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Your Name Your Title Your Organization (Line #1)‏ Your Organization (Line #2)‏ 2005-12- 31 Desclicks Community-based computing Desclicks, L'informatique.

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1 Your Name Your Title Your Organization (Line #1)‏ Your Organization (Line #2)‏ 2005-12- 31 Desclicks Community-based computing Desclicks, L'informatique Solidaire 3, rue saint Paul 67300 Schiltigheim

2 2 introduction Desclicks is a non profit-making organization (NPO) based in Strasbourg, France It was set up in 2005 It has more than 500 members Desclicks employs 4 full time members of staff and some occasional volunteers It is mainly government subsidised but raises a percentage of its own capital and aims at becoming 100% independent.

3 3 Lecture outline Introduction Observations Electronic waste Digital divide Behaviors Our mission What we offer Interventions – “Le Printemps de Desclicks » – Free Software Projects & Issues

4 4 Observations (1) : electronic waste Computer life cycles get shorter thus producing more electronic waste In France, 1.6 million tons of electronic waste goes unrecycled every year. In the European union, 75 % of all electronic waste goes unrecycled every year. The DEEE includes the possibiliy of reuse. In France though, the local law doesn't include it 75 % of a computer's energy is used in it's prodcution. A computer is renewed every 2/3 years

5 5 Observations (2) : Digital divide Today’s modern society depends on computers. In France, only 59% percent of the population has access to a personal computer This percentage drops to 18% among those with an income below 1500 euros per month 65 % of those without access to a personal computer are unaware of the benefits of this technology Illiteracy has shown to be a major factor hindering access to IT

6 Observation (3) : Changing Behaviors We noticed people tend to buy new electronic materials without knowing what their real needs are - buying new & powerfull computers when they only need a need an internet access & multimedia services People tend to print out a copy of every digital document (emails, websites...) costing polluting ink and paper. People also tend to throw away their old computers without thinking of recycling them. If computer gets slower reflex is to buy a new one

7 7 Our mission To reduce the digital divide by providing an environment where the entire community has access to computers, advice and information concerning all aspects of information technology. To reduce the negative impact IT can have on the environment by -recycling computer components -informing the community on more environmentally friendly computer usage. To create employment oppurtunities for those seeking work.

8 8 What we offer Internet Café Tailor-made classes for senior citizens Digital Photography classes One-to-one tuition Advice Sale of recycled computers installed with software suited to the customer’s individual needs (anti-virus software, firewall, multi-media software packages…)‏ Raising awareness about information technology and the environment Networking, providing support and assistance Promoting the enlargement of a network of similar structures.

9 9 Le “Printemps de desclicks” We organize an « Open Day » in Spring every year called « The Printemps de Desclicks ». Themes covered are : computer related environmental issues recycling workshops on how to reduce the effect of our everyday life on the environment.

10 The year’s theme was « Trasformation of every day objects and ». We built a huge machine made of recycled materials. A sort of huge bicycle that, if used produced energy to lighten light bulbs. Showing the efficiency of physical energy We also made some interative installation showing future energy sources and raising awarness about recyling Printemps de descliks : This year

11 Sorting virtual waste to raise awarness

12 12 Free Software We install mainly open source software on the computers we sell. Our organisation will be an active participant at the RMLL event in Strasbourg / 2011. (Rencontre Mondiale du logiciel libre)

13 Direct energy-related points Solar computers > using solar pannels to power laptop computers. - use of recycled solar pannels. Measuring computer power use with software, optimize use Time to shutdown / screen. Recommand of low energy use computers Buying tips.

14 14 Projects Computer-based artistic events focusing on the use of interactive technology Working with the disabled, to develop custom-made software for their individual needs. Problem : what can we do with our own e-waste ?

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