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Concurrent Enrollment What is it? How do I get enrolled?

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2 Concurrent Enrollment What is it? How do I get enrolled?

3 Concurrent Enrollment FREE COLLEGE CREDIT!!! Thompson School District pays for the cost of tuition. Parent/Student is responsible for the fee(s) & books associated with the course. Thompson School District will pay for a maximum of 2 college classes per semester for a student. Students in grades 9-12 are eligible however, we strongly encourage grades 10-12. **FRCC has an age requirement of 16

4 Where Does the credit come from? Currently Thompson School District has concurrent enrollment agreements with Front Range Community College and AIMS Community College. Credits are also available through other schools, for example there is credit offered through the PLTW (Project Lead the Way) from UCCS, and CU Gold for some upper level foreign language classes. TSD will reimburse parents for payment of tuition for these courses at a the community college rate if provided with the invoice. *Student must pass with a C or higher in order to be reimbursed.

5 3 Ways to Earn Concurrent Enrollment Credit Career Pathways High School Select Campus Select

6 Career Pathways Year long career and technical education programs through FRCC and AIMS with other students from TSD and PSD. All students earn high school credit and have to option to earn college credit. Tuition is covered by TSD. Parent/Student is responsible for associated course fees. Most programs are held on FRCC Larimer Campus, some are at the CLC (TSD Admin building), or on the high schools campus. Classes are held every day, students are placed into the morning 8:00am-10:00am or afternoon 12:30pm-2:30pm program. Transportation is provided to all locations. All students in the Career Pathways programs must take the Accueplacer exam.

7 Career Pathway Programs Animal Technology & Research Automotive Technology & Service Culinary Arts Construction Criminal Justice Design Careers Exploration Fire Science Graphic Design Medical Careers Exploration Welding & Metal Fabrication Wildlife, Forestry & Natural Resources Wildland Fire

8 High School Select College level class taught at the high school by an approved high school teacher or college professor. Tuition paid for by TSD, parent/student responsible for course fee and textbook. Classes are taught at the college level and students are expected to meet all college level requirements. Prerequisites and appropriate test placement scores. Accueplacer assessment is needed if the student does not have ACT scores. Typically an ACT score of 18 in the English category is high enough to place into a college class. A qualifying Math score varies depending on the course and course prerequisite.

9 High School Select Courses Possible high school select courses are marked with an * in the TSD course guide book. Possible high school select courses are marked with an * in the TSD course guide book. Although the course may be marked with an * Thompson School District cannot guarantee that college credit will be available. Although the course may be marked with an * Thompson School District cannot guarantee that college credit will be available. College credit cannot be given retroactively. College credit cannot be given retroactively.

10 Campus Select Courses Any course taken at the college level on the college campus. Students will apply to the college/university and register for classes like a college student. Sign up for Guaranteed Transfer courses in order to ensure that the credit will transfer to most colleges and universities in the state of Colorado. Classes must fit and work within the students high school schedule. Graduation requirements take precedence! Student must meet all prerequisites and understand that they will be in a college class with other college students. College professors will not know that the student is in high school student unless you tell them.

11 How To Get Enrolled! First talk to you counselor about taking concurrent enrollment classes and what type: Career Pathway, High School Select, or Campus Select. Students need to update their ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan) & Plan of Study on Naviance to reflect that they want to take a concurrent enrollment class. Counselors can help with this step, TSD will not pay for the course unless it is in their ICAP & Plan of Study.

12 Enrollment cont. Career Pathways- apply at the beginning of the spring semester for the following school year. Typically during course registration. Only a certain number of spots for each program. High School Select- register for the course during registration in the spring. Paperwork to follow. Campus Select- once the college course catalog is released, typically 3-4 months prior to start of the semester, register for the class(s) you want to take. Paperwork to follow.

13 Final Steps See your counselor for the appropriate paperwork. Apply to the appropriate school via online application or paper application. Complete Concurrent Enrollment form. Take the test Accueplacer if necessary and attach scores or attach qualifying ACT scores. Return paperwork to your counselor. Check back for confirmation of enrollment. ** If you are taking a Campus Select class, you must check your college email account regularly as this is how the school will communicate with you! If you miss a deadline for payment of fees you will be dropped from the course.

14 What Will This Look Like on My High School Transcript? All 100 level and above college classes will be weighted like AP classes. Example: ENG 121, PSY 101, CIS 118. Career Pathways classes have their own unique credit amount and the grade will be weighted. High School Select classes will be.5 high school credits and have a weighted grade. Students typically earn 3 college credits. Campus Select classes will vary from.17-1.0 high school credits all depending on the amount of college credits earned for the course. If it is a 100 level course and above it will be a weighted grade.

15 Senior Year Towards the end of the students senior year when the decision has been made about what college/university they will be attending they will need to transfer their earned college credits to that school. They will need to request official transcript(s) from the colleges the concurrent enrollment credit was earned from and have them sent to the college/university they will be attending.

16 Counselor Contacts MVHS- Anna Morris 613.7819 or TVHS- Deb Pahlau 613.7908 or LHS- Jill Doty 613.5206 or BHS- Jana Cline 613.7714 or FHS- Brian Miller 613.5300 or

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