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New Awardees Session Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Conference May 23-25, 2012 Washington, DC.

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1 New Awardees Session Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Conference May 23-25, 2012 Washington, DC

2 Noyce Portfolio CategoryFY 2011Total (all years) Phase I 30250 Phase II 328 TF213 MTF515 TF/MTF 311 Planning 023 Capacity Building 10 Total 53350

3 Reporting Annual Report submitted to FastLane  due 90 days before anniversary date  Activities and Findings (what was accomplished, what was learned, what was modified, evaluation results as available) For TF/MTF only: Annual cost sharing report Data collection for Noyce Monitoring Highlights Dissemination Final report due 90 days after expiration date  Project outcomes report to

4 Notifications and Requests Use FastLane to request:  Change in PI/Co-PI (withdraw, add, change level of effort)  Change PI information  Change in Participant Costs  Add a subaward  No-cost extension First time: Notification of Grantee-Approved No Cost Extension Second or more: Request for NSF-Approved No-Cost Extension

5 Good Advice Know who your program officer is Contact your program officer as questions arise and before submitting a request to FastLane Learn from other Noyce projects Connect to Noyce projects in your area

6 Frequently Asked Questions Is there a list of high need districts or schools? What does “high” mean in the definition of high need local educational agency used in the Noyce solicitation? The term "high need local educational agency" means a local educational agency that serves an elementary or secondary school located in an area in which there is: a high percentage of individuals from families with incomes below the poverty line; a high percentage of secondary school teachers not teaching in the content area in which the teachers were trained to teach; or a high teacher turnover rate. Consider “high” relative to state or national averages

7 Frequently Asked Questions Some resources for identifying high need districts/schools:  State Education websites  US Census website:  Teacher Cancellation Low Income Directory PubSchoolSearch.jsp

8 Frequently Asked Questions Does NSF have a standard form for student agreements? Follow guidelines in solicitation associated with your award (NSF 11-517): The institution is responsible for collecting the repayment amounts, including interest, in accordance with P.L. 110-69, SEC. 7030, which specifies that the repayment of scholarships or stipends as loans by individuals who withdraw from the program or fail to complete the service requirement shall be payable to the Federal Government, consistent with the provisions of part B or D of title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965.  All forfeited stipend funds, less grantee administrative costs associated with collection of the repayment not to exceed 5% of the forfeited amount, will be returned to the United States Treasury.  Funds collected as repayments may not be used by the awardee. Resources: Financial Aid Office; other Noyce Projects

9 Frequently Asked Questions Does the Noyce Scholar or Fellow need to teach in a high need school or can they teach in any school in a high need district? Do Noyce Scholars have to teach in the partner districts? Does an Economics major qualify as a STEM major?

10 Frequently Asked Questions Our proposal indicated how many undergraduates and how many career changers we would recruit each year. Can we change the proportion based on the candidate pool? What if we don’t recruit the number we stated in the proposal? Do the funds carry over?

11 Frequently Asked Questions Can we reallocate funds into different categories? The tuition has increased since we began the project. Can we increase the scholarship amount?

12 Frequently Asked Questions What if a Noyce Scholar can’t find a job? How do the scholars repay the scholarship? One of our scholars has disappeared. What happens if we can’t find a Noyce Scholar who needs to repay the scholarship?

13 Resources Regional Conferences: Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, West Noyce National Conference Your NSF Program Officer

14 Other Questions?

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