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Lyle Janney Doug Kanwischer Information Technology Enterprise Applications (ITEA) Purdue University

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1 Lyle Janney Doug Kanwischer Information Technology Enterprise Applications (ITEA) Purdue University

2 Copyright Statement Copyright Lyle Janney and Doug Kanwischer, 2002. This work is the intellectual property of the author. Permission is granted for this material to be shared for non-commercial, educational purposes, provided that this copyright appears on the reproduced materials and notice is given that the copying is by permission of the author. To disseminate otherwise or to republish requires written permission from the author.

3 The Discussion Background SSINFO Ecommerce The Project Parts is parts Who’s paying (for who): SSINFO Money in our pocket: Ecommerce Giving credit where its due Picture: Today and Tomorrow

4 SSINFO Background Electronic Student Services since 1990 On the Web since 1998 2 or 3 upgrades to functionality each year Primary service to West Lafayette campus students

5 SSINFO Application Features Academic History Transcript Request CODO Papers Request Class Schedule Grades Course Tutors Exam Schedule Progress Report "What If" Progress Reports Aid Status Encumbrances Tuition & Fee Info Fee/Housing Credits Housing Fee Info Student Loans Tax Credit Addresses & Phones Emergency Contact Info Demographic Info Change My Password Manage Account Access SCC Concert Ticket Times Athletic Tickets Voting/Elections Surveys Off Campus Housing Student Job Postings Student Organizations

6 Other University Services Connected to by SSINFO Graduate Student Database Purdue Directory Search Purdue Web Search Student Web Email Boiler Volunteer Network Online Course Information University Schedule of Classes University Final Exam Schedules University Evening Exam Schedules

7 SSINFO Infrastructure Student accesses SSINFO using a web browser from home, dorm room, lab, kiosk, etc. Round-robin load distribution assigns each connection to one of the SSINFO web application servers SIS database server is the store-house for all the student information

8 SSINFO Infrastructure SIS database server is the authoritative source for some student data, but not all Data that still must be synchronized with legacy systems passes through the Distributed Processing Environment (DPE) on a nightly basis Mainframe is still the source for Registration, Bursar, Financial Aid and other student information

9 SSINFO Usage Nearly 40,000 students have used SSINFO this semester Most used features include: Course Schedules Exam Schedules Academic History Financial Aid Tuition & Fees Progress Reports Student Job Listings Student loans Link to Student Web Email

10 Ecommerce Background Driver Added service Increased Investment funds Scope Strictly a “plug-in” Uses only Perl, PL/SQL (Oracle), SQL, C VISA Security Requirements

11 Ecommerce Background Show Me the Money

12 Ecommerce Background Use of credit cards Applications Cost Customer service Versus Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions

13 Purdue-pay The Project Allow ACH payments Tuition Deferred Fees Housing Generous Relatives Leveraging existing functionality

14 Purdue-pay Assembling the Parts


16 Purdue-pay Bill Presentment SSINFO provides access to current student billing information for: Tuition & Fees Deferred Fees Housing Fees

17 Purdue-pay Cross-system Communication Tuition & Fees, Deferred Fees, and Housing Fees data is kept up to date on SSINFO by: The data is extracted from the Bursar and Housing systems on the mainframe every weeknight The extracted data is converted to transaction format The transactions are loaded into the SIS Database

18 Purdue-pay Considerations Students don’t pay all their bills themselves! Allowing access for 3 rd party payers Student record privacy (FERPA) Student and 3 rd party payer bank account privacy

19 Purdue-pay 3 rd Party Payer Setup All SSINFO users need to use their own account. People wishing to pay student bills on SSINFO must create an account providing: Full name Home Street Address Basic Demographic Information Email address Password and Password Reminder They are assigned generated account ID

20 Purdue-pay 3 rd Party Payer Authorization Handshake 3 rd party payer requests access to pay student bills for a specific student by ID Student grants access to pay student bills to a specific 3 rd party payer by ID 3 rd party payer may then view and pay student bills

21 Purdue-pay Separation of Payer Info The student and all authorized payers can view pending payments Only the individual making a particular payment may modify or delete that payment

22 Purdue-pay SSINFO link to Ecommerce When a user elects to pay online, SSINFO sends the following to Ecommerce via URL query parameters: User Account ID Student ID Payment Type and Academic Session Amount due, Minimum & Maximum payment allowed Due Date & latest payment date allowed User Authentication and Authorization data Return URL

23 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Challenges Financial Institution selection Flexible system Reasonable contract Terms of Use General statements for increased reusability All legal action limited to local code and courts

24 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Challenges Cross-environment communication Mainframe UNIX Win32 National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) ( Who? What? Standards ACH transactions Authorization

25 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Challenges Data Security Secure Socket Layer over HTTP (https vs. http) Application timeouts Encryption –Account/routing numbers –Authorization –File exchanges with financial institution

26 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Design Template Structure Central scripts Personalized libraries Custom HTML Payment-side Triad Organization –Owner –Account –Payment Owner’s financial institution Unique Ids for accounts and payments

27 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Design Administrative-side Purdue central authentication system Query screens for the Triad Audit Logs and Error Logs Account and Owner lockout feature

28 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Design Daily Extractions Database extraction Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption GnuPG – Privacy Guard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Update Ecommerce database with received files Financial Institution maintains account/routing numbers

29 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Extraction Database ServerFinancial Institution Payment and Account File Transaction, Return, Account File

30 Purdue-pay Ecommerce Reconciliation Bursar’s Office Purdue-pay administrative site queries Bursar system totals Financial Institution Confirmation Reports Investments Daily Reporting Accounting Weekly sweep of funds Documents for General Ledger

31 Purdue-pay Bursar System Leverage Existing Processes Current lockbox provider Harvest from Bursar to SIS

32 Purdue-pay The Big Picture

33 Purdue-pay Lessons Learned More returns than expected Paper invoice vs. SSINFO display Netscape Browser privacy Account types – what is a “regular” account? Extraction Process –Failure points FTP PGP Database/Server connectivity

34 Purdue-pay Lessons Learned Insufficient Fund Difficulty (NSFs) –Redepositing to match lockbox –Payment credit – debit – credit –Result: Paperwork mess –Change to single deposit to match other electronic commerce Banking Travails –Processing problems Double billing Corrupt encryption

35 Purdue-pay Statistics Inception on March 25, 2002 1,000 hits in each of first three weeks Have received payments every business day since inception To date, payments exceed $5 million No advertising done until September 6, 2000

36 Purdue-pay Statistics (as of September 30, 2002) Owners: Number of registered owners:3773 Repeat users, since inception:936 Number of 3 rd party payers:249 Number of owners paying for 2+ students:27 Number of students paid for by 2+ owners:12 Number of owners with 2+ accounts:121 Accounts: Number of accounts:2856 Number of rejected accounts:69(2.4%)

37 Purdue-pay Statistics (as of September 12, 2002) Payments: Number of completed payments:4366 Number of 3 rd party payments:166(3.8%) Number of returns:96(2.2%) Tuition payments, Fall 2002:1506 (6.6% of all tuition payments to Purdue University) Tuition payments, since inception:2282 Housing payments, since inception:1607 Deferred payments, since inception:477 Payments by repeat users, since inception:2073(48%) Post-dated payments, since inception:255 (5.8%)

38 Purdue-pay Questions?

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