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Council of College and Military Educators Conference February 13-17, 2012 Daryl R. Patrick Acting Voluntary Education Chief Marine and Family Program Personal.

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1 Council of College and Military Educators Conference February 13-17, 2012 Daryl R. Patrick Acting Voluntary Education Chief Marine and Family Program Personal & Professional Development Phone: (703) 784-9550 E-mail:

2 Overview ● Programs ● SOCMAR Data ● USMAP Data ● Tuition Assistance Data ● FY12 Initiatives

3 Personal and Professional Development INTEGRATION OF TRANSITION ASSISTANCE, VOLUNTARY EDUCATION AND MARINE FOR LIFE TO PREPARE MARINES FOR A SUCCESSFUL TRANSITION AS THEY LEAVE ACTIVE SERVICE Voluntary Education Vocational Education Transition Assistance & Family Member Employment Library Program Personal Financial Management Relocation Assistance Information and Referral Personal and Professional Development


5 Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) Mission Provides financial education, training, counseling, and information and referral to Service members and their families to increase financial success and operational readiness. Scope Saving & Investing Credit & Debt Management Eliminating Debt Financial Protections for Military Consumer Awareness Predatory Lending Retirement & Estate Planning Banking & Financial Services Funding Educational Costs Tax Planning (basics) Large Purchases (Car/Home/TV) Home Selling & Home Options Managing Income, Expenses & Savings Military Pay, Allowances & Expenses Insurance (Civilian Health, Property, Life, and LTC ) Financial Planning for Pre/Post Deployments & Life Events

6 Library Program Mission The mission of MCCS Libraries is to assemble, organize, preserve and make easily and freely available to all Marine personnel and their dependents balanced, unbiased collections of library materials, and accompanying library services and programs. Scope Educational and Research materials Recreational and informational materials USMC Professional Reading titles Study Guides and Test Preparation Internet and email access Wi-Fi access Quiet and Group Study Rooms Access to DoD electronic resources Military One Source Navy Knowledge Online

7 Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Mission RAP supports mission readiness by ensuring Marines are prepared For reoccurring moves and the mobile lifestyle. Scope Lending Locker Kits Sponsor Training Home Buying and Selling Individual Relocation Plan PCS Move Workshops Welcome Aboard Briefs/Packets Resources Plan My Move (PMM): http://planmymove.mhf.dod.mil Military Installations (MI): http://www/militaryinstallation.dod.milhttp://www/

8 INFORMATION AND REFERRAL Mission: The Information & Referral program links individual with unresolved information needs with the sources and resources that are best capable of addressing those needs. Scope MCCS programs Military One Source, Home Front & other military resources Community resources and programs Providing these resources to Marines and their families, by responding to requests that come into the office by phone, e-mail or in person

9 TRANSITION ASSISTANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (TAMP) Mission Provide resources and assistance to enable Service members and their families to make an informed and smooth transition back to civilian life Scope Pre-separation Counseling DOL TAP Employment Workshop VA Benefits Brief Disable Transition Assistance Program (DTAP) Interview Techniques Resume and Cover Letter Writing Salary Negotiations Dress For Success Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET) Form (DD-Form 2586)

10 TRANSITION ASSISTANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (TAMP) USMC Transition Assistance Management Program Curriculum Four Pathways College/University Career & Technical Entrepreneurship Employment Pilot Sites (23 January 2012) MCB Camp Lejeune MCAS Miramar MCB Quantico MCAS Yuma * 26 March 2012 – All Marine Corp Installations will implement

11 TRANSITION ASSISTANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (TAMP) College/University Pathway Career Assessment Admissions Criteria/Admission Selection Process (Essay’s/Interviews) Standardized Tests (SAT, ACT) Equivalency Exams (CLEP, AP Exams) Accreditation SMART Transcripts Cost of College Veterans Benefits (MGIB, Post 9/11 GI Bill) How to Apply for Benefits (Review 22-1990) Scholarships, Grants and Loans Avoiding Scholarship Scams Financial Aid (FAFSA Form) Online Resources

12 TRANSITION ASSISTANCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (TAMP) Career & Technical Training Pathway Research Career Employment Opportunities ◊ Federal Occupational Handbook ◊ State by State Occupational Finders Best Fit Technical College ◊ Non Credit and credited certification/vocational training ◊ Technical College Admission Requirements ◊ In-state vs. out-of-state residency requirements

13 LEADERSHIP SCHOLAR PROGRAM (LSP) Purpose Help honorably discharging Marines continue their education Identify Marines who qualify to apply to your institution Connect qualified those qualified Marines to your admission office Ensure acceptance for qualified Marines

14 MARINE FOR LIFE Our Organization Marine For Life is a Marine Corps organization that provides nationwide assistance to Marines who are returning to civilian life. Marines reservists and Marine Veterans throughout their lives. Our Vision Marine For Life’s vision is to contribute to the well-beings of Marines by linking to a network that is responsive to their lifelong needs. Our Mission Marine For Life connects Marines with opportunities- in areas like employment, education and realizing life goals. Contact Info Telephone: 866-645-8762 Website:

15 Voluntary Education Program Mission Provides personal and professional learning opportunities for Marines regardless of duty station. Scope Military Tuition Assistance (TA) Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) Montgomery GI Bill – Selected Reserve Reserve Education Assistance Program Post 9/11 MGIB and Transferability of Benefits (SMART) - Sailor/Marine American Council on Education Registry Transcript

16 Voluntary Education Program ( SOC) - Servicemembers Opportunity College SOCMAR - 2 SOCMAR - 4 (USMAP) - United Services Military Apprenticeship Program Vocational Licensing and Certification Programs (DANTES) – Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support

17 SOCMAR Student Agreements Created Student Agreement Figures Total Total Number of USMC Student Agreements – FY115,252 Total Number of USMC Student Agreements – 5 years23,909

18 SOCMAR Non-Traditional Credit Awarded Credit Sources# of Hours SOCMAR-2SOCMAR-4 Service Schools27,04238,625 MOS5,3106,087 Exams (CLEP, DSST, ECE, Certification)7021,998 Others1,6743,291 Totals34,72850,001

19 SOCMAR Tuition Assistance Saved Non – Traditional CreditTotal Hours Awarded Total TA Saved Total Number of Non-Traditional 2-year Credit Hours Awarded 34,728$8,682,000 Total Number of Non-Traditional 4-year Credit Hours Awarded 50,001$12,500,250 Totals84,729$21,182,250

20 United Services Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) ParticipantsEnrollmentsCompletions October 2011 8,62653546 November 2011 8,45747746 December 2011 8,83050339 January 2012 9,01058237

21 Tuition Assistance FY12 Update Current TA Status Participants14,590 Courses28,454 Cost$20.0M

22 TA OBLIGATION FY11 Participants32,080 Enrollments76,763 TA Cost58.6M

23 FY11FY10 Participants32,08027,812 Enrollments76,76376,943 Cost ($M)58.6M51.6M FY10 & FY11 TA Cost Comparisons

24 TA PARTICIPANTS BY GRADE PARTICIPANTSENROLLMENTSCOST% OF TA USERS E1 TO E521,58046,33835.9M63% E6 TO E98,79826,30319.0M32% WO6091,5061.3M2% OFFICERS1,0932,6162.4M3%

25 Top 25 Schools by Enrollment 2009 Name of InstitutionParticipantsCourses American Military University511614345 Univ of Phoenix17985598 Park University23426186 Central Texas College29305932 Univ of Maryland Univ College Far East22124684 Ashford University (The)10182718 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ7252392 California Career School355 National University6601914 Univ of Maryland Univ College Other5641522 Grantham University3731271 Hawaii Pacific University4901399 Columbia Southern University3341203 Martinsburg Institute138 DeVry Univ (On-Line)260741 InovaTech Inc126 Liberty University224753 TUI University166547 Palomar College5651015 Southern Illinois University Carbondale168621 American Intercontinental Univ (The)130434 Columbia College MO227689 Campbell University207612 Univ of Maryland Univ College Europe236547 Strayer University Washington DC155410 2010 Name of InstitutionParticipantsCourses American Military University525015170 Central Texas College33576541 Ashford University (The)19315671 Park University19305598 Univ of Phoenix16695299 Univ of Maryland Univ College Far East21624584 Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ7172184 National University5721713 Coastal Carolina Community College6041687 Univ of Maryland Univ College Other6171630 Hawaii Pacific University5341543 Columbia Southern University4451401 Grantham University3101075 Liberty University267899 Palomar College476866 Columbia College MO277826 DeVry Univ (On-Line)276823 Campbell University250786 Northern Virginia Comm Coll Woodbridge312740 Kaplan University OnLine Campus271722 Craven Comm College304706 Arizona Western College298686 Southern Illinois University Carbondale143541 International Sports Sciences Asso ISSA449467 InovaTech College of Business & Tech384459 2011 Name of InstitutionParticipantsCourses American Military University572615846 Ashford University (The)25238156 Central Texas College30606536 Park University16574760 Univ of Phoenix13444395 Univ of Maryland Univ College Far East20794351 National University6851999 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University6541907 Univ of Maryland Univ College Adelphia6961824 Coastal Carolina Community College5451517 Columbia Southern University4881471 Hawaii Pacific University4451204 Grantham University3111186 Northern Virginia Comm Coll Woodbridge4061114 Liberty University3261075 Palomar College468840 Kaplan University OnLLine Campus292829 Craven Comm College321789 Columbia College MO261781 DeVry Univ (On-Line)246756 International Sports Sciences Asso ISSA570699 Campbell University227681 Arizona Western College292674 Southern Illinois University Carbondale158599 Univ of Maryland Univ College Europe253499

26 FY09-FY11 Classroom to Distance Learning Courses 200920102011 College CoursesParticipantsEnrollmentsUSMC CostParticipantsEnrollmentsUSMC CostParticipantsEnrollmentsUSMC Cost Traditional 13,95827,121$13,216,370 15,325 25,030$12,384,196 9,644 18,546$10,708,774 Distance Learning 18,93645,290$29,608,73118,390 51,797$35,125,155 19,469 53,765$37,461,343 % of Enrollments FY09FY10FY11 Traditional37%33%31% Distance Learning63%67%69%

27 FY12 Initiatives The Marine Corps Career College Program WEB Tuition Assistance Implement additional TA eligibility requirements. Marine Corps COOL

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