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Program Overview. 2009 Rankings Georgia Institute of Technology  School of Industrial Engineering# 1  College of Engineering# 4  Public University#

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1 Program Overview

2 2009 Rankings Georgia Institute of Technology  School of Industrial Engineering# 1  College of Engineering# 4  Public University# 7

3 Georgia Tech Supply Chain – Logistics Programs Executive Masters International Logistics – Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Logistics Institute Supply Chain Executive Forum Logistics Institute Asia Pacific - Singapore Dual Masters Degree Program Trade Innovation & Productivity Center – Costa Rica

4 Significant Benefits  Leads to a Master’s of Science degree from the top-ranked Industrial Engineering school in the Nation.  Includes residence-based international travel  Focuses on the leading cusp of emerging industry trends  Minimizes disruption to the participant’s full time job and family life  Exploits live cases, site visits and corporate sponsored projects  Develops a network of premier industry leaders & faculty  Provides access to a prestigious EMIL alumni base

5 Value Proposition  Best-in-Class practices Improve knowledge in supply chain strategy, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics  Global Networking Build p rofessional relationships that will last a lifetime  Peer Learning Learn from the diverse work experiences of your classmates  Global sensitivity and awareness Discover cultural diversity, traditions, & geopolitical issues that will challenge your current understanding and knowledge of the region  Financial insight Master supply chain finance and the impact to the bottom line

6 Global Project – ROI Completion of a global supply chain project for your company Project teams consist of 2-5 experienced professionals from the class Projects often extend beyond the participants’ current scope of responsibility and preferably include sourcing, operations, and/or markets on at least two continents. Most projects provide a minimum savings of $1,000,000 Combined savings and cost reductions from the last two classes surpassed $200 million. Designed to provide significant value to the sponsoring organization by identifying opportunities across the global supply chain to remove costs, reduce inventories, improve cycle time, and enhance revenue

7 Global Project – Results Company # 1 -- ○ $124 million in savings ○ 28 day reduction in inventory ○ Reduced cycle time from 10 weeks to 2 weeks Company # 2 -- ○ $22 million in net cash flow ○ 10 day reduction in cycle time ○ $52 million in savings through a 26% reduction in inventory

8 Global Project – Results Company # 3 – ○ $1.5 million annual savings in transportation costs through mode conversion ○ Improved forecasting models to drive production, to a demand driven production schedule ○ Creation of a total landed cost model with risk mitigation evaluating outsourced contract manufacturing options Company # 4 – ○ 10% reduction in inventory of $1.7 million ○ 5 % gain in operational efficiency of $922,000

9 Study and work with our sponsoring host companies Class Project with a Tier 1 contract manufacture in China ○ Optimization of inbound LCL/FCL Ocean transit from the US to China ○ Reduced inventory in transit by $1.2 million dollars ○ Reduced inventory carrying cost by $135,000 ○ Cycle time reduction of 165% from 297 days to 112 days  Real savings using supply chain strategy, logistics, and optimization tools to drive bottom line results.

10 Our Students… Class Profile  50% have an MBA  20% Director Level  20% VP Level  5% C-Level  Average years of experience - 17  Average age - 42 Areas of Responsibility  Operations  Logistics  Procurement  Sales & Marketing  Material Handling  Supply Chain Strategy  Industrial Engineering  Distribution  IT & Project Management  Manufacturing

11 Program Format  Master’s Degree in Executive format  (5) two-week international residences over 18 months Intensive classroom and site visit learning  Distance Learning between residences Webinars, case studies, readings, global projects

12 Program Curriculum

13 Commitment of Participants  Between Residences Set your own schedule ○ On average, students devote 4-8 hours/week Includes reading assignments, project work, team discussions, case studies, webinars  During Residences 2 Weeks - Intense, full-time commitment Lectures from renown professors, industry and academic speakers, EMIL Alumni, coursework, site visits, live cases Global project team updates-presentations

14 Admission Deadlines  Class of 2011 Begins Spring 2010 Electronic application deadline – November 16 th, 2009 Admissions materials deadline – January 4 th, 2010  Class of 2012 Begins Spring 2011 Electronic application deadline – October 15 th, 2010 Admissions materials deadline – November 15 th, 2010

15 Application Criteria  Bachelor's degree or its equivalent  Minimum of 5-10 years work experience in the logistics industry or related field.  3 Professional Letters of Recommendation Letter of Sponsorship from company  GRE or GMAT score  Applicants with 10+ years of work experience or a Master’s degree can request to waive the GRE/GMAT score requirement  TOEFL – If you attended a non-English speaking university  Paper-based: 550 +  Computer-based: 213 +  Internet-based: 79 +

16 Application Process Find detailed instructions on how to apply at: 1. Complete EMIL Candidate Information Form 2. EMIL Staff will contact candidate to discuss the program 3. Candidate completes electronic Georgia Tech Application online 4. Candidate orders all transcripts, degree documents, test scores to be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions 5. Candidate completes Health & Immunization Forms 6. Georgia Tech will process candidate for admission within 10 days of all documents being received 7. Upon acceptance, candidate must confirm participation in writing

17 Program Costs  Tuition is paid in five equal installments of $13,000 each  Due prior to the beginning of each semester  Electronic payment or corporate invoicing  Installments spread out over 2-3 fiscal years $65,000 ($13,000 per semester)

18 Program Costs  Tuition includes: Books Teaching materials and software Housing and most meals during residences Ground transportation during residences  Tuition does not include: Flights to, from, or during residences Some meals Laptop computer and hotel internet access during residences

19 Payment Options  Self Sponsorship  Corporate Sponsorship  Financial Aid through Georgia Tech Student Loans or Grants  Partial EMIL-SCS scholarships may be available for: International Students Participants from humanitarian relief organizations Others with targeted special skills, backgrounds, etc.

20 Further Information  If you are interested in the EMIL-SCS Program please contact: Christina Morton EMIL Program Coordinator Georgia Tech 404-894-2321

21 Contacts John Vande Vate, PhD EMIL Executive Director Georgia Tech 404-894-3035 Greg O. Andrews EMIL Managing Director Georgia Tech 404-385-2538 Christina Morton EMIL Program Coordinator Georgia Tech 404-894-2321 Erin Howlette EMIL Program Manager Georgia Tech 404-385-8123

22 Corporate Sponsors



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