 97.8% (2007) Access to improved sanitation facilities: 39.2% (2006) Bangladesh Basic Facts 6 CENTROID © Education at of GDP No. of Collages No. of Universities No. of Collage Students No. of University Students 2.4% 2,543 73 1,449,229 149,340 No. of Vocational Students 188,686 No. of Vocational Centers 2,317 Ratio of Higher Educated 11.4% Annual H. Edu. Demand 250,000 Av. total Tuition Cost $ 6,500

7 7 Educational Structure Overview 7 CENTROID ©

8 8 Education in Budget Spending on Gov-Funded 8 CENTROID © 6,500 Tuition in Private University for a 4 years Degree $ 44.2% Enrollment of Share of Private Universities 77.1% Private Universities against all Universities

9 9 Necessity & Demand Statistics 9 CENTROID ©

10 10 Strategic Role University’s Overview 10 CENTROID © Academia Admin Comms Vision & Mission National Strategy Socio-Political Trends Economic Growth

11 11 Private Education Value Chain 11 CENTROID © Statuaries & Permits Statuaries & Permits Barriers & Ventures Barriers & Ventures Cost& Benefit Strategies Cost& Benefit Strategies Admin & Accreditation Education Excellence Education Excellence Culture & Branding Culture & Branding Programs & Projects Programs & Projects Funds & Investments Enrolment Policies CSR Framework CSR Framework SustainabilityQualityModelingRealization

12 12 Purpose & Target Building a Consensus 12 CENTROID © Education is A Common Cause Education is A Common Cause Education is An Enterprising Education is An Enterprising Social Return Rate (SRR) Social Return Rate (SRR) Philanthropic Fundraising Return On Investment (ROI) Return On Investment (ROI) Promoted Investments Non-Profitable Profit Generator Limited or no Returns Dividends & Returns Target Lower & Middle Class Target Upper & Middle Class

13 13 Education Business Seeds of Investment 13 CENTROID © Management Formation Initiation Initial Master Plan Initial Master Plan Promoter (Principle Investor) Promoter (Principle Investor) Regulations & Incentives Regulations & Incentives Contributors (Private Investors) Contributors (Private Investors) Enterprising Optimization BusinessOperations Enrolments (Education Buyers) Enrolments (Education Buyers) Modeling (Equities & Debts) CausePromotion

14 14 Private Universities Bangladesh 2010 Index 14 CENTROID © 1.North South University 2.University of Science and Technology, Chittagong 3.Independent University, Bangladesh 4.Central Women's University 5.Darul Ihsan University 6.International University of Business, Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) 7.International Islamic University Chittagong 8.Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology 9.American International University - Bangladesh 10.Comilla University 11.Asian University of Bangladesh 12.East - West University 13.Queens University -Bangladesh 14.The University of Asia Pacific 15.Gano Bishwabidyalaya 16.The People's University of Bangladesh 17.Dhaka International University 18.Brac University 19.Manarat International University 20.Bangladesh University 21.Leading University 22.University of Development Alternative 23.Begum Gulchemonara Trust University 24.Premier University, Chittagong 25.Sylhet International University 26.South East University 27.Stamford University 28.Daffodil International University 29.State University of Bangladesh 30.City University -Bangladesh 31.IBAIS University 32.America Bangladesh University 33.Prime University 34.Northern University - Bangladesh 35.Southern University -Bangladesh 36.Pundra University of Science and Technology 37.Green University of Bangladesh 38.World University of Bangladesh 39.Santa Marium University of Creative Technology 40.The Millenium University 41.Eastern University -Bangladesh 42.Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) 43.Metropolitan University, Sylhet 44.United International University 45.Victoria University of Bangladesh 46.Uttara University 47.University of South Asia 48.Presidency University 49.University of Information Technology & Sciences 50.Prime Asia University 51.Royal University of Dhaka 52.University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh 53.Atish Dipankar University of Science & Technology


16 16 The Launch A University Overview 16 CENTROID © An Education Corporation To Create an Appealing and Comprehensive Academic Environment Creating Intellectual Capital FoundationFoundationVisionVisionMissionMission CTUCTUCTUCTU Support Quality Education for Wider Beneficiaries To Provide an Affordable High Quality Education Supplying Bangladesh with Qualified Degree Holders Support National and Regional Academic Development To Promote World-Class Research, Teaching & Scholarship Contributing to Rapidly Changing Global Society Advocate for Education Excellence as Gateway for Development To Offer Opportunities for Abroad Students to Learn and Evolve Serving as a National Education Resource Center

17 17 Organization Chart Overview 17 CENTROID © President/ChancellorPresident/Chancellor ChairmanChairman H.E. Zillur Rahman H.E. M H Kabir Shahen

18 18 Trustees Finance Control Authority 18 CENTROID © Board of Trustees

19 19 Academic Organization Academia Control Authority 19 CENTROID © President/ChancellorPresident/Chancellor

20 20 Management Management Control Authority 20 CENTROID © President/ChancellorPresident/Chancellor

21 21 Enrollment & Vacancies Breakdown 21 CENTROID © 500500 250250 100100 5,0005,000 1,0001,000

22 22 Capital Cost Summary 22 CENTROID © 1,320,0001,320,000 Gross Built up Area, excluding Dormitories, Functions or Recreational rooms on G+2 50%50% @ 440,000 ft2, enabling Urban Infrastructure and Landscape at 50% 10,000,00010,000,000 @ 10 USD/ft2 of suburban with access to main transit facilities @ 10 USD/ft2 of suburban with access to main transit facilities 880,000880,000 @ 1,240 Katha 660,000660,000 @ 120 ft2 per Student + 10% for administration facilities 75,000,00075,000,000 @ 50 USD/ft2 for buildings & Interiors and 5 USD /ft2 for Infrastructure @ 50 USD/ft2 for buildings & Interiors and 5 USD /ft2 for Infrastructure USD 85,000,000

23 23 Annual Ops Cost Summary 23 CENTROID © 2,000,0002,000,000 Power, Water, Sewage, etc. 3,000,0003,000,000 Academic & Management Support Materials 2,000,0002,000,000 Facilitating the Built Environment 3,000,0003,000,000 Events, Vehicles, Fuels, etc. USD 10,000,000

24 24 Example Salaries Reference 24 CENTROID © Source:

25 25 Annual Staff Cost Summary 25 CENTROID © 2020 Allowances for Senior Management Allowances for Senior Management2,400,0002,400,000 250250 Faculties, Lecturers & Assistants Faculties, Lecturers & Assistants17,500,00017,500,000 100100 Managers, Administrators, Clerks and others 5,000,0005,000,000 5050 Catering, FM & Security 1.000,0001.000,000 44 Public Relations, Technical, Cultural & Comms 600,000600,000 NANA Auditors, and Management Support 1,000,0001,000,000 USD 28,000,000

26 26 Tuitions Analysis Overview 26 CENTROID ©

27 27 Tuitions Breakeven Overview 27 CENTROID © Meeting Global Standards 28,000,00028,000,000 Facilitating Managerial Ops 4,500,0004,500,000 Getting’ Alive..! 10,000,00010,000,000 Depreciation on 30 years 3,000,0003,000,000 Total 5500 Students 8,4008,400 USD 46,000,000

28 28 Revenues Streams Overview 28 CENTROID ©

29 29 CTU Investment LLC Model Overview 29 CENTROID © The Shareholders Bangladeshi Investment Authority CTU Investment LLC Private Investors CTU Principle Investor CTU Principle Investor 94% 4% Corporate Investment Manager 1% Target 20% ROI Independent Management

30 30 Executive Actions Essentials 30 CENTROID © Corporate Framework Operations Modeling Mass Communications Initiate the Association Allocate Principle Funds Activate the Launch-Task unit Development Plan Strategic Academic Theme Investors Management Communications Campaigns Shareholders Management Branding & Marketing

31 31 Exit Draft is Done 31 CENTROID ©

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