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2 Click Here after Deans message 3 4 Click here after Tammy’s message.

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2 2 Click Here after Deans message

3 3

4 4 Click here after Tammy’s message

5  Students enroll in new courses approximately every five weeks:  Classes are held from 6:00 – 9:15 pm  All courses are taught in the accelerated blended format:  Students attend class one evening a week  Additional coursework assigned online throughout the week 5

6 What format are FastTrack courses taught in? Click on your answer online face to face accelerated blended format 6

7 FastTrack courses are taught in the accelerated blended format 7

8 is found on UWFox homepage  Campus email is the official communication for UWFox students  All students should check campus email on a regular basis  Email should be used to contact faculty and other students 8

9 9

10 is found on UWFOX homepage  PRISM is the system that allows students to:  Set appointment with an advisor  Verify enrollment dates  Enroll in classes  Manage financial needs  View semester holds and take required action  The first PRISM page will allow you to access your user name and password  The second PRISM page allows you to sign into your PRISM account 10

11 11

12 12

13 = Desire 2 Learn  D2L is an online system which allows faculty to post:  Lectures  Assignments  Grades  Discussions  Students use D2L to participate in online discussions and gather information  Students sign into D2L with the same user name and password used for PRISM 13

14 14

15 PRISM is used for what purposes? Click on your answer To post your assignments To enroll in classes, check enrollment date, holds, view financial activity, and find your advisor To contact your professors 15

16 To enroll in classes, check enrollment date, holds, view financial activity, and find your advisor 16

17 Students should email professors and other students using which email account? Click on your answer Yahoo email account Campus email account Business email account 17

18 Campus email should be used to email professors and other students 18

19  Student Services is the “One-Stop Shop” for student assistance on campus  Students are encouraged to stop in Student Services with any question  Student Service staff are available to assist students 19

20  Academic Advising/Registration  Financial Aid  Career Services/Choosing a Major  Accessibility Services  Veterans’ Benefits  Placement Testing  Multicultural Services  Student Activities…Student Success Series  And more…. 20

21  8:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday  8:00 am – 7:00 pm Tuesday  8:00 am - 4:30 pmWednesday  8:00 am – 4:30 pmThursday  8:00 am – 4:30 pmFriday  Note: summer hours vary Contact Student Services at 920-832-2620 21

22 22 Click here after Tina’s message

23 Student Services is open until 7:00 PM on? Click on your answer Monday & Tuesday  Wednesday & Thursday  Tuesday and Friday 23

24 Student Services is open on Monday and Tuesday until 7:00 pm 24

25 UWFox has two Mental Health Counselors available to students  Phone: 920-832-2697  Dianna Harris Email:  Dee Verkuilen, MSE, NCC Email: 25

26  Wendy Seegers is the Coordinator of Alcohol or Drug Related Education (AODE) at UWFox  Contact Wendy with AODE issues by E-mail: Office Room 1502 Phone 832-2820 26

27 Mental Health Counseling is available to all UWFox? Click on your answer Faculty Students Staff 27

28 Mental health counseling is available to all UWFox students 28

29 UWFox offers a variety of academic resources to assist students:  The Learning Resource Center  Library  The Writing Pad  Math Labs  Business & Economics Lab  Computer Labs 29

30  Quiet study area  FREE tutoring for all students  Both individual and small group tutoring available  Located across the hall from Student Services Steps:  Request a tutor  Fill out a tutor request online  Work as a peer tutor  Fill out a peer tutor application online Visit the Learning Center website at 30

31  Hours (semester):  Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 9:00pm  Friday8:00am – 4:00pm  SaturdayClosed  Sunday1:00pm – 5:00pm  Reference Materials  Interlibrary Loan  Course LEC 102: Library & Research Seminar  Computer Lab & Study areas  Free faxes  Copies 31

32  Located in the Library Room 1243  Help for writers of all skill levels at all stages in the writing process  Schedule an appointment or drop in  Go to: or call 920-832-  For further details, check out: 32

33  Math Lab – 2 nd floor  Business & Economics Lab – 2 nd floor  Developmental Math Lab -Room 1223  General access Computer Labs  Science wing – Room 1015  2 nd floor – Room 2819 & 2821  Library Labs are available to all students when not used for classroom instruction View the web page for specific lab hours: 33

34 Steps to buy books from our campus bookstore:  Order books online at: Or  Bring a copy of your course schedule to the bookstore THEN  Sell books back to the bookstore when the semester ends  Questions? Contact the bookstore at 832-2665 34

35 A student can receive free tutoring at which location on campus? Click on your answer Bookstore Learning Center Library 35

36 Students can receive free tutoring in the Learning Center 36

37 Visit Business Services to:  Pay your tuition deposit  Apply for on-campus employment  Pay your tuition  Report issues related to campus security  Obtain parking permit  Request an official transcript 37

38 Students can earn their degree in two ways:  Complete the UW Colleges Associate of Arts and Science Degree OR  Complete your general education courses at UWFox and transfer these credits to your four- year transfer institution 38

39  Earn the Associate of Arts & Science (AAS) degree through FastTrack courses  The AAS degree encompasses the liberal arts, which are the foundation for many majors and for earning a bachelor’s degree  Earn the Associate of Arts & Science degree with an Emphasis! Check it out… 39

40  All students need to take general education requirements towards their degree  Some majors require additional courses in specific areas  The number of credits needed in English and Math may depend upon your placement test results  3-6 CreditsEnglish Composition  3+ CreditsMathematics  9 Credits Humanities(HU)/Fine Arts(FA)  9 Credits Social Science(SS)  8 creditsLab Science(NS/LS)  3 creditsEthnic Studies(ES)  3 credits Interdisciplinary Studies (IS)  + creditsElective credits to equal 60 credits 40

41  Pay $100 tuition deposit  Meet with advisor  Register: All FastTrack courses need consent to enroll. Email the FastTrack course in which you would like to  Tammy will then review your transcript and verify with you that you understand the format of FastTrack courses  Tammy will enroll you in the course and follow up with an email 41

42 How does a FastTrack student register for Fast Track courses? Click on your answer Email Register via PRISM Get Instructor Consent 42

43 A FastTrack student registers for classes by emailing the name of the FastTrack course in which they wish to enroll 43

44 Dropping Courses  Meet with FastTrack Advisor about effects on your academic record  Check with Business Services about tuition/fees prior to dropping course  Last day to drop without penalty varies based on course session 44

45  Dropping for Not Attending First Class:  Students who do not attend the first session of each class for which they are registered will be dropped from the roster – unless they have given prior notice to the instructor  If withdrawn from all classes as a result of non attendance, the $100 tuition deposit is forfeited 45

46  Withdrawal Policy: To withdraw officially from UWFox, a student must withdraw from all courses  IMPORTANT: Withdrawal during a semester may result in loss of Financial Aid eligibility  Non attendance does not constitute official withdrawal 46

47 To withdraw from UWFox a student must Click on your answer Not attend class Withdraw from all classes Email professor 47

48 To withdraw from UWFox a student must withdraw from all classes via PRISM 48

49 Students utilize the Transfer Information System (TIS) to:  Print a transfer guide  Identify the course work needed to satisfy the general education requirements for their transfer school  View how credits will transfer  Visit the Transfer Information System at 49

50 50

51 Students access the course schedule online at  Click on academic calendar to view all courses offered at UWFox  Or view all FastTrack course offerings at html 51

52 52

53 53

54 54 FastTrack courses are identified by a red arrow next to the course title

55 55

56 Steps to register after the first semester:  Check assigned enrollment date and time in your PRISM account  Pay $100 tuition deposit prior to registering for fall and spring semester  Tuition deposit is applied to your next semester tuition  Email to register for FastTrack courses for next  Update your student ID card in student services each semester  Students receive one ID card and replacement cards cost $10 56

57 To register for FastTrack classes students Click on your answer Email faculty Email Add classes in PRISM 57

58 Students register for FastTrack classes by emailing 58

59  A 2.0 GPA (C average)must be maintained to stay in good academic standing  Probation is the academic action taken when a student’s GPA falls below 2.0 on all courses taken  Suspension may occur if student does not improve  Detailed information can be found in the UW Colleges catalog at: 59

60 The Transfer Information Systems (TIS) is used for? Click on your answer Reporting Grades Paying your Tuition Identifying courses for your transfer institution 60

61 The Transfer Information System (TIS) is used to identify courses for your transfer institution 61

62  FERPA  Academic Misconduct  Sexual Assault 62

63  FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student educational records  Rights afforded parents throughout K-12 education are transferred to the student upon entry into a post-secondary institution  Students must give permission for others to access their records by signing a form in Student Services 63

64  Sexual Harassment is any “... Unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favors, unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.”  (Students’ Rights and Regulations, 22).  If you or someone you know experiences any form of sexual assault or harassment, please speak with a Student Services Advisor. *More details can be found at: 64

65 What does FERPA stand for? Click on your answer Fast Energy Rights Act Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act Federal Education Rights and Parents Act 65

66 FERPA stands for Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act 66

67 You have successfully completed the online orientation for FastTrack! Click on link to submit completion form nfirmation.html We hope you enjoy your time at UWFox. Contact with further questions 67

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