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St. Joseph School School/Community Meeting March 25, 2010.

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1 St. Joseph School School/Community Meeting March 25, 2010

2 Current Financial Status… $5,165 Cost per student to educate $5,165 Cost per student to educate $2,070 Tuition paid for 1 child $2,070 Tuition paid for 1 child $10,230 Cost for 2 students to educate $10,230 Cost for 2 students to educate $ 2,160 Tuition paid for 2 children $ 2,160 Tuition paid for 2 children *Church pays for 63% of the cost for every student every student

3 Options moving forward…. ► Cost cutting measures that have already been implemented. ► Teachers’ salaries frozen for the 2009 – 2010 school year ► Cut back on teaching supplies ► Switched from PowerSchool to RenWeb

4 Options moving forward cont… ► Meitler Study implementation by Diocese – Long Range Strategic Plan that has recommendations for each school ► Consideration should be given to including members who are not current school parents on the Commission ► Financial component should include a plan to increase tuition to a greater portion of the per pupil cost and make the school less dependent on parish support for operations

5 Options moving forward cont… ► Marketing component should include updating the school brochure, strategies to retain students from 6 th to 7 th grade and ways to promote the value of the school to parishioners and parents. Strategies to attract students from the East Peoria and Creve Coeur areas should be identified ► Structure developed to organize/manage fundraising through the Education Commission

6 Current Management Structure… Diocese - Bishop Bishop Vicar General PastorTrustees Finance Committee CommitteePrincipal Education Commission Commission Advisory Groups Decision Making Authority

7 Proposed new committees… Tuition/Fees Committee $53,139 Tuition/Fees Committee $53,139 New Fundraising $17,924 New Fundraising $17,924 Adopt-a-student, Kouri’s/Culver’s NightAdopt-a-student, Kouri’s/Culver’s Night Enhance existing Fundraising $4,200 Enhance existing Fundraising $4,200 Marketing Marketing Annual Fund, Brochure, Baptismal welcomeAnnual Fund, Brochure, Baptismal welcome Total new $ raised $75,263 Total new $ raised $75,263 (goal = $150,000) (goal = $150,000)

8 New tuition structure comparison… 2010St. Joseph Tuition - 1 child2,381 Fees330 Total2,711 Tuition - 2 children2,738 Fees405 Total3,142 Tuition - 3 children2,943 Fees405 Total3,348 St. Edwards 2,467 456 2,923 2,694 672 3,366 2,823 888 3,711 St. MarksSt. VincentSt. Thomas 3,500 3,604 100188298 3,6003,6883,902 4,4004,2004,314 200277458 4,6004,4774,772 4,9004,6504,696 300366623 5,2005,0165,319

9 Shift Happens Video

10 Why St. Joseph is the school….. New Curriculum/Programs: Spanish program K - 8 Super Kids Reading program K – 1 Envision Math 1 – 5 Student Support Staff Services – serves K - 8

11 AdvanceED - North Central Accreditation Complete our accreditation process and we received a rating operational in 6 out of 7 areas Test Scores St. Joseph administers the Iowa Test of Basic Skills for our standardize tests. Within all grades tested (3rd – 8th), we scored above the national percentile in reading, math, social studies and science.

12 Faith Formation: Sacramental instruction – Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation Weekly Friday Masses religious Daily religious education and prayer Liturgy preparation Monthly devotions including Eucharistic, Adoration and Reconciliation

13 New Extra-Curricular Activities: Band program Conversion to IESA for activities: ~ 7 th & 8 th Grade Boys Basketball Computer Club Boys & Girls Soccer St. Joseph Baseball/Softball Teams

14 We are currently preparing students for jobs and technologies that don’t yet exist…in order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet. We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert Einstein ~ Albert Einstein

15 Closing Remarks by Father Tim with Closing Prayer


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