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We are group of men and women who love our Lord Jesus Christ and His Gospel and seek to serve Him faithfully.

2 FEM 2. Evangelistic This means that we are privileged to reach out daily with the message of salvation to a world that is perishing. We have the only answer for the sin problem which affects every human being, and that is 'The Blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin." While that particular verse (1 John 1:7) was written to believers, it proclaims to the world the only remedy for Sin. In these days of apostasy and spiritual compromise we need to preach the blood.

3 3. Ministries Our fellowship is not only evangelistic; it also contains many ministries. Under our banner there are various forms of Christian ministry. Some are Pastors, some Evangelists, some Bible Teachers, some with ministries to women and children and some with Christian literature, Retirement Homes Ministries, Missionaries and other forms of outreach. What a great responsibility each member of the FEM has? We believe firmly that the return of The Lord Jesus Christ for His own is very near indeed. May we remind ourselves of this truth and serve our Saviour as though it was our last day here. Let us therefore, "earnestly contend for the faith." Rev. David Moody

4 Please leave your name and address if you would like to subscribe.
Information about us…. The Fellowship of Evangelistic Ministries produces a quarterly magazine entitled 'Sounding the Trumpet'  Please leave your name and address if you would like to subscribe. If you would like further information regarding FEM or The Evangelistic Academy (Distance Learning Courses) On the next slide, there is information on distance learning courses.

5 The Distance Learning Courses listed below are run through the The Evangelistic Academy (the teaching arm of The Fellowship of Evangelistic Ministries). Distance learning has become a popular and needful method of study and tuition during the last few decades. This is because people wish to enhance their education for a vast number of reasons and are unable to undertake full-time courses in residential or day faculties. In order to meet the need of Conservative Evangelical Christians, who have a strong desire to increase their Biblical and Theological knowledge the Evangelistic Academy offers three courses in distance learning at a very reasonable cost. The courses offered are of the highest Academic standard, based on a Project and Modular nature. Awards offered by the Academy are in conjunction with the Academic Board of Biblical and Theological Studies, and are strictly granted on the completion of the work alone.

6 Licentiate in Theology
Bible Certificate This is a basic correspondence course covering the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. £50.00 Diploma in Theology The Diploma Course covers all the major themes, doctrines and teachings of the Bible. Graduates will be entitled to carry D.Th after their names. £100.00 Licentiate in Theology On completion of the Diploma Course, students can enrol for the advanced course entitled "Licentiate in Theology". On completion graduates will be entitled to carry the letters L.Th after their names. £200.00 Recommended Book List These books may be useful to you as study material for the three courses. Next slide for book list.

7 A History of Christianity, K. S. Latourette, Prince Press
Believer's Bible Commentary, William MacDonald, Nelson Bible Doctrine, Wayne Gruden, IVP Boyd's Bible Handbook, Robert Boyd, Harvest House Christian Theology, Alister McGrath, IVP Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Walter Elwell, Baker History of the Reformation, J. H. Merle d’Aubigne, Baker In Defence of the Faith, Dave Hunt, Harvest House Institutes of the Christian Religion, John Calvin, Collins New Bible Dictionary, IVP New Dictionary of Theology, IVP New Illustrated Bible Dictionary, R. F. Youngblood, Nelson Old Testament History, Charles F. Pfeiffer, Baker Outline of Theology, A.A. Hodge, Banner of Truth Systematic Theology, A. H. Strong, Pickering and Inglis Systematic Theology, Wayne Gruden, IVP Systematic Theology, John Miley, Hendricksons The Fundamentals for the Twenty-First Century, Couch, Kregal The Other Side of Calvinism, Laurence M. Vance, Vance Publications The Pilgrim Church, E. H. Broadbent, Gospel Folio Press The Reformation, Will Durant, MJF Books The Westminister Confession, G. I. Williamson, Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing Co Thompson's Chain Reference Bible, Kirkbride Today's Handbook of Bible Characters, E. M. Blaiklock, Bethany Publishing House What Love is This?, Dave Hunt, Loyal


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