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STATE OF THE ASSOCIATION Mike Hansen, President MCCA Summer Conference July 2014.

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1 STATE OF THE ASSOCIATION Mike Hansen, President MCCA Summer Conference July 2014

2 To Start…Financial Health of Your Association is Strong

3 MCCA MISSION MCCA is the association of Michigan public community colleges whose mission is to provide leadership on issues affecting member colleges.

4 MCCA VISION  MCCA will be a network-centric association of community colleges providing strong and effective leadership on issues affecting member colleges.  The MCCA will… Become the most effective advocate for community colleges; Improve the image and credibility of community colleges; Foster collaboration, connection and partnerships among the community colleges and stakeholders; and Provide the highest quality service to member colleges.

5 FOCUS ON CREATING VALUE CORE FUNCTION Legislative and Public Advocacy

6 MCCA GOALS  Provide strong legislative and public advocacy;  Maintain and support a collaborative network; and  Continuously assess the needs of the membership and provide the highest quality services to members.


8  Supported the activities of the MCCA Legislative Committee as a legislative recommending body.  Executed community college legislative advocacy agenda as adopted by the MCCA Board of Directors.  Provided real-time information on state policy developments (MCCA Weekly Board Update; MCCA Latest News; MCCA Monthly Board Update).  Conducted the Annual Legislative Summit.  Strengthened strategic messaging/branding by implementing first-ever statewide marketing campaign.

9 MCCA Political Action Committee  2013-2014 raised a new high of $23,342 in member contributions to the PAC.  Increased contributions have allowed the MCCA PAC to donate to more than 58 political candidates and party caucus events since January 2013.  Expanded giving reaches most committee chairs and increases influence.

10 LEGISLATIVE WINS  Increase of $28.7 million over current year appropriations, an 8.6% increase (3.0% in operations, 5.6% in MPSERS payments). The budget also does not include tuition restraint language for community colleges.  Successful so far in containing House Joint Resolution M, which would require colleges to charge veterans only in-district tuition.  Successful so far in educating lawmakers on Senate Bills 745 – 747 (concurrent enrollment). Actively working with MCSS, PCSUM, and MDE on strategy.

11 UPCOMING AGENDA  Update Michigan New Jobs Training Program to address effect of minimum wage increase, lift cap, eliminate “sunset”.  Secure introduction and movement of legislation to allow annexation of non-contiguous areas to community college districts.  Work toward authorization for community colleges to offer BSN degrees.


13  In a networked organization, access to information is key…  Kept members informed of legislative issues and opportunities for engagement with the network  MCCA Weekly Board Update  MCCA Monthly Board Update  MCCA Legislative Briefs  Webinars on relevant/timely topics  MCCA website  Explored – and shared with network - new opportunities


15  Provided quality and relevant professional development Orientation for new presidents and new trustees Presidents Summer Institute and the Trustee Summer Institute MCCA Summer Conference  Facilitated collaborative efforts that provide value- added benefit for the membership  Provided services via the networked initiatives / centers of excellence

16 MICHIGAN CENTER FOR STUDENT SUCCESS  Established in 2011.  Vision: To provide support to Michigan’s 28 community colleges and emphasize linkage between practice, research, and policy.  Goals: Convene communities of practice. Promote use of data and metrics. Establish a research agenda for Michigan. Recommend and support policy efforts.

17 MCSS: Impact to Date  All colleges have benefited from the activities of MCSS.  Over $2 million provided to colleges through grants and technical assistance.  Credentials awarded by colleges to date through MCSS initiatives: 1,087 degrees through Project Win-Win 425 degrees through Credit When It’s Due 342 credentials through Michigan Pathways to Credentials

18 MICHIGAN COLLEGES ONLINE  Mission: To connect the teaching and student support capacity of participating Michigan community colleges so that learners and clients can access affordable, high-quality learning opportunities whenever and wherever desired.

19 Online Statistics  Nationally Online enrollment growth rate is 6.1% * Proportion of higher education students taking at least one online course is at an all-time high of 33.5%*  Michigan Online enrollments account for 18.75% of total enrollment – up from 14.7% last year.** Half of the colleges report that the student demand for online classes exceed their offerings.** Source * “Grade Change: Tracking Online Education in the United States”, I. Elaine Allen and Jeff Seaman, Babson Research Group, 2014. Source ** 2014 MCCVLC Distance Learning Administrators Survey Report

20 Michigan Colleges Online  $1.1 million state grant to upgrade infrastructure and systems  Focus on quality student experience and student success  Milestones Full-time developer working on project Hardware and operating software is being installed Upgraded registration and course widget in final development and planned integration for Winter 2015 Digital Credential Pathway prototype ready for stakeholder input Fall 2014 Repository work group identified to start development in Fall 2014

21 CENTER FOR GLOBAL INITIATIVES  Serving as an entry point to Michigan’s community colleges for international projects and delegations  Shared opportunities with community colleges for grants, contract- based work etc.  Fostering long-term relationships and partnerships Emerging focus on building capacity for foreign language instruction  Working to raise resources from foundations, private and governmental agencies  Collaborating with a pilot of Michigan community colleges to utilize CCID’s Comprehensive Framework for Internationalization

22 MICHIGAN NEW JOBS TRAINING PROGRAM  Continue to serve as liaison between colleges, the Michigan Department of Treasury, the MEDC, employers and other interested stakeholders in the program  Provided technical assistance to the community colleges, including individual support and professional development/regular meetings of the MNJTP Users Group  Managed the statewide $50 Million legislative cap and prioritization queue for MNJTP funding

23 MNJTP: Impact to Date  Number of Projected New Jobs Supported by Existing MNJTP Agreements: 11,725  Employers Served by the Program: 85 Employers  15 community colleges participating  Diverse industries served, such as…  Motor Vehicles & Equipment Manufacturing: Engines & Turbines; Engineering & Architectural Services; Insurance; Health & Allied Services; Information Technology; Agricultural Services  Used Economic Impact Analysis study for advocacy

24 STATE OF THE ASSOCIATION CORE FUNCTION Legislative and Public Advocacy

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