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IMPACT ON ADJUNCT FACULTY 2008-2013 Board of Trustees of JCC and JCCFA agreement.

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1 IMPACT ON ADJUNCT FACULTY 2008-2013 Board of Trustees of JCC and JCCFA agreement

2 Retroactive Pay  Adjuncts will receive retroactive pay from 2008-09  All adjunct instructors who taught fall ‘08, winter ‘09 spring ‘09 and/or fall ‘09 will be receiving payment equal to 2.6% of their earnings of each of these semesters.  Professional Development will also receive back pay  Non-classroom hours will receive retroactive pay  Processing will take time

3 Please refer to your Green handout now. Adjunct Pay Rates

4  All adjuncts who attend an orientation course or other professional development opportunity offered by the college will be compensated $15.50 per hour for their attendance. Adjunct instructors will be paid a minimum of two (2) hours for participation in any activity not scheduled on a day or at a location the are teaching. On Campus Professional Development

5 Professional Development Funds for off campus The college will establish a Professional Development fund for adjunct instructors with a budge of $15,000 annually. Adjunct instructors may submit proposals to the supervising Dean for participation in professional development activities directly related to their teaching, and meeting criteria established by supervising Dean or committee. Establishing criteria and process for application is still under development

6 Possible Healthcare for Adjunct Faculty A joint committee is being formed to explore the availability of a medical insurance plan that adjunct instructors could purchase at group rates. Any adjunct interested in serving on the committee should contact Chris DeMarco, JCCFA President.

7 Adjunct Levels  Please refer to the PINK handout now.  Adjunct levels allow adjuncts to move to the higher levels by experience or by doing a combination of professional development and experience which would allow them to move up more quickly.  Please note the PINK handout for New titles for Adjuncts

8 Tuition Credits  Limit on hours that can be accumulated increased from 32 hours to 50 hours.  Children of adjunct instructors may use the instructors tuition grants if they are under 26 years old regardless of their dependency status.  Adjuncts can enroll in HPF Lifetime Learning (LTL) without using their tuition grants.

9 Adjunct Sick Leave  Adjunct instructors may be absent from one class session per semester due to illness without loss of compensation. The instructor is responsible for making adjustments to course syllabus to accommodate the course content missed by students in the missed class.  If more than one class session is missed due to illness the adjunct must submit a plan to make up missed instruction time. The plan must be approved by supervising Dean or a reduction of pay will occur.


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