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Publicity and Public Relations

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1 Publicity and Public Relations
Sports & Entertainment Marketing

2 What is PR? Public relations is about reputation.
Refers to any activity designed to create goodwill toward a business.

3 Types of PR Public information Investor relations Public affairs
Corporate communications Marketing Customer relations

4 Reasons Awareness Education Credibility Permission to buy
Differentiation Positioning Relationship marketing

5 Cover PR NEWSWEEK Veteran Podsters understand that at least once a year Apple performs a feat that at once infuses them with dread and delight: an iPod upgrade. The delight comes from a new look and new capabilities. The dread comes from the realization that you're a step behind the cutting edge and must consider whether to buy your way back on it.

6 Country PR When the wall came down 15 years ago, east Germans were promised their lives would be enriched with new homes, money and jobs flowing in from free Europe. Instead a new invisible wall of hopelessness has been erected--and millions moved west, leaving semi-derelict ghost towns and growing hostility.

7 Public Relations vs. Advertising…
Basic difference Publicity is NOT paid for by a business Therefore… it is more credible Publicity is a great way to spread info about a company, a product, or a person

8 Disadvantages of Publicity
Cannot be controlled Bad press is likely at times Can you think of examples?

9 Examples of PR Events… Take a few minutes to write down some examples of public relation events…

10 The goodwill generates?
Increasing sales Reinforcing the company’s good reputation Spreading accurate info to the public Conditioning customers Reducing the impact of problems Helping to obtain a better treatment from government zoning, licenses, and taxes

11 The PR Audience Employees Customers General Public

12 Employees To customers, employees are the customers
Successful businesses have loyal employees PR staff works with management and employees Tuition reimbursement In house newsletters Health and wellness programs

13 Customers Good communication is VITAL in promoting a favorable business image Customer advisory boards Panels of consumers who make suggestions about products and businesses Consumer affairs specialists Used by national companies Handle customer complaints Sponsor events like a fashion show

14 Community Relations Refers to the activities that a business uses to acquire or maintain the respect of the community Rocky Point Career Advisory Partnership is an example Donations, sponsorships, participation

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