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Clips to show prior to the meeting Retrospective on Governor’s School West 2014

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1 Clips to show prior to the meeting Retrospective on Governor’s School West 2014 And a great perspective from a student:

2 North Carolina Governor’s School Selected Information for 2014-15 Tom Winton, Coordinator North Carolina Governor’s School Exceptional Children Division

3 What’s the big deal?

4 North Carolina Governor’s School: One Program, Two Campuses Governor’s School West Salem College Winston-Salem Governor’s School East Meredith College Raleigh

5 A Quick History Lesson & Overview 1963 More than 35,000 alumni! Program Components –Bridge high school to college –‘Question Everything’ –Emphasis on contemporary thought No tests or grades, just learning

6 What Do I Study? Well, for starters…Area I Academics English Foreign Language (Spanish at GSW or French at GSE) Mathematics Natural Science Social Science Arts Choral Music (This year: Mixed Chorus at GSW; Women’s Chorus at GSE) Dance Instrumental Music (Wind Ensemble at GSE; Full Orchestra at GSW) Theater Visual Art

7 Is that all? Just ‘camp’? Well, not exactly… Area II Philosophical thinking and questioning Epistemology Beauty? Art? Truth? Time? Tools for thinking Area III ‘Self & Society’ Encountering values and approaching ethics Personal reflection

8 But wait, there’s more… Seminars Electives Speakers and Convocations Concerts Exhibitions Sports Field trips Dances BDT

9 Timelines September – Nomination packets sent out November 14, 2014 – Nominations due to DPI February – Auditions and Student Selection March – Notification about selection and non- selection April 2, 2015 – Acceptance/declination due with tuition obligation Mid-June to Late July – Governor’s School!

10 Nomination Process and Tips Nomination Packet – READ IT Eligibility Requirements vs. Selection Criteria

11 Eligibility Legal North Carolina resident Enrolled in 11 th grade in North Carolina public or non-public school Exceptions NO Aptitude Test Score this year at the State level Achievement Test Score –Approved List –Full composite, area composite (no subtests), or EOC –National 92 nd %ile through 99 th %ile –No EOGs

12 I-SS Eligibility Criteria Iredell-Statesville Schools will continue to use an aptitude test score as an eligibility requirement for the 2014-2015 NCGS nomination process with a qualifying score established at the 90 th percentile or higher rather than at the 92 nd percentile as was used in previous years.

13 Selection Criteria Scholastic performance Most recent grade (if applicable) Class rank Transcript Personal Data Two Recommendation Forms Two Essays Lists of school and community activities, awards and honors

14 Auditions February 7 Choral Music February 21 Visual Arts Dance Theater Instrumental Music

15 Comments from earlier Selection Committees “School/county needs to check application” “Students need to think more deeply about the prompt…did not adequately address the prompt.” “…need to get recommendations from teachers in nominated area” “in special circumstance…include why recommendation is coming from another subject teacher”

16 Comments from earlier Selection Committees “references/recommendations…sometimes I feel they do not understand the importance of their comments (or lack thereof) in the selection process.” “students should ask before giving recommendation…do you feel comfortable filling out a positive recommendation for me? Some teachers are not giving positive recommendations.”

17 What About Tuition? $500 per student, mandated by North Carolina General Assembly Responsibility – Nominating Entity However… Scholarship possibilities

18 The Governor’s School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has provided financial support for the Governor’s School program since 1993. Since 2012, the Governor’s School Foundation has offered need-based scholarships for students who are selected to attend Governor’s School. For GS 2014, the Foundation provided thirty-three scholarships. Do not let the $500 tuition prevent you from applying for Governor’s School. In March, when you receive your selection letter from DPI, you will receive specific instructions and deadlines for applying for the scholarship on-line.

19 The entire scholarship application process—from on-line application to notification—takes about three weeks. You will receive notification of scholarship awards by email before the deadline to accept the invitation to attend Governor’s School expires. The Foundation notifies the Department of Public Instruction about scholarship recipients. All scholarship monies are paid directly to DPI. Questions: Contact the Governor’s School Foundation at or the Office of the NC Governor’s School at DPI at

20 Tuition Policy in I-SS The I-SS AIG Department will collect a $250.00 deposit from each student who accepts an invitation to attend NCGS 2015. Upon verification that the student attended the entire 2015 session of NCGS, the $250.00 deposit will be refunded to the student.

21 So, What Are My Chances? What If I Don’t Get Selected? One sure way to not get into Governor’s School… 25% to 40% If you don’t get selected, KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM!

22 So, Let’s Say I Attend…Then What? College Applications Resumes Lifelong Connections Governor’s School Alumni Association

23 Questions? Visit the North Carolina Governor’s School website at Most questions can be answered Ask the Governor’s School Contact at your high school. Ask the Governor’s School Contact for your school district.

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