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Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre linking people and strengthening our community Established 2000

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2 Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre linking people and strengthening our community Established 2000

3 Linking people ….. through…..

4 Provision of constantly updated information and referral to services Where do I find…..? Who do I see about…..? Where is the …….? When is the………? How do I ……………?

5 Offering the ‘Welcome to Pottsville’ kit – a valuable, local resource for new arrivals, and others… PBNC developed this kit in partnership with the Pottsville Community Association, Public School and the Community Preschool after hearing: “I’ve just moved to the area. What happens here?” Individuals, families, groups, service providers and businesses benefit from the kit’s information on courses, events, support groups, services and community work opportunities.

6 Providing a venue for community programs, groups and events

7 Providing a Centrelink Agency Here people can conduct their business with Centrelink and search for jobs, using the Centre’s resources and equipment, with the support of trained staff.

8 Technology Centre Open 5 days a week, including Wednesday evenings Computer and broadband internet access Individual lessons designed to meet your needs Available for group room hire

9 Sharing resources with other services to conduct outreach from the Centre Brighter Futures – an early intervention service providing support for targeted families with young children, made possible through the Consortium of Neighbourhood Centres (Far North Coast) and NSW Dept. Community Services Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre – providing free, generalist legal advice Pottsville Counselling – providing generalist counselling Youth Support – entry point for young people to complete their community work hours and other mutual obligation activities Tax Help – providing assistance with tax returns for low income earners during tax season (July to October)

10 Delivering a variety of community- driven programs for families Toy Library – open weekday mornings, providing educational toys designed to improve thinking and fine motor skills Playgroups – opportunities for preschool children and their carers to socialise and play KinderGym (2-5 years) and CircusGym (5-12 years) – gymnastics programs delivered by a qualified facilitator Toddler Tunes and Stories – for preschool children and their carers: providing music and movement appreciation through singing, dancing and playing instruments. And language development through reading together, story telling and drama activities Side By Side - Social Support Group for Aspergers Children and Young People. Side by Side has been formed by families with members on the autism spectrum. It is aimed at Aspie children and young people in the school age range (5 – 18 years) and their families Pottsville Parenting Insights Program (PPIP) – facilitated sessions exploring parenting issues and education/skills development. This program is strengths-based and focuses on positive achievements for families. The program includes individual support, small groups, courses (such as 1-2-3 Magic) and seminars. PPIP is delivered in partnership with Pottsville Preschool

11 And for the not-so-young… Light Aerobics – low impact exercise designed for seniors S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Mind – an opportunity for adults to exercise their minds through mentally challenging and enjoyable activities, and creating supportive, social connections Diabetes Support – (endorsed by Diabetes Australia) meets monthly with guest appearances by allied health professionals Wordsflow – a weekly creative writing group Booklovers – a U3A book club and social group that meets each month Art Workshops – a U3A weekly group for people to explore their artistic abilities Computer Lessons – one to one tuition and small classes, with access to broadband internet connection

12 Providing opportunities for volunteering in diverse areas Pottsville Beach Markets Community Barbeques Opportunity Shop Maintenance and Grounds Community Garden Office Administration Technology Centre Special projects like - S-t-r-e-t-c-h Your Mind, Wordsflow and Toddler Tunes and Stories

13 Strengthening our community: Neighbourhood Centres make their communities STRONG By definition: in good health, robust, sound and thriving. Capable of exerting and withstanding force. Resistant to harmful or unpleasant influences. Binding. A connected community is a safe and healthy community

14 Neighbourhood Centres fill in gaps in people services We have the time to listen to people and assist them to find solutions to challenges they may be facing: we respond at a grass-roots level.

15 Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre is community-managed and operated by people of all ages from diverse backgrounds: it has a large membership base and exists for its community. The good feeling starts as soon as you walk in the door…

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